Laptop Bag Pattern


It's getting to be about back to school time, but back to school doesn't have to just be for the kiddos right? Mom's need to have a little fun with this too I think, so today I have a back to school sewing project for you that's perfect for moms (or … [Read more...]

Summer Tote Bag Tutorial


I am so ready for summer! It's the most wonderful time of the year! My kids and I have a weekly park day with friends and a weekly pool day, so there's lots of toting of sunscreen, towels, snacks, buckets, flip flops, you name it. I thought it would … [Read more...]

15 More Bags to Sew

15 Bag Sewing Patterns to Try

I LOVE sewing bags! Is anyone with me?! I just can't seem to stop! I already did a roundup of 25 bags to sew, and I just love them too much-I've got to add more to the list! So here are 15 more free bag sewing patterns for you to enjoy! So break out … [Read more...]

Cute Cross Body Tote Bag Tutorial

Cross Body Tote Tutorial by Crazy Little Projects

My beautiful messenger bag has bit the dust. It was well used but it was time to move on, so I needed a new bag. I came up with something new and fun and I LOVE how it turned out! I'm calling it a Cross Body Tote Bag: It's cute and it's easy … [Read more...]

Santa Tote Bag Tutorial

Santa Tote Bag Tutorial

I've got a goofy Christmas sewing project for you today that's pretty quick and easy and fun. This is kind of the combination of two projects on my site-the simple tote bag and the Santa hand towels. Combine the two and you get...a Santa Tote … [Read more...]

Easy Tote Bag Pattern and Instructions

Easy Tote Bag Pattern-Great Beginner's Sewing Project

You can never have enough bags can you? I've sewn a bunch before (see them all here) and I'm showing you a new one today. This Easy Tote Bag Pattern is very simple to sew and a very good beginning sewing project. I know some of you are looking to … [Read more...]

Kids Lunch Box Pattern & Tutorial

Kid's Lunch Box Pattern and Tutorial by Crazy Little Projects

I thought with Back to School upon us (ok or just past us) it would be fun to do a school related sewing project. And I also wanted to test out thermal interfacing-have you ever used that? So, I give you, a Kid's Lunch Box Pattern & … [Read more...]

25 Bag Sewing Patterns

25 Bag Sewing Patterns {They're All Free!}

If it hasn't already become apparent on my blog, I love to sew bags. And I sew a lot of bags. Do you like to sew bags? I thought it would be fun to pull together a roundup of 25 bag sewing patterns-all of them free-so that we could all happily sew … [Read more...]