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I have an addiction. Well, actually I have many addictions, but when October rolls around I have one particular addiction (other than baking). Candy Corn. Those sweet sugary little devils tempt me, call to me and leave me with a killer headache. And yet I still succumb.

But I don’t just love how they taste. I love the look of them as well. They just look so festive at this time of year. I am a sucker for anything candy corn related.

So every October I make these adorable little Candy Corn Favors:

Easy Candy Corn favors or decor

Easy to make and they turn out so fun and festive! They make a great teacher gift, something to give to neighbors or friends, or as a candy dish for your home if you have more will power than me. If I left a container of candy corn sitting out it would be gone before the day’s end.

My kids love to help make them and while theirs may not have nice straight lines or look amazing, it’s a fun activity for them.

Candy Corn Favors Tutorial & Free Printable Halloween Tag:

Flower pots (any size can work-I usually use small ones, but larger works as well)
Acrylic Paint in white, light yellow and orange
Foam Paint Brush
Candy Corn
Bags to package candy corn
Free Printable Tags: Free Printable Candy Corn Tags

Using a foam paint brush seems to work the best because it helps create a straight edge. I usually start with the white layer, then move to yellow. Paint a stripe of each color proportionate to the size of your pot and the true look of candy corn. (I usually use the part of the pot that sticks out a bit as the yellow part.) Also be sure to paint the bottom of the flower pot white and paint the inside at least an inch in yellow so that no plain pot shows once you put your bag of candy corn in.

Wait for both of those to dry and then go back and do the orange. If you make a mistake and get a little orange on the yellow or white, just go back and touch up. It make take a couple of layers of paint to cover the flower pot.

Now just poor your candy corn into a bag, insert bag into the painted flower pot, tie and cute ribbon and add a tag and viola! You have a great Halloween gift!

Halloween crafts for kids

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  1. says

    What a great site you have! (Visiting from a linky party.) I love your candy corn pot. (I am a total candy corn project–and candy–fan. If you haven’t already, I hope you’ll visit “One Creative Weekend” on (open every Fri-Wed) and link up this idea and anything else you’d like to share.

  2. Rebecca Bodine says

    I really like this idea, but I thik I’d make a chane. Instead if using the floerpot as the basic, i’d like to try small paper cups (unwaxed. Then finish as per instructions and give them out halloween night. We don’t have too many tricker-treaters so I think it will be doable.

  3. saundra slocum says

    I am having a hard time painting the different colors. It isn’t as easy as it looks.
    Any suggestions? thanks, saundra

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