Diaper and Wipes Case Tutorial

This is an update of an old post. This diapers and wipes post was one of my very first on the blog, when most of you weren’t here. So I wanted to bring it to life again because it is one of my VERY favorite posts! You know when you have a baby you ALWAYS need diapers and wipes on hand. And it can be a pain to lug everything around with you when you need to go change a diaper. That’s why I LOVE having these diapers and wipes cases. You can just grab it and do the diaper change-quick and easy. And also, they’re cute! Perfect baby shower gift idea. Here’s a simple to make Diapers and Wipes Case Tutorial:

Diaper carrier

I’ve made this to fit several diapers and a pack of Costco wipes nice and easily. (Because that’s what I always needed.) It’s so handy and it’s easy to make!

Diapers and Wipes Case

SOOOO easy. Takes like 20 minutes, you can use 2 fat quarters or 1/4 yard of fabric of 2 fabrics (read, not very expensive to make) and it turned out so great! It would also make a really good baby shower gift. Oooh, maybe even with some matching burp cloths!

Diaper Carrier Pattern

Make a million of them!

Diaper and Wipes Case Tutorial:

Supplies Needed:

  • 1/4 yard or a little less of 2 fabrics (I used fat quarters, you could use just a normal 1/4 yard)
  • Velcro

Diaper and Wipes Carrier Pattern Pieces


Print your pattern. You need two copies of the large piece. Cut and tape one of those large pieces to the flap piece to form the back piece. The leftover piece is your front piece.

Fold your fabric and lay the pattern on the fold so that the straight edge is on the folded part. Cut out 1 front and 1 back piece in each fabric for a total of 4 pieces.

Pin your velcro (about a one inch piece) in place. One piece goes on the front part of the main fabric. Just center it about 3 inches down from the top:

Diaper Clutch Pattern
The other piece of Velcro goes on the top flap part of the back piece on the inside fabric, centered on the fabric about 1 inch from the top.

Now put right sides together on both pieces and sew them together around the sides and bottom:

How to make a diaper clutch

**For further clarification I am adding in some more photos at this point. That’s why there a new and different fabric in these pictures.

Now, turn your inside fabric right side out and stick it down into the outside fabric, so that right sides are touching.

Turn inner fabric right side out:

Put the inner fabric into the outer fabric.

Flip your fabric over and begin sewing the 2 pieces of the flap where shown in this photo:

Here it is in my sewing machine just as I am starting to sew:

Sew down that side until you get to the part where the front and back piece join across the middle. Sew across those two making sure that you are only sewing the front of the bag and not the back. (So you should be sewing 2 pieces of fabric, not 4.) Then sew across the middle and up the other side.

You are leaving the top of the flap open so that you can turn it there:

Turn it right side out. First reach in and pull out the inner fabric:

Then turn your outer fabric:

Now tuck your inner fabric down into the outer part:

Until it is all inside like this:

Push out all the corners and make it nice and smooth and then press it flat.

Fold the top opening under and top stitch it shut:

Now press the whole bag nice and flat. And you’re done!

Baby Gift Tutorial
Diaper Carrier Pattern

Works perfectly to fit my pack of Costco wipes and several diapers inside:

Diaper and Wipes Carrier

Love it!

Total time: 20 minutes
Total Cost: About $5

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Diaper and Wipes Case Tutorial

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  1. says

    Love this tutorial!!! Just pinned it and would love to use for a thnxpinterest.com future project if i can ever get my sewing maching unpacked and working! Thnx for the great tips!

  2. says

    I love this fabric too! Great idea… I need to make one of these! :) So excited to hear of our mutual friend, the Westovers! Your blog is full of inspiration! Thanks for sharing at oopsey daisy!

  3. says

    I just made one. I want to post it to my blog with a link back to your tutorial, but I have to wait, I don’t want my friend to see it. :)

  4. says

    OMG, how cute :-) Enjoying your site so I’m nominating you for my Illuminating Blogger Award for informative, illuminating blog content. I know not everyone participates in blog awards but I hope you’ll at least check it out because it’s a great way to discover new blogs and meet new web friends. If you’re interested in participating, you can check out the details at my site … http://foodstoriesblog.com/illuminating-blogger-award/ … Either way, hope you’re having a great Independence Day!

  5. Jeanny says

    Loved it! I just made one to match the fabrics of my DIY baby wraps! Thank you so much for the great tutorial! Easy to follow and wonderful idea to store my Costco wet wipes and diapers ;)

  6. says

    Great tutorial! I just made one with 2 FQs in a snorkeling frog pattern. So cute! Looking forward to giving it to my sister. Gotta go buy some wipes to put in it first!

  7. kaye says

    THANK YOU! I am excited to attempt this as a “first” real sewing project! Where did you find the ADORABLE fabric?! I love it! Thank yo again for your directions! Can’t wait to try it out!

  8. Nikki says

    Quick question. I made one of these and loved it. Several of my friends liked it to, but everyone was asking if you could put a strap on it. I have just started sewing (I am taking your sewing class online) and I don’t know how to add a strap. Do you have any suggestions? Thanks for your time. I am learning bunches in your class.

  9. Jenn says

    I found your blog through Pinterest and have joined up to your Learn to Sew Series!! I love that I was able to make this in an hour (new sewer!!) and it turned out great!!! You have inspired me to try any project I come across!! Thanks!!!!

  10. Siara says

    Thank you for this great tutorial!! I appreciate it. Although I’m a beginner, this was super simple!

  11. Renita says

    This is so cute however, Im not sure about the cutting pieces. do I cut 2 of the bottoms pieces and 2 of the top and bottom pieces taped together. total of 4 pieces.

  12. Tiffany Grace says

    Love this! Im just beginning but this looks so easy and i think it would fit a couple cloth dipes. Do you happen to have a tutuorial for an easy changing pad?

    • Lauren F says

      I know it’s late for the original question, but I have a really simple changing pad pattern I used to make a matching pad for this. I make mine larger, but it’s still simple. Take two matching size pieces of fabric, one flannel or cotton type, and one vinyl (I used an old tablecloth). Sew together with right sides facing, leaving a hole to turn right side out. Turn right side out, tuck in the sides on the hole, and top stitch with a pretty stitch. Sew straight across with basic stitch from long side to long side at 1/3ds or 1/4s, to help with folding.

  13. Kelly says

    I love this tutorial, but I am having a bit of trouble with “holes” in my corners.. any tips? (If you’re not sure where/what I mean, I can try to upload a picture)… Thanks!

  14. Amy says

    Oops! I clicked on print pattern pieces and the link says it has been deleted or removed or there is a problem. Can you email me the pattern or give me the measurements? I’m dying to try this! Genius!

  15. Debbie Reik says

    Can you give me the approximate measurements of the finished product? I sewed one up and mine sure looks a lot wider than the one on the tutorial. Thanks!

  16. Stacey says

    Hi Amber –

    When you sew down the side, across the middle, and up the other side are you doing it as one continuous seam and are you sewing from the back….which it looks like in the pictures? If so, how do you know when you’ve gotten to the middle point and ensure you’re only sewing 2 layers? Mine turned out really cute, but I struggled with that step. I sewed from the front and did three separate seams. Like someone else that commented, it was hard not to have holes in the corners.

    Also, I top stitched the whole bag, which really changes the look! Perhaps makes it look a little more trendy.


      • Christina P says

        Use the arm af your sewing machine to sew around the 2 layers so you are moving the fabric around that to sew your layers. You can see it in the picture in the instructions.

        To find tour mid either measure the to part to find the mid point or I just fold through bag in half make a small crease then pin to the crease for the mid point. Hope that helps

  17. Tavette says

    I just commented on Tutorial #2 (with strap) so my same comments are for this version.

    One thing I forgot to mention was to please write PLACE ON FOLD on the pattern pieces for the new seamstresses. Sure enough – Renita (post from July) was a bit confused. What comes naturally (knowing about the fold) to us long time sewers is not yet second nature to newbees.

    Thanks again for your wonderful tutorials and the oh-so-helpful photos. The photos take a lot of time for you to do, but are so helpful and much appreciated so thanks for doing them.

    • Alana says

      I was just about to ask about this! So glad I read this! I’m a total newbie, staring at the pattern thinking “this really only looks like HALF of the pouch! What is going on?!” The thought occurred to me to put it on a fold, but then I figured it would be written on there if that’s what I was supposed to do. Thank you for telling me it’s assumed and not necessarily written sometimes!

    • Kellie says

      Yes, thank you!! I have looked at this for way too long thinking what is wrong with my brain and why does this only look like half. I figured it was just because I’m 41+ weeks pregnant and sleep deprived!

  18. Heidi says

    Happy New Year! Thank you so much for sharing this. I’m not the sharpest needle in the machine and your photos and descriptions made this project so easy to throw together. It will make a great “little something extra” to go with a baby gift.

  19. Amber T. says

    Okay, I am a newbie… and I am really wanting to make this, but I am having some issues. I have two fat quarters of two different fabrics. Once I place the back side pattern on the fold of my quarter, I am realizing I do not have enough fold left over nor can I maneuver the fabric enough to have enough fold for the front piece of the fabric on this same print. What am I doing wrong? Do I really need 4 quarters total? Thanks!

    • says

      Hmmmm, I feel like it was supposed to work with fat quarters but maybe I am nuts! Did you get it to work? I will have to test it out again.

      • Amber T. says

        I figured it out! A fat quarter folds four times and I was folding it in half instead of only a quater, does that make sense? This was my first sewing project so it took me a bit too catch on but I finally figured it out and it came out perfect and boosted my confidence! Thanks for sharing!!

  20. Kris says

    Im very new to sewing and having a difficult time figuring out the pattern! can you give me exact dimensions or tell me how to place the pattern! I can sew I just have issues with patterns:(

    • says

      Fold the fabric in half and then place the pattern on the crease in your fabric. Does that make sense? I will update this tutorial soon with better pics and instructions!

  21. Samantha says

    Thanks for this pattern! I was wondering what your seam allowance is? I want to make sure it can fit a big package of wipes. Thanks!

  22. Candias Chalker says

    Just made this and the burp cloths or a baby gift but boy did I have a hard time getting the point right where the side and the front meet…but tweaked with it for a while and it looks great! Thanks for the pattern, guess I will make another one and try to perfect that corner point…

  23. Nicole says

    Thank you so much for the awesome tutorial! This is the first actual project that I have done on my own, and I was able to do it without many problems at all.

  24. Jianna says

    Just wondering if the widness of the bag is correct? I didn’t make any adjustments to the printing. ..just seems very wide. Thanks!

  25. Rachel Jones says

    I’ve just made this and I’m thrilled with the result. Thankyou so much for publishing your patterns. Brilliant for a keen novice like me.

  26. Laura says

    I have been making lots of your mini tote bags to practice getting to know my sewing machine. I have made one of these cases and it is super cute but I was thinking I would like it more if it were a little more stable. Would the fusible fleece that I have from the totes work in this project?

  27. Theresa says

    This is the second project of yours I’ve done and it’s fantastic, just like the little mess anger bag I made for my niece. Your projects are just great. Will your ebook be turned into a paper book?
    Again thanks so much!

  28. Sheila says

    Love it ! So cute and easy to follow.. did it and even put name embroidery for the little one.. making this for a friend who’s just bundle of joy turning one month old.. so excited to show it to her.. and oh. the pattern is also a good size to make it as ipad casing too.. a double bonus for me.. all i need to do is to add the batting in between the layers and maybe use a slightly canvas fabric , that will be enough protection… am so loving it..Thank You! GReat tutorial

  29. Desirae says

    I am making this tonight as my first REAL sewing project. I am super NERVOUS though as I don’t have any sewing skills at all! Wish me luck!! :)

  30. Anita says

    I am BRAND new to this sewing world. I followed this pattern & instructions & it came our PERFECTLY! I can actually proudly give it as a gift!
    Thank you SO much for the pattern, great pics, & detailed instructions.
    P.s. Someone gave me one of these with my last baby & it was one of the most useful little things ever.

  31. Lauren F says

    I made this a couple nights ago and love it! I had a little trouble when it came to stitching it together and had to figure out that the inside fabric had to be tucked inside in order to stitch it. I used a wipeable vinyl for the inner fabric, and also made a matching changing pad. I agree that it would be nice with a small strap, like maybe a side carry handle. If I figure out how to do this, I will post again. I’m thinking making a tube style strip about 6″ long and attaching it to the bag on the side once done might work. Or attaching it to the outer fabric before sewing together. It’s the perfect size for a “mini diaper bag” when I don’t want to carry the big one around! I bought more fabric today to make some for gifts for friends having babies.

  32. Ranveig says

    I see your latest comment on this is from 2012… Found this tutorial on pinterest and have made 4 of these now for babyshower gifts! Big success. Not having kids myself it is great when other mothers at the babyshower exclaim “I wish I had had some of those when my kids were small!”. I love giving practical and pretty gifts! :-)
    Thank you!

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