You’ve Been Boo’ed!

Looking for a little easy Halloween fun? Try Booing someone! It’s quick, it’s easy and it spreads good cheer. And your kids will LOVE it! And their kids will love it!

Booing someone simply means ding dong ditching them with a Halloween surprise and then asking them to pass it on. We filled three Halloween bowls full of treats and Halloween fun and Boo’ed three families in our neighborhood this year hoping to really spread the fun.

Here’s our Boo Buckets:

Halloween Fun Ideas for the Family and Kids

They included Halloween marshmallows, Halloween stickers from the $ spot at Target, homemade cookies, a Halloween cake mix and sprinkles. Oh, and the Halloween Hand Towels that I posted about last week. You could put anything in your boo bucket. I got the treat bowls that we put it all in at Target in the $ spot too.

You've been booed

In the Boo Bucket we included little signs saying “We’ve been boo’ed” that they hang on their door so that neighbors know to pass it to someone else. It’s been fun to go around our neighborhood and see those signs popping up on people’s doors!

I LOVE this free printable you can get at Peaches and Mint design. It’s what I used for mine:

You've Been Boo'ed Free Printable

I need to alter the instructions on mine a little. Here’s what I said:

Congratulations! You’ve just been Boo’ed. What do you do now?

1. Hang the We’ve Been Booed sign on your door.

2. Enjoy your Halloween treats and fun.

3. Boo someone else within 3 days to spread the fun!

And then I included an envelope with several copies of the We’ve Been Booed Signs and instructions that can just stay with the Boo Buckets and be passed around.

Super simple, super fun!

Here’s another fun version you can also try. Get details and free printable at Craft Quickies:

Halloween Goblin Doorbell Ditching

Be sneaky! You don’t want to be caught. (We got caught.)

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      Shoot! I guess that website shut down! I will try to create one of my own. A little late for this year, but maybe for next year. Thanks for letting me know!

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