Monogrammed Christmas Hot Chocolate Mugs

I’ve had this project planned for a looong time and finally had time to do it yesterday and I LOVE how it turned out! This is a gift for a friend and her husband this Christmas. Monogrammed Christmas hot chocolate mugs:

So quick and easy by classy looking I think?

Such a fun gift to give. I packaged it up with some Rolo cookies too and gave it all to her. I just love how it all turned out.

Monogrammed Christmas Hot Chocolate Mugs:

Supplies Needed:

Mugs (mine are from Target)

Paint (mine is Martha Stewart gloss)

Monogram stencils (again, mine are Martha’s)


All you need to do is place the stencil where you want it on the mug:

Daub your paint on:

Peel the stencil off (these are adhesive stencils I used) and you’re done. What I love about this project is that if you make a mistake, take it over to the sink and rinse the paint off immediately, dry your mug off and try again. It’s very forgiving.

Let it dry for a few days so that it is dishwasher safe.

Then I added a little bag with hot chocolate mix, marshmallows and candy cane kisses.

So cute! Bottoms up!

Monogrammed Christmas Mugs


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    • Amber says

      I haven’t tried it because I gave these away as gifts, but the container says to let it cure for 3 days and then it is dishwasher safe.

      • Melanee says

        I wonder if heating the cup would add to the durability — like how some paints do better if heat cured. Just wondering — and you did a lovely job on these!! What an idea for a wedding gift! Thinking some cloth napkins with a monogram and a matching cup! THANK YOU!!

    • says

      Use a multi surface paint and then follow the directions on the paint for how long to cure it. It will involve baking it at a low temperature for a few hours.

  1. Diane says

    Just to be safe I would suggest your friend hand wash them. Or you try putting one in the dish washer and see how it comes out. I know Martha Stewarts says on any surface, but worth trying to see and not be embarrassed if it washes off. Worth a try on a simple glass you have to test first. If it works you have found a wonderful way to emboss glasses. Keep me updated, please.

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