Hunger Games Party Game Ideas

My husband and I were recently in search of some ideas for Hunger Games themed party game ideas for adults. We did a quick internet search and found nothing, so we brainstormed and came up with our own.

Hunger Games Party ideas

Since the internet world seems to need some ideas in this area, I figured I would share what we came up with so that others throwing Hunger Games parties could use them because we had a blast with them!

We divided our games into categories. First up…

Preparing for the Arena:

Wardrobe: In the book, the tributes are dressed and prepared to be presented to the capitol people in a grand parade. So we prepared our “tributes” as well.

To do this we divided into teams (we did four to a team) and gave each team a roll of aluminum foil. We told them that they needed to create a head covering of some sort, clothing of some sort and a weapon of some sort as fast as they could. First team done wins.

It went super fast (like 30 seconds maybe) but was really fun! The tributes looked great decked out in foil when it was done! If you wanted to make it last a little longer you could use rolls of toilet paper and do the same thing.

Skills Demo: Just like the tributes in the book went in front of the judges and demonstrated their abilities, we had our “tributes” demonstrate theirs…with a Nerf gun! We made a target and each person had a turn to shoot at it four times with a Nerf gun and earn points.

Entering the Arena:

Cornucopia Attack: The first thing that the tributes do in the arena is run for the cornucopia to get weapons and supplies.We wanted to simulate this but had to get creative.

Our “cornucopia” was a tall glass (because we are in the wrong time of year to find a cornucopia in stores) filled with miniature marshmallows. Our “tributes” had to start at one end of the room and run to the cornucopia and use a pair of chopsticks to retrieve marshmallows. Then they had to run with those marshmallows back to the other side of the room and drop them in a smaller cup and go again trying to get as many marshmallows as they could in 1 minute.

The kicker though, the other people at the party threw large marshmallows at them while they tried to do this task. Let me just say that this brought out the inner little boy in all of  the men at the party and this was by far the highlight of the night!!

Find the Tributes: Before the party started I printed out pictures of all of our “tributes” that would be attending that night (thank you facebook for providing me with easy access to profile pics of all my friends) and hid them around the room.

We gave them all 5 minutes to search the room for the tributes. They got 2 points for each tribute they found and 3 points if their own picture was not found. I hid them pretty well, but all but 2 pictures were found.

In the Arena: 

Spear throwing: Using toothpicks, our “tributes” had to demonstrate their abilities with a spear. Simply throw the “spear” into a bucket. We gave them each 10 toothpick spears and they got a point for each one they successfully got into the bucket.

Tracker Jacker Shakeoff: Another highlight of the night was this twist on a minute to win it game. Put 10 ping pong balls, or Tracker Jackers, in an empty Kleenex box. “Tributes” strap it to their waist so the box is sitting on their bum. Then they have 30 seconds to shake and go crazy (as if tracker jackers were attacking them) and get the balls out of the box. This game is hilarious to watch. Definitely a big hit.

We really had a blast with this. Hopefully others can make use of these game ideas and have a great time. Let me know if you try them!

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