White Chocolate Covered Ghost Snacks

Last Saturday afternoon I wanted to have some Halloween fun with my kiddos, so we broke out a few baking supplies and went to work. Here’s what we came up with (and we are thrilled with how they turned out)! White chocolate covered Twinkies, or little ghost snacks:

Easy treat for a Halloween party! It's a Twinkie covered in white chocolate...so easy! Crazy Little Projects

These are so perfect for a Halloween party food idea for kids or for anyone! And they are so easy too! Aren’t they cute and fun?!? Love them!


Halloween Ghost Snacks:


  • Twinkies or Cloud Cakes
  • White melting chocolate
  • Mini chocolate chips



Cut your Twinkies in half and stand them up on a well greased cookie sheet. Or even better, use a Silpat mat if you have one.


In a small bowl, melt your white chocolate. Stir it up good to get the lumps out and let it cool just a little and then pour it over your little guys, guiding it a little to cover them like you want.


Let it set up a little-till it’s almost dry. Then add your mini chocolate chips for the eyes. So very, very easy right? And what a cute little party idea. You could even let the kids make them if you wanted.

Kids Halloween Treat: White Chocolate Covered Ghosts. Great for a kids party! by Crazy Little Projects

White chocolate covered ghosts by Crazy Little Projects

Here’s a quick rundown again:

A great idea for kids parties at Halloween! Cut a Twinkie in half, pour white chocolate on it and you've got a ghost! by Crazy Little Projects #Halloween #ghostHappy ghost making!

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