4th of July Tie Dye Shirt

Last summer my boys and I tie dyed shirts and they loved it. So when I was brainstorming some fun 4th of July crafts that we could do together, I knew patriotic tie dyed shirts would be a huge hit! They were.

Red white and blue tie dye shirt

The idea was that the red and blue spots were supposed to look like fireworks. Not sure that they do, but they look pretty cool either way right?

Here’s what you need:
White shirts
Rubber Bands
Tie Dye in Red and Blue (I used spray on tie dye called Tumble Dye and it was GREAT!)

Get you shirt ready by deciding where you want your “fireworks” and pulling that part of the shirt out and putting rubber bands around it. I twisted it originally too but found that didn’t work as well. Do it however you want though. It’s supposed to be quirky, so anything goes.

Then I simple sprayed the rubber banded parts. Some we did in solid colors:

And others in multi-colored. Those turned out the coolest:

I did them 1 or 2 fireworks at a time and just filled in until we liked how the shirt looked.

Then you lay it out to dry:

And then heat set it in the dryer and wear it! My kiddos probably aren’t going to want to take these off for days. They are all sleeping in them right now…

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