Avengers Cupcakes Ideas


This post is sponsored by Target. With a house full of little boys, you can imagine that the love of superheroes in our home runs very deep. Our costume bin is overflowing and they always have some fun imaginary superhero game going. And it melts my … [Read more...]

I Love You More Than Chocolate Gift Idea & Tag


{This post is sponsored by American Crafts.}There's nothing I like more in this world than chocolate. I eat chocolate every single day of my life and I hope that never changes. In fact, I start most mornings with hot chocolate because it is a low cal … [Read more...]

Blog Tips: How to Increase Page Views

10 Easy Tips to Increasing Your Page Views on Your Blog

Stepping away from the creating for just a minute here because I have had a number of readers mention that they have blogs of their own or dream of having a blog of their own and love to hear blogging tips. Blogging for me has been absolutely one of … [Read more...]

Hello Kitty Hooded Towel Tutorial

Hello Kitty Hooded Towel

This hooded towel is probably my most popular request from readers, so I hope I make at least a few people happy with this! I admit that making a Hello Kitty hooded towel seemed daunting to me at first. But in the end this towel was super easy to … [Read more...]

*Brighten Your Day* Gift Idea for Friends

Fill a jar fill of fun, bright stuff and give it to a friend

I love doing fun, simple nice things for people. It makes them happy, it makes me happy, it's just a great thing all around. And with today being Do Something Thursday (make sure you do something nice for someone today above and beyond what you would … [Read more...]