Envelope Pillow Tutorial

Ok, I have always wanted to make something with jumbo ric rac. I guess it seems sort of girly, so I don’t find much chance to use it. So I decided to go for it. And as long as I was going girly, I went all out with this very girly throw pillow:

How to sew an envelope pillow
envelope pillow tutorial

Ya, what am I going to do with that in my house full of boys? No idea, but I had fun making it. (Actually, my 7 year old boy insists he wants it.) It’s on sale in my Etsy store if you are interested.

It’s very easy to make a pillow like this and could be done for a little boy’s room too in fun boy fabrics.

Here’s What You Need to Make this Pillow:

1 Pillow Form (whatever size you want-mine is 20″ x 20″)
1 Base fabric (enough to cover your pillow, so for mine I needed about 3/4 yard)
1 Accent fabric (about 1/4 yard)
Jumbo ric rac (enough to go the length of your pillow twice-so I would need 40″)

Grab your pillow form:

how to make a pillow

Check the measurements on it.

When you cut your fabric out, you are going to want one piece that is just about the same size as your pillow. I cut mine about 21″ square for my 20″ pillow and it was slightly too big, so don’t go much bigger than your pillow measures.

For the second piece for fabric (the envelope back part) you want to cut the width just the same size as your other piece of fabric (so for me that was 21″) and then go about 5 inches larger than your pillow size for the height. So my piece was about 21″ x 26.”

Now, take your accent fabric, figure out where you want it and how wide and cut it to fit the front part of your pillow:
accent pillow tutorial

Stitch it in place (don’t worry about the raw edge on this, it will be covered by the ric rac)
throw pillow pattern

Pin your ric rac in place and sew it on right over the raw edge of your accent fabric.

Your front is ready now.

For the back, envelope pillow cover part, cut your piece in half to reduce the height by half. (So now for me I have a 21″ by 13″ piece). Fold under the edge and press, fold it under again, press again and then sew it so that you get a nice hem:

Do that for both pieces.

Now, simply lay your front piece and your two back pieces together with right sides toughing. Overlap the two back pieces in the middle and match up all the edges.

Sew around the outside of the whole thing, turn it right side out and put your pillow form inside and you’re done!

So cute!

jumbo ric rac patterns

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  1. Sarah says

    I know you posted this tutorial over three years ago, but thank you. I made two pillows yesterday as my first sewing machine project, and they turned out really great! I’m feeling more confident now, and can’t wait to get my hands on some more fabric.

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