DIY Ear Warmer Headband

For Christmas my husband got me one of those ear warmer headband things that I can wear in the winter when I am running to keep my ears warm. (That is of course if the temperature would raise above like 10 degrees so I could actually go outside and run). I took one look at it and realized that’s about the easiest sewing project a person could make. You could make 50 of them. Every person you know could wear one these things are so easy!

Ear warmer headband pattern

Ear Warmer Headband Tutorial:

Supplies Needed:

Fleece-very small amount (probably 1/8 of a yard or less) BUT you need to make sure that you can cut your strips the stretchy direction (see below) so test which direction is stretchy before you buy it. You need to buy enough fleece that you can cut your strips the stretchy direction.

Matching thread


First, measure your head to see how big it is. (Incidentally, when measuring heads we discovered that my 4 year old’s head is almost as big as mine! He’s got quite the noggin.)

Now, grab your fleece. You are going to notice that if you pull it one direction it is stretchy, the other way, not so much. You need to cut 2 strips that are 4″ wide by the measurement of your head (so mine was 22.5″) but make sure that the long measurement is cut so that your strips are stretchy:

Now, put the strips one of top of the other (if your fleece has a right side make sure the right sides are together on the inside). Sew down each of the long sides leaving the short ends open.

Turn right side out and top stitch along each of the long edges:


Then, grab both of the ends and zig-zag them together:

And that’s it! You’ve got a headband. If it is too large, no problem, just zigzag in a little farther.

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  1. Stephanie says

    My mom lives and dies by these. (We have horses and live where it snows so they save her when she’s clearing snow or mucking stalls.) Definitely going to try these and make her my guinea pig! Thanks for the tutorial!

  2. Kari says

    Thanks! Need these so I can put a bike helmet on my son when he is sledding. I had previously just used a hat because I didn’t want his little head to get cold. After a near miss yesterday I got serious about how to make the bike helmet work. Now we are good to go!!

  3. betsy says

    Great. I make my grandkids pajamas out of fleece and always have scraps. I will now be making header warmers with all the left over material.

  4. says

    I made a plain one for my husband in lime green, and one with plaid one side and fleece the other for my sister in law, apparently they looked good on the ski slopes! Thanks for the tutorial.

  5. wilma says

    This afternoon I will make at least 1 . When the kids are home for school, probably I can take more orders….
    Thanks a lot!!

  6. Krista says

    Hey, I would love if you would update this tutorial and perhaps do one that has a small zipper pocket for keys too.

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