Learn to Sew Series-Supplies Needed

I have had several people who will be participating in the Learn to Sew series ask me for a list of supplies so that they can be prepared to sew. (By the way, have you heard about this Learn to Sew series? If not, check it out here.)

So, here is a supply list for the Learn to Sew series. I hope you will like the weekly projects I have chosen. I realize not every project is going to be everyone’s favorite. So, if you don’t love a project, do it and give it away or something.


Week 1:

We’ll be starting off the series with some very simple to make burp cloths.

Supplies for this project:

1 pack of cloth diapers (I get mine at Target and it costs around $10 for 1 pack that has like 12 diapers in it)

Fat quarters or 1/4 yard pieces of fabric of your choice

Thread to coordinate with fabric


Week 2:

For week 2 we will learn to sew a very basic hooded towel. I don’t have this tutorial up on my blog yet, but it will be like one of my cute animal towels, but without the face:

Supplies needed for this project:

1 Bath Towel (any color you want-it can even be patterned. Anything goes!)

1 matching Hand Towel

Coordinating thread


Week 3:

Now we are starting to get really fun. How about a little messenger bag?

Supplies needed for this project:

About 1/3 yard each of two coordinating fabrics
Thread to match
Week 4:
Now I know not everyone has a little girl in their lives to sew for, but baby skirts are just too much fun!
Supplies needed for this project:

3 coordinating fabrics-about 1/2 yard each (you will have leftover)

1 pack of elastic (about 1/2 inch width)

1 large safety Pin

Thread to match


Week 5:

I really don’t have a picture to show you of this one because I haven’t even made it yet-it still lives in my head, but it’s going to be a really cute ruffled apron.

Supplies needed for this project:

3 fabrics that coordinate-1 yard of the main fabric and 1/2 yard of 2 others

Coordinating large ric rac (optional)

Thread to match


Week 6:

Again, here’s a project that I don’t have a picture of for you yet. That will be coming in January, but it’s going to be a skirt that YOU can wear.

Supplies needed for this project:

1 to 1 1/2 yards of fabric in a print that you would want to wear

2 yards of ruffle (you can buy this in the section of your fabric store that has ribbon and lace and things)

1 zipper that coordinates with your fabric (about a 7-8 inch lenth)

Thread to match


Week 7:

I won’t be giving you a project on this week. This is where you will choose your own final project. It can be anything you want, but here are a few suggestions: (I also have a Pinterest board where people can pin Sewing Ideas if you are interested)

Tote BagDressFrog Towel
Dragon TowelDiaper CaseDress
MAskMessenger BagShoes

OK, did I cover everything? Do you have questions? Just let me know!

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  1. says

    Thank you for this! I can’t tell you how exciting it is to look at these projects and have you believe that I’ll be able to make them. I also have a baby girl and I’ve been dying to learn how to sew her cute little skirts. Thank you! :D

  2. VickiT says

    This is great to have now during all the sales. Thank you very much.

    I only see one thing that could be a possible problem for me. I do not do Pinterest and am not going to start. I do not need yet another thing to keep me away from my sewing. All the awesome blogs I follow (and message boards and Facebook, and the embroidery yahoo groups and the blogs that go with machine embroidery etc etc etc) is far too much drawing me from my machine as it is. LOL Is this going to be a problem for me since I’m seeing you mention Pinterest quite a bit?

    • Amber says

      Did you see the link to The Ribbon Retreat with the 15% off discount? That’s where a lot of that fabric came from.

  3. Kim H says

    Thank you so much for this list! This helps me so much, and will keep me on-task each week. And I recruited a friend (possibly more) to join the journey to help keep me going too.

  4. Sacha Visscher says

    Hi Amber,

    I live in the Netherlands and saw a message on Pinterest and was so excited. I have send you an email right away and can’t wait to start. The supplies list is very handy.

  5. Elaine says

    Would you mind providing more details on the cloth diapers you purchase? I was trying to find some on Target’s website and Amazon and wasn’t having much luck finding some with a similar price point (and anything close had awful reviews). I’d love to just grab the brand you’ve had success with! Super excited to get started with the series!

    • Amber says

      Hmmm, I haven’t bought them for a while but I believe they were the Gerber cloth diapers. The reviews won’t matter too much since you aren’t actually using them for diapers, but for burp cloths. I will try to hit Target this week and then let you know for sure.

  6. Patty says

    Have been away from sewing for quite some time and just did the block of the month 2012 quilt in Craftsey.com, but need to sharpen my skills. So this will be a refresher for me. cacn’t wait to get started.

  7. Darcy says

    So, I FINALLY remembered to sit down at the computer & look at this so I could sign up for the emails & follow on facebook (too hard to try on my phone with the kidlets!) & after having 15 minutes to peruse all of your posts about the “Learning To Sew” series, I can hardly contain my excitement!! My mom gave me her old sewing machine & then bought me some “must have’s” to go with it for Christmas. She also gave me a few general lessons but I am so excited to learn more! I guess it’s time to give the machine a more permanent home!

    • Amber says

      Definitely. These project ideas are just to practice your skill so they are certainly optional and can be replaced with anything you want!

  8. Ashley says

    I am SO excited about this! I found your blog via pinterest and just got a new sewing machine for Christmas. The only time I’ve ever even used one was in my 7th grade Home Ec class… and when I made a throw pillow, some how it ended up with five sides (as opposed to the square shape). LOL oops! Thank you for doing this!

  9. Kate says

    I am so excited about this! Do we just need 1 yards worth of fat quarters (4 pieces) or more than that for the burp cloth project?

    • Amber says

      It really just depends on how many you want to make. You can make 2 or you can make 10. If you have 4 pieces I *think* you can make 8.

  10. Angela says

    What kind of ruffle do we get for week 6? I typed ruffle in at the ribbon retreat and it only gave a double ruffle ribbon, but it’s in different widths so I’m not sure if that is it or if there is a different type.

    • Amber says

      Ya, I am not sure that ribbon retreat carries what you might need. At a store like hobby lobby they have premade ruffles that you can buy by the yard. That’s the kind I am talking about. Something that matches your skirt fabric.

  11. Nicole Gray says

    HI, I just found your website, If I work through your learn to sew tuts if I have any questions can I ask. I know you started this months ago but can do basic straight stitch and want to learn more

  12. Julia says

    I found your amazing site last night and can’t wait to get started! I would like to know if you still have the Burp Cloth project available? I have tried to access it via two computers and the link no longer works (or at least for my home & personal computers). If this doesn’t up load, is there another project you recommend for a first-ever sewing project?

  13. Erin lyon says

    I was wondering if you are still doing the sewing class, my MIL bought me a Brother project runway sewing machine for Christmas & I havent touched a sewing machine in about 10 yrs, and that only did basic sewing unlike this one..I need to relearn how to sew with a machine..Thank you love your website looks like I will be learning alot & making lots of cute stuff for my littld nieces & nephews & maybe my own teens

    • says

      The lessons are on the blog for the long haul so that you can do them as needed. Or…watch Monday for more news that you might want to try. :)

  14. Maria Padua says

    Hi! Ive been accessing your website: crazylittleprojects.com for several times now to read and study the lessons. I’m preparing myself to start sewing in the next weeks.. Cant wait to run my sewing machine given by my hubby! I found your site so helpful and looking forward to learn more of your crazy little projects! =D

  15. Rico says

    I am an absolute beginner and find your site very helpful. Thank you for taking the time to do this. I was wondering if there is actually a list of supplies you will need to start sewing. I thought I was on the right page, but it just takes me to some projects that I am really excited to try in the future. I don’t know if it is just my computer or what, but if you do have a list like that, could you please send me in the right direction? I am definitely going to need all the help I can get, I can’t even thread a needle.

  16. Michelle says

    Hi Amber, I just found your blog and will definitely start the projects as I always wanted to learn to sew, just 1 question, aside from the list we need for each project each week, can you send me a list with general stuff you need like scissor etc as I might forget something when I go to the store this weekend. Thanks so much, this is really saving me from a difficult time

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