10 Summertime Treat Ideas

The Summer Fun Countdown continues! School’s out soon, I’m getting ready and sharing my ideas with you!

I was trying to think up an idea for a fun after school treat on the day the kiddos get out of school, so I decided to do some online research. And then I decided I might as well compile a list of 10 great summertime treats and maybe we will try them all this summer.

Treat Ideas for Summer with Kids

My Top 10 Summer Treats to Try:

We have an ice cream maker and will most definitely use it this summer, but here’s a recipe for Homemade Ice Cream that you don’t even need an ice cream maker for! Several flavors are featured at Jamie Cooks It Up! including this Chocolate and Peanut Butter combo: (they also have bubble gum-my kids’ favorite!)

Of course the girls at Our Best Bites have something great (they always do). How about homemade frozen pudding pops in chocolate mint:

I think my kiddos would get a huge kick out of these Rainbow Pudding Pops from Random Thoughts of a Supermom:

I am 100% addicted to Salt Water Taffy-how fun would it be to make it ourselves? From Vanilla and Lace:

This one seems like something my husband might like? Pink lemonade pie. It’s quirky and fun!

How about a little s’mores ice cream mini pie? Plus, it looks really pretty:

I was thinking of doing something similar to this either for the last day of school or for my soon to be 1 year old’s birthday since he was was born on the first day of summer:

I think this Watermelon Cake is WAY too cool. Definitely going to be doing this one:

Oh these are just pretty. Rainbow parfaits. Would I take the time to make them? Maybe. Mine probably wouldn’t turn out so amazing:

OK, one more ice cream because who can resist ice cream? Thin mints meet homemade ice cream!

And….Don’t forget my S’mores popcorn that I posted yesterday. This stuff’s ADDICTING!

S'mores Popcorn by Crazy Little Projects

Want more summer fun ideas!? Join me on Pinterest:

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