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Big Update! On January 4, 2016 the Learn to Sew Series will be back run again! Each Monday for 6 weeks there will be updated lessons going live with opportunities for you to learn new skills and try new projects and win prizes! Already know how to sew? I will throw in some more advanced lessons this time around too!

This series was a lot of fun the first time around and I hope it is an even bigger success in 2016. Please point your friends in this direction if you think they would like to Learn to Sew! Then start gathering your supplies and watch for more details to come!

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Learn to Sew Online


Hi there and welcome to my Learn to Sew Series! I want to teach anyone and everyone to sew and I’m going to try to do just that in 7 easy, online lessons that everyone can take (and it’s free)!

This series is already over, but the lessons will be here for the long haul, so jump right in whenever you are ready. And be sure to check out the new Learn to Sew Series: Part 2 which is available NOW!

Learn to Sew with these easy, free online lessons!



Meet Your Sewing Machine: A beginner’s guide to understanding the sewing machine including how to thread it.

Sewing Dictionary: A picture guide to understanding basic sewing terms.

How to Buy Fabric: Overwhelmed by the fabric store? Let’s break it down a little.

What Supplies Will I Need: A list of the basics to get your started.

The Sewing Pledge: Something to read before you start.


Learn to Sew Lessons:

Lesson #1: How to Sew a Straight Line

Lesson #2: The ZigZag Stitch

Lesson #3: Turning and Top Stitching

Lesson #4: Adding Elastic

Lesson #5: How to Sew Ruffles

Lesson #6: How to Insert a Zipper

Lesson #7: Buttonholes and Applique

Learn to Sew Series Part 2: {4 more lessons, 1 mini lesson, tips and tricks and more packed into one ebook}


Or, if you prefer, links with pictures:

Lesson#1: How to Sew a Straight Line

Lesson #2: ZigZag Stitch

Lesson #3: Turning & Top Stitching:

Turning and Top Stitching

Lesson#4: How to Add Elastic
How to add elastic

Lesson#5: How to Sew Ruffles
How to Sew Ruffles

Lesson#6: How to Sew a Zipper
How to Sew in a Zipper

Lesson#7: Buttonholes & Applique
How to Sew a Buttonhole and Applique

Learn to Sew Series Part 2:

Learn to Sew Series Part 2

Sewing Dictionary (with Pictures):

Meet Your Machine:

How to Buy Fabric

How to Buy Fabric

What Supplies Will I Need:

Basic Sewing Supplies

Learn to Sew Pledge:

Learn to Sew online classes

(all the details you need to know about this series)

Learn to Sew Online


Here’s a small sampling of what you could Learn to Sew:

Online Sewing Tutorials


You Can Do This.

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  1. Shawna says

    It’s a deal! At least this way there is no pressure and no friend who is awesome at sewing looking over my shoulder while I am trying to figure out how to turn on the machine! :) Let’s face it, a girl with 5 kids really needs to know how to sew.

  2. Camille says

    I want to learn to sew an applique. I can do it by hand after fusing it to the project, but I can’t get the sewing machine to work. Practice makes perfect I guess!

  3. says

    OMG I am so excited about this series! My mom was a seamstress and I’m sure she’s disappointed that I have no idea how to use a sewing machine. LOL I am looking very forward to this series (and maybe I can get a sewing machine under the Christmas tree this year).

  4. Leslie says

    I would love to be able to sew anthing, really! I have been trying to teach myself for some time, and I just get frustrated with not being able to do things well. I know that it will take more practice, but I am also really looking forward to these lessons! Thanks!

  5. VickiT says

    I need to learn many more skills in sewing clothing, especially for children. I’ve only had very beginner sewing lessons and those were about a hundred years ago it feels back in high school. I tell myself I can do something because the tutorials I see make it look SO easy yet when I attempt them it’s nothing but frustration most times. Now that I have two Granddaughters and one Grandson (5 yr, 1 yr, and 9 months old) I would LOVE to be making them adorable things so their parents can save money. I have enough fabric that I could probably make each an outfit daily and never have to buy more until they were 10 yrs old. Of course, WHO doesn’t want to buy new fabric when all these adorable new ones are being released so often? HA NOT me. I’m still going to buy. Of course, the stuff I have isn’t really ‘kid’ type stuff.

    • says

      I feel the exact same way you do Vicki, but I don’t have tons of fabric. I just buy a yard here and there as I see something I like, anticipating being able to make my grandaughter something with it! :) I’ve gotten frustrated a million times, and want to take some classes, but I just live too far away. I’m eager to take these online from Amber!! These projects look hard, but I’m going to keep a positive attitude. If I succeed, I just might cry with excitement! lol

    • Amber says

      Good idea! I have never made those but I think they are pretty easy. You should be able to do that for sure by the end of this.

  6. Gwen says

    This looks like fun! I did a basic quilt this past summer but it was trial and error the whole way… Would love some beginner advice.

  7. Jennie says

    Easy way to get classss without having to leave the house and get a baby sitter can’t wait. Would love to learn how to make the cute ruffle pants and skirts.

  8. Tammy says

    I would love to make anything for my six kids! I have been trying to teach myself to sew for several months. I have learned to sew a simple peasant dress, but they would look silly on my boys!
    I told my husband that I was ready to give up, when I realized that most tutorials start with the same sentence…”If you can sew a straight line….” Hello, no I can’t sew a straight line so now what??? Maybe that is the thing I most need to learn!

  9. Jahdy says

    Thank you so much!! I need this! But my real problem is that I dont know how to sew anything with a baby and a toddler! Hugs from Venezuela =)


    I am SO super nervous to start this! I haven’t attempted to sew since 7th grade sewing class 18 yrs ago. I’m hoping Santa brings me a sewing machine this year and now I’m hoping I’m self motivated enough to do this!! I am so excited that I found out about this Online class!! Thank you for doing it! I would love to learn to sew things that I don’t want to throw away at the end of the project~ like a Bag/purse and hooded towels for the kiddos. I would love to learn to sew covers to go over my giant ugly throw pillows on my couch. And I would LOVE to learn how to sew a busy book for my baby! Too much too soon?? I don’t know. I have a problem finishing projects. Wish me luck!!

    • Amber says

      You can do it. The thing to remember is to go easy on yourself. You will make mistakes. That’s what seam rippers are for. AND, no one else will notice small mistakes.

  11. Danielle says

    I am excited for this! I have been perusing the web lately for some basic sewing advice and projects and I can’t wait to try this out!

  12. Mindy says

    I’m trying to teach myself to sew and I would love this from the Ribbon Retreat. I love their website and the easy tutorials

  13. Cheryl M. says

    Can’t wait. I’m 60 yrs old. Took sewing in home ec in high school and haven’t sewn since. But with all the cuteness in the sewing world today, this sounds like a great way to get started! Thank you.

  14. Kim H says

    Thank you thank you thank you! I’m a bit behind all my crafty friends in this department. I just inherited my husband’s great aunt’s sewing machine and I’ve forgotten everything I’ve known about sewing (which was very little to begin with) from childhood. This is the greatest thing I’ve seen for a sewing tutorial! I look forward to following you in January!

    • Kim H says

      Also, is it possible to get a full shopping list of measurements and types of fabrics, seam binding, elastic, fusing, and other materials ahead of time? Some of us don’t live right next to a fabric store that we can jump to each week to get the supplies needed for each weekly lesson. I’d much rather make one big trip to Jo-Ann’s to get all 7 weeks’ worth of materials at once. Something to consider. You don’t have to disclose what the actual project is ahead of time if you want it to be a surprise, just the list of materials needed. Thanks!

  15. Rebeca says

    This is an AWESOME IDEA!!! Thanks for coming up with this!!
    I would like to sew button holes. (and possibly buttons on a machine?!?!) I would also like to know what tension and different stitch lengths mean/do.

  16. Indira says

    I can`t wait to start. I got a sewing machine from my husband, but it just collecting dust, thanks for do this. I really like it.

  17. Connie says

    We are expecting our 2nd granddaughter to the sister of our 1st, Karis Grace, in 3 weeks. I have just got to learn how to do little dresses, etc. for these girls. I had 3 girls I never sewed for. I love smocked items. For me to learn now would be awesome. I had to quit work at 38 years of age. At 52 now I am still searching for some fulfillment in my life. There is a void I need desperately to fill. Just got my sewing machine that is basically brand new (though almost 30 yrs old) completely serviced. I didn’t know what for. Then I saw this post…and here I am. Looking forward to Spring 2013!

  18. says

    Do we have to wait until lesson 7 for appliques?lol! Something to look forward to.
    I can not wait for this class. Im loving the zipper tutorial. I’m so scared of those. I agree with several on here- I wont have to worry about someone leaning over my shoulder…just me and my new baby ( viking topaz 20 sewing/embroidery machine) I.heart. craftiness!
    Eager to learn-

  19. says

    It is so hard to name just 1 item i want to learn to sew but here are a few:
    Kids pajama’s, bibs, to be able to make bias tape out of material so i can add it to many cute projects,appliques- for shirts and more, pillows- just simple pillows that i can add appliques on,
    fabric headbands, a cosmetic bag, anything for baby and the list continues:)

  20. cindy r says

    Looking forward to this series – I have two sisters in law that are due next year and would love to be able to sew some gifts for them (also for my two boys, also)

  21. Kate Kennedy says

    I want to learn the basics of sewing, so that I can sew anything! I find it very difficult to find clothes that fit a woman under 5 foot tall, so I’d like to make clothes for myself. I’d also like to make quilts.

  22. Meggie says

    I feel like I’m a domestic amateur without proper sewing skills. I want to learn how to sew a skirt and/or a zippered makeup bag. Just got my machine and I’m excited to follow along!

  23. Amanda Atkinson says

    Can’t wait for this series to start. I begged my mom for a sewing machine when my daughter was about 3 or 4. It still sits brand new in the box. I used it 1 time to make an m&m costume (it’s pretty simple and easy to sew a circle together, just be sure you remember to leave openings for the head and legs. oops. lol) My daughter is now 7 and I seriously need to learn to use that machine.

  24. Carla G says

    I want to learn to make lined bags and jackets for my kids (as I can’t find what I’m looking for.) This sounds great! :)

  25. Kelsey says

    I want to learn to sew ANYTHING :)

    Also…how much fabric will I need? I mean, a fat quarter pack isn’t going to cut it, right? Are you going to warn us ahead of time what types of fabric/notions we’ll need?

  26. Teresa Garcia says

    Happy to learn anything!!! My sewing machine & serger have been sitting around collecting dust! i really want to break them out & start creating again!!!

  27. Ashley says

    I’m getting a sewing machine for christmas, so this is perfect timing! I am so excited to learn to sew – thanks for doing this! I can’t wait to learn to make the tote bag!

  28. Rolen says

    Thank you so much for doing this!My husband bought me a Kennmore sewing machine for my birthday last august and i was planning to enroll for basic lesson.Unfortunately,my hand are full already with my four kids and the schedule is conflict.I don’t know how to sew but i would LOVE to learn!!!Please help and teach me!Thank you! :D

  29. Rolen says

    Thank you so much for doing this. My husband bought me a Kenmore for my birthday last august and haven’t use it yet. I was planning to enroll for basic lesson in our community but my schedule is conflict. I have four kids and don’t know how to sew :( I don’t know how to sew but I would LOVE to learn! Please help and teach me! Thank you! :D

  30. says

    Just saw your post about a sewing series. I know how to sew, BUT my 8 yr. old daughter doesn’t know too much. I would love to chat with you about doing a featured post or weekly post follow-along or something that I could work into homeschooling. Please let me know and we can work some details out,etc.

    • Amber says

      That sounds like a great idea! I know we have other kids doing it, so that would be a good idea. Maybe you can do your post follow along and I can periodically link to it to show what your daughter is doing?

  31. says

    Anything!!! I’m so excited! I got a sewing machine a few years ago and used it to make one thing, ever. I can’t manage to follow a pattern to save my life. I apparently can’t cut or sew straight either. :(

  32. Dj Merritt says

    I would love to see evberyone learn how to sew. I need some additional help with clothing, especailly necklines.But I also want to learn how to make quilts too . I hope we learn a little about a lot

  33. Amy Reed says

    I am hoping to get a sewing machine for Christmas… I want to be able to do some basic altering of some of my clothes since I’ve lost 40 pounds. :)

  34. Rachael says

    For some reason the “Enter to Win” link won’t load. I’ve tried a couple of times. I am excited about this. I can sew a basic pair of jammie pants, but would love to be able to do some of the hooded towels and bags on your website!

  35. says

    So excited my new sewing machine will be here tomorrow!!! I’m super excited about seeing your lessons as I don’t have many skills in sewing!!! I’m going to be making some cloth diapers for my baby boy and I’d love to make some dresses for my new baby niece that will be here in January!!! Thanks for doing this!!!!

  36. Robin says

    I would like to join up for the sewing lessons too please! I have a machine and am primed and ready to start. Is it too late to join?

  37. teri says

    Is there a certain time the sewing class starts or will it be video? Got all my stuff ready and waiting. This will be on my birthday so cant wait!!!!

  38. Terry R says

    I’d love to join your online classes. I’ve sewed on and off for yrs but I can always learn something new. Looking forward to learning the correct way and maybe an easier way to do things.

  39. Amani Dusuki says

    hey there n everyone… im soo grateful to have found this website n cant wait to start! im very very excited.. love, a mother of two n a kindergarten teacher from Malaysia!

  40. Linda says

    I think I’ve signed up for the emails. I’m pretty excited about this. I can’t sew to save my life but I asked DH for a beginner sewing machine for Christmas so I can learn. Now I’m off to get the items listed above. :)

  41. Mariska says

    Oeh yay this sounds exiting! Just got a sewingmachine as a present from my fiance so I will try to keep up with this. Too bad I don’t have any friends with a baby haha. We’ll, the first project is good for a first project lm guessing. And the towel, I try to make it fit myself haha! Love the end project, we can pick whatever we want? *creative mind starts running crazy*. Hope my lack of English isn’t too bad and that it is not a problem Im from Holland?

    • Amber says

      Hello! And yes, for the last project you can pick anything at all! I will offer suggestions but it’s completely up to you!

  42. Deborah Cole says

    I would love to learn to sew. I have a great machine, but, have only changed the needle once, and was so proud to do that correctly. Baby steps, I keep saying.

  43. Karen M says

    I would love to learn to sew some of the cute things you make. I have a Janome machine and this will get me over the fear of the machine. Can’t wait!!!!

  44. Christine Dallimore says

    Can’t wait to get started as want to learn to make babies to todlers cloths and even for myself and any thing else so can’t wait to get started as can sew a bit as did a stretch knit class 15 years ago.
    I have all the basic requirements.

  45. Sherrie says

    I am excited about this also, I hope I signed up for email updates? Can’t wait to get started learning to sew anything.

  46. Tabitha says

    So excited about this! My husband got me a really nice sewing machine for Christmas so last night I learned how to thread the machine and did a few practice stitches. I just read through the dictionary, and now I can’t wait to start on the first project!

  47. Sherrie says

    Just found your website thanks to someone on one of my embroidery yahoo groups :) I’m considering ordering one of those sewing kits – but even though I put in the crazy15 code and the site noted that it was approved, they still want to charge me $40 :( :(

  48. sandy mcfarlane says

    wow Amber this is a great idea having tutorials. Ive been sewing for years with 7 children and 19 grandchildren I had no option but to learn to sew. BUT Im sure you will have some exciting stuff for us to learn .Im always open to learning anything about sewing and how to do things better and quicker. Good on you. I will definately be joining this group. Happy Christmas ..Sandy in Oz

    • Amber says

      Oh you sound like you’re a pretty great sewer-don’t know that I can teach you anything. But I’ll still be happy to have you!

  49. Wanda says

    I think this is a wonderful idea and I am so happy to have found you by way of the Craft Gossip site. I have seen your site featured a time or two and today decided to visit your site and found this great opportunity to learn to sew. I have had so many failed attempts but am inspired to try again following your tutorials. Thanks so much for thinking this through for those of us who are sewing machine challenged. Looking forward to learning to sew in 2013!

  50. Krissty Foster says

    My mom bought herself, my sister and I matching sewing machines for Christmas. I opened it and was like “Yay!…now what?” A friend sent me info about the lessons and we are all 3 going to do them together, only we don’t even live in the same states! Great timing! Thanks!!

  51. Kiki says

    Thanks for doing this. Can’t wait to start. I’m from the Netherlands by the way.
    I saw this on Pinterest and immediately signed myself up.

  52. Victoria C. says

    I definetly need to learn how to sew. I have a heirloom machine and I had it serviced but I have no clue how to use it. I can’t find a manual. Help! Lol. I have a Morse Apollo 6400. It was the Hubby’s Grandma’s. Let me know if you have any info. I’m so glad you’re doing this!

    • Amber says

      Someone else was having the same problem yesterday. Did you google for it? My one other idea is to go into a sewing repair shop and see if they can at least help you with the basics of how to thread and things?

  53. Mel says

    Hi Amber,
    Thanks for the great incentive to learn to sew you are providing with these weekly tutorials and projects, I love crafts of all kinds, and my lovely hubby bought me my sewing machine in June last year, and I was kind of scared to use it until I discovered you. I have never read anyone’s blog, “followed” anyone (sounds too much like stalking!) and only discovered Pinterest a few months ago. The projects on there are fab, but you step-by-step approach makes it sound like I can do it!!! I mean, when I got the 1st lesson, I was overjoyed to find out it was about straight lines… and I make the “hip! version of the muslin square with a baby sheet and a bit of fab Cath Kidston fabric,,, and it looks great! Well done for motivating newbies like me. I think this time, the sewing machine is going to stay out, not go back in the cupboard after gathering dust for a few days! Mel

  54. Missy Bauman says

    I’m a little late seeing this but would like to catch up and jump in. I am pretty comfortable with basics but zippers and applique are something I really want to learn.
    Thanks for doing this!

  55. Jamie says


    I am just coming across your tutorial today. I signed up for the facebook group and am going to the craft store today to get some supplies. I literally just took my new sewing machine out of the box and read the manual last week. Hopefully it’s ok for me to tag along until I catch up. :)

  56. Lorrie Harbison says

    Joining now, i have been teaching myself a couple weeks and actually feel comfy with first lessons so excited to learn the rest! Thank you for having these lessons!

  57. James A. says

    My girl friend sent me your site. Dontgetme wrong cause I’m a guy. I’m an only child and mom taught me to do for myself. I cansew by hand but I haven’t learned my machine yet. But I will continue to look in.

  58. Andrea says

    Found this series by pinning the “25+ things to sew” pin on pinterest. I’ve finally bought my first sewing machine because I bought these great curtains from IKEA and wanted to hem them the “right way” (not just the iron on hem). So far I’ve met my machine, looked through the dictionary, “signed” the pledge, and done lesson 1…I LOVE IT! Thanks for putting this out there for us newbies! :) I’ve also requested to join the Facebook group to keep up with you and your blog.

  59. Jen Perez says

    I dont see lessons 2 4 or 6. How can I access those? Super excited to learn how to use my machine.

  60. says

    Thank you, thank you!!! It is wonderful that you are doing this! I already love your tutorials, but this is very cool to organize it in this way :)

  61. says

    Thanks for your great sewing lessons. They gave me confidence to use my sewing machine, and the fact you started with the basics gave me the confidence to finally have a go.

  62. Deejay says

    Dear Amber,
    Thank you for all the tutorials. I have learned so many things from your site! You are awesome! Keep up the good work!!! <3

  63. Shannon says

    Thank you for this, really really really thank you! I’ve been teaching myself to sew and it’s been a fun but exasperating process! Having all of the basics in one place, with pictures, I feel like I’ve stumbled across a little gold mine :) thank you!

  64. says

    I just bought the “Learn To Sew Part Two” and was wondering if there was an ebook for part one. I see it on the website but nowhere to purchase it. Do I just print it off the website or is there an ebook to purchase? Please let me know as soon as you get a chance. Thank you so much for doing this series. I look forward to hearing from you real soon,
    June Hearn

  65. Heidi Wilson says

    Ya I am a little nervous I am a beginner just trying to get used to my machine any advice will be much appreciated. I really want to learn to sew so I can make my own gifts.

  66. Brandy Johnson says

    OMG I think I’m in love! I’ve been begging my husband for a sewing machine for years and he finally got me one but I became overwhelmed that I knew absolutely nothing about sewing. After searching the internet and finding all these expensive courses, I became very discouraged…..BUT after seeing this site, I’m now so excited! I can’t wait to get home, grab my 11 year old and she and I get to work! Not that I’m cheap (I am) but I was a little hesitant to immediately spend a bunch of money on this “venture” but after everything Amber has shared, I’m looking forward to buying the ebook for my little princess and I to “move on up to the big leagues”. Thank you Amber, you ROCK!

  67. Christina says

    I am sooooo looking forward to learning how to sew! Thanks for putting something together for all of us beginners :) I still need to get a machine though, which is kind of overwhelming on its own. I don’t want to get anything cheap and end up with a machine that doesn’t work well, but I’m also on a tight budget so I can’t go too crazy with the price. Not to mention I know nothing about sewing machines, what I’m looking at, or what I’m looking for lol

  68. Melissa Young says

    Do you have the learn to sew (1st book) in a printable or download able format? I know the 2nd one is an ebook & is just over $9. Thank you!!

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