25 Things to Sew for Boys

I know that those of you with little girls have a blast sewing cute little frilly dresses and bags and fun things for them. And I know that those of you with boys probably struggle to find great tutorials for things to sew for your little guys. I have 4 little boys. I’ve got you covered. Here’s a few favorites from my own blog and others. (See also 25 Things to Sew, 25 Things to do with Fabric Scraps and 25 Things to do with Fat Quarters)

25 Things to Sew for Boys

25 Things to Sew for Boys:

1. I know your little boys love superheros. So here’s a reversible mask from Crazy Little Projects:

Superhero Mask


2. And a matching personalized superhero cape also from Crazy Little Projects:

Personalized Superhero Cape Tutorial


3. I know my boys would love these felt monsters by It’s Always Autumn:

Felt Monsters


4. Got a little football fan? He’ll love this fleece football hat by Make it and Love it:

Fleece Football Hat


5. Cute pair of shortalls for baby or toddler by Crazy Little Projects:

Baby Overalls


6. OK, this one’s not sewing, but it involves fabric and that counts. Appliqued onesies by Simply This and That:

Appliqued Onesies


7. A cute toddler backpack that’s fun in any fabric from Crazy Little Projects:

Toddler Backpack


8. Baby shorts made from sleeves (and don’t you just kind of want to squeeze that baby!) from Naptime Crafters:

Baby Shorts


9. Love this-a stuffed animal sleeping bag from It’s Always Autumn (she also had matching stuffed animal jammies!):

Stuffed Animal Sleeping Bag


10. These monsters are in my little boy’s room by Crazy Little Projects:

Monster Pictures


11. Do your boys love Ninjago? They’ll love this pillowcase by Crazy Little Projects:

Ninjago Pillowcase


12. Fort kit-perfect for boys! By Meg and Andy:



13. How about a crayon and coloring book carrier? By Crazy Little Projects :

Kids Crayon Carrier


14. I’ve made a bunch of these little man ties. They’re great! From Very Homemade:



15. How about some little man pajamas? Also from It’s Always Autumn:

Little Man Pajamas


16. For carrying their cars around town, here’s a simple Car Carrier by Crazy Little Projects:

Car Carrier Pattern


17 . Here’s boyish looking quilt by Crafty Blossom:

Gingham Quilt


18. Oh you’ve gotta love this tool belt! Another by Make it and Love it:



19: How about a very simple cowboy costume? Also from Crazy Little Projects:

Cowboy Costume


20. Robot zipper mouthed pencil case by Make it and Love it:

Robot Pencil Case


21. Aarrrghh! They’ll love this pirate hat by Simple Simon and Co:

Pirate Hat


22. My boys used to have some of these-dino hoodies by DIYing to be Domestic:

Dino Hoodie


23. How about an Angry Birds blanket by Obsessively Stitching:

Angry Birds Blanket


24. My boys LOVE these Angry Birds Hooded Towels that I made them by Crazy Little Projects:

Angry Birds Hooded Towels


25. Or any of the hooded towels. How about this monster by Crazy Little Projects:

Monster Hooded Towel

One more for good measure:

Kids Sleeping Bag by Crazy Little Projects:

Kids Sleeping Bag Pattern and Tutorial by Crazy Little Projects

Oh many guys! This post has me so excited! There are SO many great things to sew for boys! Get sewing!


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  1. Katherine of Aurora Spitfire says

    What a great collection of projects! I’m excited to check out your car carrier and those little shortalls are just too much! Thanks for sharing these. :-)

  2. Amanda says

    What a great list, I have made those little pirate hats and they are great you can even do a blanket stitch around the edges, I made them for my son’s pirate party and did pink around the edges for the girls, they loved them

  3. June says

    Hmm. Well, i know my 2 girls would love to play with *everything* in this list. Trying to be ‘equal’ by not just having girly sewing projects is not being equal, except equally sexist. :D No offense or nothing, but any kid would love a lot of these projects, not just boys.

    • says

      Sure, little girls might love all these projects-so go for it! But also realize that there are about 5 million ideas of things to sew for little girls and about 25 ideas of things to sew for boys. (As a mom of boys I can vouch for that.) So this roundup is to help people like me who want to sew things for boys. If you want to sew them for girls too, more power to you!

      • Hope says

        Agreed! There are almost no sewing ideas on the internet for boys. Just go to clothing stores and look for decent clothes for boys is getting hard. I have no interest in putting my son who is 5 years old in clothes with skulls on them! Ugh! Whats up with this trend!?!

      • Helen Lowe says

        Thank you Amber – I am struggling to find anything I want for boys. Labelling ‘for boys’ really helps my searches. :-)

  4. Sheena says

    This list is great! I really want to learn how to sew, and I was lamenting that there aren’t many boy projects, which kind of bummed me out since I have a 19 month old son. Your list got me excited to pursue learning how to sew. Thanks!

  5. Joanie says

    To the comment above, I, too, can vouch for the complete and utter barren crafty wasteland that is cool sewing ideas for little boys. My son has no interest in dolls, doll clothing, frilly dresses, princess dress up, cuddly pillows or even most stuffed animals. Not my choice, totally his. It just seems that there are so many little “girl” crafts, it takes forever to find simply gender neutral ones like these! If my son wanted to wear a tutu, then GREAT! There are a million tutu tutorials, but he doesn’t. If someone has a little girl that doesn’t like the “girly” tutorials online, I feel for you too! Thanks CLP for these awesome ideas! I’ll be making a car wallet for my son and crayon totes for my 2 nieces.

    More gender neutral ideas:

    – Bean bags (little kids LOVE tossing stuff!)
    – Kids Apron
    – Seek & Find Bags (http://www.museofthemorning.com/museblog/2012/seek-aamp-find-bag-tutorial/)
    – Fabric roll up chalkboard

  6. Monica says

    Love love love your site! I am a first time seamstress and your directions were so easy to follow. I made the lego carrier and my little guy is so excited. Keep the boy ideas coming! Thanks for sharing.

  7. Erica V says

    Ahhh-dorable!!!! I have two boys that would LOVE all of these!!! How creative you are! Now, I need to get grandma to sew these for them. ;)

  8. Jasmine Moses says

    I am from india. I have free sewing training centre for widows n destitute women. I love your site. Great ideas to sew for boys. I have 3 grandsons. Love your creative ideas for boys.

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