25 Chocolate Christmas Cookie Recipes

I’ve been told there are people in this world who don’t like chocolate. I don’t understand. To not like chocolate? What a sad, deprived life. I like chocolate. Just a little bit. If it’s dessert and it’s not chocolate, I’m not really interested. I can’t seem to stop eating chocolate-especially at this time of year! So, this post won’t help that problem, but it will be fun and yummy!

How about 25 Christmas cookie ideas (or really, they could be year round cookie ideas) that ALL involve chocolate. Who’s with me on this? I give you 25 chocolate Christmas cookie recipes:

25 Chocolate Cookie Recipes to Make this Christmas

The first 3 are from my blog and are my VERY favorite Christmas cookies. Trust me on this. You definitely want to try them. If you like chocolate that is.

1. These chocolate peppermint creme cookies are AMAZING! So very yummy. I can’t stop eating them. From Crazy Little Projects:

2. These are my go to cookies year round, but especially at Christmas. Toss some Christmas M&M’s inside and they are especially festive! From Crazy Little Projects:

3. These ones are flat out amazing. There’s a Rolo baked right inside. From Crazy Little Projects:

Rolo Cookies (Rolo is inside!) drizzled in white chocolate

4. These cookies have a little something special in them…it’s cottage cheese. Sounds a little different, but frankly, I bet it makes them so chewy and nice. I’m going to try them! From Hubby Made Me:

5. If you know me at all you know that I am a huge sucker for not only chocolate, but chocolate and peanut butter together specifically! These look flat out amazing! From Cookies and Cups:

6. Nothing says chocolate like brownies-so how about brownie cookies? Oh ya! From Pure and Yummy:

7. Chocolate dipped cookie dough? Yes please! From Our Best Bites:

8. Another great chocolate and mint combo and these ones are quick and easy! Grasshopper cookies from Six Sisters Stuff:

9. Or try this similar one but with candy cane pieces on it-also from Six Sisters Stuff:

10. For those you who prefer to “bake” by dipping Oreos in chocolate (totally legit!), here’s a cute and easy Oreo pop for you. From Lil’ Luna:

11. I don’t even think these cookies need words. They look amazing! From Couponing n Cooking:

12. These could be really fun and different! Chocolate and marshmallow together! From Tartelette:

13. Those Our Best Bites girls get me every time! Here’s another one from them:

14. Oh I looooooove toffee. Do you? How about chocolate toffee cookies? From My Baking Addiction:

15. What about chocolate and Nutella? So many possibilities! From The Faux Martha:

16. Anytime you use the word “pudding” to describe a cookie I am sold. Makes it sound so soft and chewy. From Chef in Training:

17. More chocolate and marshmallow but this time add some candy cane in it! From Sweet Treats More:

18. Look at these pretty little things! They look good don’t they? It’s another chocolate and mint combo-they use Andes’ Mints! From My Baking Addiction:

19. What?!? I almost forgot to show you these. They’re one of my own-a chocolate and peanut butter combo with Reese’s Pieces in them. They’re so good!!! From Crazy Little Projects:

20: For true chocolate lovers a chocolate chip may not be enough. How about chocolate chunks? From Land O Lakes:

21. For all your German chocolate lovers out there check these out! (Plus-they’re gluten free) From Hungry Rabbit NYC:

22. Chocolate whoopie pies with cookie dough filling? Sounds like a good idea to me! From Cookies and Cups:

23. Wow-nothing says chocolate like a chocolate cookie with chocolate sprinkles and a chocolate kiss on top! From Midwest Living:

24. OK, let’s visit the Our Best Bites girls one more time:

25. And last…how about one more version of a Chocolate Candy Cane Cookie from Foodess:

Eat up!

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