DIY Small Christmas Gift Bags

It’s not everyday that  do a project with scrapbook paper, so I had a lot of fun buying the supplies for this one. There is such cute holiday scrapbook paper available! Who knew?! This project is great. It’s teeny tiny DIY Christmas gift bags.

Are you giving any gift cards this Christmas? Then this project is for you. Plus, it’s quick and easy-you can do it in 15 minutes or less (maybe even 5 minutes once you get the hang of it). This is part of a Holiday Craft Lightning Series currently going on featuring projects that can be done in under 15 minutes. (It’s my second easy craft this week-check out my Snowman Ornament too!)

Tiny Small Gift Bags

These cute DIY small Christmas gift bags are just right for a gift card or other small gift item this Christmas. And they are sort of addicting to make. And did I mention quick and easy?


Tiny DIY Christmas Gift Bags:

Supplies Needed:

Scrapbook paper

Extra Strength Glue Stick

Ribbon or String (for the handles)


Before you get started you are going to need to go to the Next to Nicx blog and print out the template for the bag. She has a whole tutorial showing how to make gift bags-but those are normal size. For these tiny bags, what you need to do is use this template but print it at the 46.1% (or fit to page) size instead of making it full size.

First, cut out your template. Then, choose your piece of scrapbook paper and cut it out using the template. The template has lines on it for folding, so this is fairly self explanatory, but here’s what you do:

To get started, do you see the little pieces down at the bottom of the bag that you cut out in little triangle shapes? You are going to fold the paper at each of those triangles like so: (there is a faint line on the template to show you where)

Fold it on each of those so that it looks like this:

Next, fold in the little tab piece that is on the far right side of the bag (when looking at the wrong side of the paper):

Now, along the bottom you need to fold in each of the tabs:

And your last fold-along the top (there is a guideline on the template), fold it down about 1/2 inch:

Now, get your glue ready, we are going to assemble this little bag. Glue that top fold that you just made into place: (but leave the far edges unglued so that you can fold a tab in later)

Put some glue on your bottom tabs and fold them into place. The small tabs should go on the inside with the larger tabs on the outside:

Last, put some glue on the side tab and tuck it into place, making it go under the top flap.

Now all you need to do is punch a few hole on each side:

Then cut about 6 inches of ribbon or string and slide them through the holes and tie a knot on the inside:

And you’ve got yourself a cute little gift bag!

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