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We are down to 10 days of school left in our neck of the woods. Are you ready for summer? This week and next I am sharing ideas that I use to make summer more fun at our house in my Summer Fun Countdown. Yesterday was a Summer Fun Kit and Monday was a Summer Fun Coupon Book.

Today is a craft you can make with your kiddos and then they can use to record all their summer fun. It’s an Adventure Book (and yes, it is supposed to resemble the one from Up).

Make your own adventure book

These are easy enough to make that your kids can do it with you (though it will probably take some help).  And then they can use them all summer long!

Start out by cutting out 2 pieces of cardboard to the size you want. Mine are about 9 x 14 inches I believe. Really, any size will work.

Next, you need a brown paper bag. Crumple it up (your kids will like this part) to make it look old and worn and then lay it flat again.

Now, cut your brown bag into two pieces that are about an inch larger on each side than your cardboard pieces.

Spread glue all over the front of your cardboard pieces. I used Mod Podge and a foam brush. Kids should be able to do this part themselves too.

Fold the edges over and glue them to the back of the cardboard. Make sure everything is laying nice and smooth.

I then used scrapbook paper to line the inside and cover up the raw edges of the brown paper. Again, I just painted mod podge where I need it and stuck it on.

Then let your kids decorate the cover however they want.

Cut out some plain paper to fit the size of your book (just slightly smaller than your cover). Punch two holes in the end of it for the binding.

I used twine to bind mine. Thread a needle, poke some holes in the cover and back of your book and thread the twine through the covers and the paper and tie in front.

There you go, easy and fast and fun.

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