Fall Owl Decorations

Last Halloween I wanted to add to my festive decorations without spending a ton of money. I did a little searching online for some inspiration and then headed to the craft store to get supplies to create things myself. My favorite project I completed last Halloween were my cute little owls. I sort of have a thing for owls. Combine that with Halloween and how can you go wrong? I liked them so much in fact that I made tons of them and gave some away as gifts.

My easy Halloween or Fall Owl Decorations:

Easy fall decoration ideas

Fall Owls Tutorial:

What You Need:

Any sort of Halloweenish fabric
Yellow Felt (very small amount)
White Felt
Black Felt
Cotton Stuffing
Sandwich bag
Beans or Rice (uncooked)

Owl Patterns:
Owl Pattern Pieces (size them up or down as desired)

Cut out 2 owl bodies from your Halloween fabric. Then 2 white eyes, 2 black eyeballs and 1 yellow nose from felt.

Sew white eyes in place on one of your body pieces followed by eyeballs and nose.

Put right sides of bodies together and sew around edges leaving a 3-4 inch opening at the bottom.

Turn right side out, make sure to push ears out and fill your owl with stuffing.

To give my owls a little more stability I added dry beans or rice to their little bums. Helps them stand up better. To do this I filled a Ziplock sandwich bag with rice and stuffed it inside his bum before sewing the owl closed.

Fold the fabric in on the bottom where your opening is and sew it shut.

He’s done! So easy. Now make another.

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