The ABC’s of Spring Break (or Fun with my Kids)

Things to do with kids during spring break

Spring break is almost upon us. The boys get out of school at 2:15 this afternoon and then…let the fun begin!

I LOVE having all my boys home with me. I love the combination of laziness-sleep in, hang out in jammies (because really, my boys could just live in their jammies quite happily), free time for them to just be kids-and the time it gives me to do fun things with them. Summer is the greatest but I am hoping to make this spring break a close second.

So, here’s my idea. I thought it would be fun to come up with one activity to do for every letter of the alphabet. It’s taken some creative thinking to fill in all these letters and my husband thinks I’m a little bit crazy, but here we go!

Our Spring Break ABC’s of Fun!

A: Airplane Golf-We love playing this in our family. It’s our own version of Frisbee golf. Each person makes a paper airplane (or has mom make it for them). Then we take turns picking a location in our house, say mom’s bed, and that’s the “hole,” as well as a starting point, maybe the kitchen. We take turns throwing our paper airplanes from the starting point in the direction of our hole seeing how many throws it takes to land our plane on our chosen hole. The lowest number of throws wins! Then we pick a new hole and do it again.

B: Bike Ride-I love to bike. I throw the two little guys in a bike trailer behind my bike and my other two ride their own bike or scooter. And around the block we go. (In our case the block is a 1 mile loop which is perfect.)

C: Coldstone Ice Cream-I’ve got gift cards and I’ve got coupons. They’re going to love this one. I love chocolate ice cream with peanut butter in it. They like weird things like cotton candy ice cream with Kit Kats or gummy bears.

D: Drive in Movie Night-I have been wanting to do this one for a while. I am going to let them make their own cars to sit in out of cardboard boxes. There will be fun size candy bars, popcorn and drinks. Also plenty of blankets and pillows. More ideas on that from this blog.

Drive in Movie Night

E: Easter Egg Hunt-Conveniently we have 2 to go to on Saturday plus we will probably have a small one here on Sunday.

F:Feed the Ducks-We have a park close by with lots of ducks. At least during the summer there are lots of ducks. We’ll see what happens at this time of year…

G: Golfing (The Miniature Kind)-We’ll be trying out putting skills at the nearby miniature golf course. This is always an interesting experience with a preschooler who has little concept of how to play the game. But he has a blast trying.

H: Holi-This is an Indian celebration that I have been wanting to do with them. Think throwing chalk dust at each other. And we’ll learn about the tradition behind it.

I: In-n-Out-We have coupons for free burgers that the kiddos got for reading from the library. Gonna use them. One of my kids doesn’t like burgers. I’ll eat his. :)

J: Jolly Rancher Suckers-Very excited about this one. This is an idea from Pinterest that looks fun and I think the kids will get a kick out of. It’s going to take some experimenting to make it work because the tutorials are a bit lacking. Cross your fingers.

K: Kindness-We are going to RAK some people. As in Random Act of Kindness. We did this last Christmas and had a blast. A couple of our favorites were leaving dollars in the dollar spot at Target and paying for the person behind us in the McDonald’s drive thru, so we will probably do those two and maybe a few others. I love the SMILE cards you can get here.

L: Lemonade Stand-My boys have always wanted to do one of these and I admit, I haven’t really let them. We happen to have a golf course behind our house and I suspect with the nice weather anticipated there will be a steady stream of golfers…who just might want lemonade.

M: Marshmallow Poppers-Cut the bottom off a cup, add a balloon and sling marshmallows all over the house. From Real Simple

N: Nickelcade-I’ve got free entry coupons, so we’ll gather up our nickels and head over for some nickel video games.

O: Out to Lunch-Maybe for pizza or Red Robin? We’ll decide next week. And we are hoping to take Great Grandma and Grandpa with us.

P: Picnic at the Park-With friends. Easy and fun.

Q: 20 Questions-I don’t know if they will love this one-kind of boring, but I’m drawing a blank on the letter Q so we’ll play a rousing game of 20 questions.

R: Read a Book-One of my favorite things to do with my boys is read a chapter book aloud to them. They love it too. Our goal will be to start and finish at least one book. Lately we have been reading the Clementine series. This is our book for this week:

S: Soccer-Just a simple game of soccer with mom. My favorite sport.

T: T-Shirts-We have all the supplies to make our own T-shirts. Pick a coloring page on the internet, color it with fabric markers, iron it on to a T-shirt.

U: Ultimate Frisbee-Not sure how the kiddos will do with this, but we’ll give it a try.

V: Volleyball-Balloon volleyball with the couch as the net. Just don’t let the balloon touch the ground. Another one of their favorites.

W: Wii Bowling Tournament-If I was a betting woman I would guess this will be their first choice of activity.

X: eXperiments-(Had to get a little creative on that one) Hubby’s a scientist so this comes naturally in our family and the boys love to do it!

Y: You pick! The kids get to pick something that’s not already on my list. Hopefully they can agree on something!

Z: Zip Code-Write a letter to someone who doesn’t live in our zip code. (Work with me here-Z is hard! It was that or watch mom eat lunch at Zupas because I don’t want to drive all the way to the zoo!)

Think we can pull it all off? I guess we’ll have fun trying either way! When I pick the boys up from school I will be revealing all the fun and heading out for our first adventure!

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  1. says

    Amber, these are so awesome! I can’t wait to hear if you manage to get through all these or not. :) Hope you don’t mind if I “pin” this post on Pinterest, because I’d definitely like to revisit this awesome list! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Kalli says

    I can’t tell you how many times I click a fun link/recipe on pintrest and find myself on your blog! I feel so lucky to actually know you :) And we’re definitely doing a drive in movie night for spring break!!

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