Glow in the Dark Alien T-Shirts

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When you’re a kid is there anything better than something that glows in the dark? My boys go nuts over glow in the dark stuff.

These glow in the dark alien t-shirts have been a bit of a hit at our house. As in all three of them are wearing them today (still need to make the baby his). As in all three of them wore them yesterday too. As in I better wash them tonight. I love it when I make something for my boys that they go nuts over.

And this project is easy too. I promise.

DIY Glow in the Dark Alien Shirts by

Oh ya. He likes it:Kid's Alien Shirts with Glow in the Dark Paint

The beauty of these shirts is that they are great for during the day and then even better when they glow in the dark.


Glow in the Dark Alien T-Shirts Tutorial:

Supplies Needed:

Black t-shirt

Stencil (I made mine. See below.)

Americana Glow in the Dark paint

DecoArt SoSoft bright green paint

Black Sharpie marker


Did you know that they make glow in the dark paint? Because I didn’t but you can definitely plan on me using it again! Too much fun!




First you need a stencil. I created my own simply by doing a google search for an alien face that I liked and then cutting that out from vinyl. You could also use contact paper (which is cheaper but a little less reliable for preventing paint leaking under).

Prewash and dry your shirt.

Once you have a stencil ready, place it on your shirt where you want it.



Alien shirt

I recommend putting something inside the shirts so that the paint doesn’t leak through to the back of your shirt. I just cut out a piece of a cereal box and then slipped it inside the shirt:


Now, I recommend taping down your shirt nice and tight so that it stays in place while you paint:



Then grab a paint brush and your bright green SoSoft fabric paint and start brushing it on. I recommend that you use one light layer and then let that dry and then start doing heavier layers.


It took 3-4 layers on my shirts to get it as dark as I wanted. Let it dry between each layer.

Then, on to the good stuff. Give it a heavy coating of the glow in the dark paint. You won’t be able to see this go on but trust me, it really glows!

When it’s all dry peel off your stencil. You’ll see here that my paint leaked a little in a couple of places:Messup2

No biggie. I used a black sharpie to color in the parts that needed fixing and you can’t even tell. Glow in the dark shirts

What else would you do with glow in the dark paint?!

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  1. Judi Howell says

    Last year I made my grandchildren Trick or Treat totes with glow in the dark jack’o lanterns and ghosts on them. They loved them and it also made it easier to see them.

  2. Kathy says

    Even my 11 year old son thinks this is cool! Can’t wait to try this, thank you for showing us how.

  3. crystal moyer says

    did you know you can use freezer paper for stencils! it Irons on the fabric its amazing!!! havent tried it yet but have seen alot of tutorials and people swear by it!!!! def going to try this

  4. says

    For a movie theater themed birthday party I event planned for, I made glow in the dark hollywood walk stars with sidewalk chalk that soaked in glow in the dark paint solution for a a couple days.

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