Organizing Craft Supplies {in small spaces}

My closet is sort of ginormous. As in, like, almost another bedroom. So I use it sort of as my mini craft room. I store all of my craft supplies there and often do my crafting there, but ever since becoming a blogger my craft supplies pile is growing and I have been busting out of my space! So last week I spent some time organizing my craft supplies in my small space and I am so happy with how it turned out!

How to Organize your craft Supplies in a small space

Kind of pretty looking right? Want to see the before? Don’t judge ok? It’s a pretty big mess. Hence the reason for organizing my craft supplies.


Organizing Craft Supplies (in a small space):

My closet has built in shelves which is really handy!

So here’s what I did. I emptied everything out of the closet. My room looked like it had barfed craft supplies. It was sort of horrifying.

Then I went through and sorted things by type-all the ribbon together, the fabric in a pile, paints, paint brushes, etc. All into piles on my floor.

At Target I got a bunch of cute, bright canvas boxes and plastic boxes and one cute little clear jar. Then I started putting supplies in.

I created an “adhesive” bin:


Organized my fabric into three bins. One for all my best stuff (see below), one for scraps and one for fuzzy fabric.Organizing fabric

Here are my fancy craft paints: (like fabric paint, glitter paint, etc.)Paintbin

And…..all the rest of my craft paint. I have a lot. It might be nice to have it organized more than this but I just have so much that I just tossed it in:


And paint brushes in a separate container:


My scrapbook paper is lined up neatly at the top of the closet with some of it in a paper holder and the others stacked up next to it:Organizing scrapbook paper

Scissors in a mason jar:Scissors

And, washi tape in my cute jar that I bought at Target. Organizing washi tape

And then put it all on my shelf. I also have some drawers next to all of this holding patterns, sewing supplies and other random craft supplies. And I plan to do a little labeling of these supplies. But that’s for a later post.

And now I know that I need to stop going to the craft store for a while. I have a lot of craft supplies!

How to Organize your craft Supplies in a small space

Now, you want to see another version of craft organizing?  Check out my friend Jill’s post here at Create.Craft.Love. She was having the same issues that I was!

Orgnazing Craft Supplies

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  1. Marie B says

    Great job! Now I need to get busy, but I’m working on the ruffle skirt and as a non-sewer, I am having a few problems! I’m getting there,though! Have a good weekend!

  2. Jess says

    So what do you consider a scrap of fabric vs material that’s actually usable for something else? I have fabric left over from the lessons and I don’t know what is worth saving as scraps, what I could use for something else and what I should just throw away. Also, what do you do with scraps???

    • Amber says

      Good question. I guess I just kept my nicest, favorite fabric that was still big enough to work with in one bin and then put everything else in the other. As for what to do with scraps, I am planning a great post on that for next week probably. :)

  3. says

    Just stopping by after BYB2013 this last weekend. What a fun blog! I really need to be better about organizing my things. I just spent a bunch of time today in my office trying to get things tidied up. All your great pix make me realize I really need to invest in some better storage bins.

    • Amber says

      Well hello from a fellow BYBer. I just checked out your blog and I am amazed. I have no little girls so being able to do hair like that is WOW!

  4. says

    Looks fantastic! I love my canvas storage boxes from Target! Nice size and very sturdy (I’ve had them 5 years and look the same as when I bought them.)

  5. Mary says

    This is EXACTLY what I was looking for! My cousin has a book case that looks like your “before”. They are going out of town for 4 days. I’m hoping they can come back to an “after” like yours! Thank you!

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