How to Train Your Dragon Party

We’ve got a bit of a new obsession going on in our home (and I’ve got to say that this is one I fully support). It’s How to Train Your Dragon on the brains of my four little boys all day every day. And with the new movie (How to Train Your Dragon 2) out now too, I don’t know if this obsession is going anywhere anytime soon. So, to keep things fun, we hosted a How to Train Your Dragon party last week. Lots of little boys, lots of dragon themed games and decoration and lots of fun!

How to Train Your Dragon Party Ideas

How to Train Your Dragon Party:

I’ve got tons of fun ideas to share with you so that you can throw your own How to Train Your Dragon party!!

Dragon Training:

The idea behind this party was that the boys were arriving for dragon training and that if they were successful, they would leave as fully qualified dragon trainers.

Here’s a rundown of How to Train Your Dragon Party Ideas and what we did, so that you can throw your own party too!



To become fully qualified Dragon Trainers, the boys had to complete several training exercises.

We started out with sending our dragons through rings of fire.

I bought a couple of these fun Toothless Flying Toys at Target:

How to Train Your Dragon Party Game Ideas

Each boy had to stand a set distance from the hula hoops and launch the toys and try to get it through a hula hoop.

How to Train Your Dragon Party Game Ideas

After this we had Dragon Trainer obstacle course. I divided the boys into two teams. I had an obstacle course set up around my house with simple obstacles for them to perform. They had to wield their Hiccup’s Dragon Blade sword:


And their shield that we made (see below), and make their way through an obstacle course.

Next they each got a can of silly string (ok, you’ve got to be a little crazy to do this, but they will love it!) and had to seek out dragons hiding around my yard. I printed out pictures of some of the dragons from How to Train Your Dragon and they had to find 10 dragons to spray with silly string in 5 minutes. They had a blast doing this!


Last, to calm things down a little, I had each of them grab some sidewalk chalk and design a dragon on my driveway. I love to see what kind of creative things little boys come up with! And I was surprised at how much fun they had with this!



Once the boys successfully navigated all of the Dragon Training Exercises, they became full fledged dragon trainers and they got to become owners of a cute little Dragon Stuffed animal from Target!

How to Train Your Dragon Party Favors

Aren’t these so cute?!

How to Train Your Dragon Party Favors Idea

They were so excited about this! (I admit I was too!) Truthfully, this was my favorite part because they were SO excited to get their dragons!

How to Train Your Dragon Party Ideas

Do you see this happiness?


I got a variety (I think they come in 5 different dragons) so that each boy could choose which one he wanted:



As the boys were arriving at the party, I had them sit down and create their own shield. The dragon trainers in the first movie are told that shields are an essential part of fighting dragons, so we couldn’t skip this.

I got some plastic plates from the party section at Target for this. I also got a bunch of colored Sharpies and just let the boys draw on their plates to create their own shield design.


Then, I used duck tape to add the arm hold. To do this I cut a piece of duck tape about 8 inches long and then a shorter piece 5 inches long. I placed the tape together so that sticky sides were touching and centered the shorter piece on the longer piece. Then I attached the leftover sticky ends of the duck tape to the plate to create this arm hold.


Then the dragon trainers had a shield to hold for the rest of the party. These were a hit!


And I loved that they could each design theirs however they wanted!




Me and my boys had a lot of fun planning the food.


Toothless cupcakes were a given. He’s too cute not to include him on a cupcake.

To make these I used my favorite cupcake recipe and then created a fondant face.

Here’s the fondant recipe I used:

  • 8 ounces mini marshmallows
  • 1 pound powdered sugar (or 4 cups)
  • 2 tbsp water
  • Black food coloring (gels)

(Full fondant instructions here)

Once the cupcakes are made and ready to be frosted (any frosting will do), roll out your fondant. I used a cup to cut circles. Frost a cupcake and then lay the black circle of fondant on top of the cupcake.

I then cut out eyes in green and used a tiny bit of frosting on the back of them to hold them in place.

I also added wings just cut from black card stock:

How to Train Your Dragon Toothless Cupcakes

For other food, we had Dragon Fire Balls (Cheese puff balls in a cute jar): (HUGE HIT!)


We also had Dragon Teeth (Bugles):


And Dragon Food (Toothless eats lots of fish, so we got Swedish Fish and Goldfish):



I have free printables of these signs for you if you would like to use them too! Just right click and save and then open them on your computer and print.

Dragonfireballs Dragonteeth Dragonfood

And for drinks (this part is my favorite), Dragon Trainerade! I bought small Gatorade Bottles and created labels to print out and wrap around the with a Trainerade logo.

How to Train Your Dragon Party Food Ideas

Here’s the image if you want to use these. I also have these labels for you to print. Here’s a pdf with 4 labels per page.

Dragon Trainerade Printable Labels for How to Train Your Dragon Party



I used the colors black and green since they are the colors of Toothless to decorate for this party. I found a combination of those colors in the party supplies at Target and used those and it turned out perfectly.

But my favorite part was that I added the little How to Train Your Dragon Stuffed animals from Target that I mentioned earlier to decorate the table as well!

This turned out so cute and the kids loved it!


Toothless is peeking around the Dragon teeth (maybe wishing for some?):


And this guy got into the dragon food while someone wasn’t watching:


Overall, this party was a HUGE success. The little boys left so happy and that makes me happy.


Shopping Guide:

To help you out, here’s a list of the supplies I used and direct links to the products.


This post is sponsored by Target. More Playtime, More Together; Immerse yourself in the roles of your children’s favorite characters at Target – and have fun doing so!

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  1. Crystal says

    This has got to be one of my favorite party ideas!! I love that they are in dragon training. The tasks to complete are super cute and fun. Love, love, love, love, love this idea. Their faces at the end are priceless. Pinned!!

  2. Amanda says

    Love this! I have 2 boys – 3 and 7 – and dragons are an obsession at our house, too. My 7 year old was looking at this with me and loved all of it :) His birthday was the first of May, but he’s remembering this for next year.

  3. Liz C. says

    Man I wish I had all this great stuff in March! Along with this great blog post! My 4 year old discovered toothless when they started advertising the new movie, but nothing was out yet! I did the best I could with overpriced stuff on Ebay, but hopefully I get a redo next year! Thank u!

  4. Brenda says

    Where did you find the cute containers for the dragon food? This is such a cute idea! I think I will make a party in a box and send it to my grand kids along with a copy the first movie,

  5. Kristna says

    I love all your ideas and am using them, THANK YOU!! I am not so great with makes all the cool food signs on my own, truth is I have NO CLUE how ;-) So many thanks to you! I found an idea to make torches out of marshmellows and I was wondering how to make another sign that says Trainer Torches or something to that effect. I would love any help you can offer thank you!!

  6. Chantel Shoemaker says

    What program do you use to create the printables? I love the trainerade idea but was wanting to do different colors.

  7. lisa says

    hi Amber
    Can you please tell me where you got the bugles?? im in australia and my son is obsessed with toothless and is having a toothless party in 2 wks.

  8. Jessica says

    What obstacles did you have the kids do along the course? I am doing something similar for my sons party this coming Saturday but not sure what obstacles to have them do.

  9. Allyson says

    I love this post. I am a huge fan of the movie and thought it would be a cool party idea but I would never have come up with all of that. Thanks for all the great idea’s! I love that everything you used was purchased at one store. Too many time I’m running around to different stores to try and get everything that is needed.

  10. Tersia says

    Dear Amber

    Thank you for your party ideas! My little girl is mad about the How to Train your Dragon movies and has decided on that as her party theme this year. Talk about a change from the usual “pink fairies or princess-theme!”

    I love the whole “dragon training idea” for the party – the activities are great fun! Thank you for sharing your ideas with us.

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