Minion Christmas Ornaments & More

I told you I had one more Minion post coming and here it is. I promise I will move on and away from Minions now! At least in this post I am including a few other favorite characters as well. I’ve got a simple tutorial for you to create a Christmas tree ornament of any of your favorite characters. Here’s minion Christmas ornaments as well as Elmo and Mike Wazowski:

Make Your Own Character Ornaments-Minions, Elmo, Monsters and more

But you can make them with anybody! Whoever your kids like-make them an ornament! It’s really very easy!


Minion Christmas Ornaments & More:

Supplies Needed:

  • Clear Glass Bulb Ornaments (you can buy a 12 pack or so at your craft store)
  • Americana Multi Surface Satin in desired colors
  • Vinyl (optional)
  • Ribbon to hang ornaments



Take the top part off of the ornament and pour a bunch of paint inside. Be generous-it will be easier:

How to make minion ornaments

Now place your thumb over the top hole and shake to spread the paint. Add more as needed.

When it is completely coated, turn it upside down and let it dry in a paper cup or in the box that it came in, making sure the excess paint can drip out as it dries. Let it dry for a long time-maybe even overnight.

Then add the face! You can do this buy cutting out adhesive vinyl or with paint. I did a combination of the two.

The minion is entirely from vinyl:

Make Your Own Minion Ornaments

Elmo is vinyl eyes and mouth with a painted nose:

Make Your Own Elmo Ornaments

And Mike is mostly paint:DIY Mike Wazowski Ornament

Really, just do whatever works best for you. The Americana Multi Surface Satin will stick well.

Which character will you make?

Want to see some more fun ornaments that other bloggers made with paint?

And…would you like to win some Christmas paints to make your own ornaments? Win DecoArt Paints!

Enter to Win:

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  1. Amber Rizer says

    I’ve always loved crafts but unfortunately Im not very artistic. Im going to try these since you’ve made them seem easy enough! Wish me luck!! fingers crossed for the giveaway bc i want to unleash the artistic craftiness out of me : ) Thanx You!

  2. says

    I found your post on Pinterest and I want to thank you for sharing. My 11 yr old son is happily making the Minions as Christmas gifts for his friends. The balls are sitting upside-down in our kitchen right now!

  3. says

    love these! You are so good at coming up with ideas that are easy that turn out adorable. My kids saw these and want my to make some for them now ;)

  4. Rhonda Tenderholt says

    12-16-13: These are really cute. I’m gonna ask a stupid question here but the eyes and such are on the OUTSIDE of the ball? Couldn’t figure out how u would have put it on the inside.

  5. says

    Very cute! Thanks for sharing. I’d like to follow you via the PinWoot app if you are registered. Here’s the link if you aren’t and would like to check it out:

    I love the clear bulbs you can decorate – I did them when I taught school years ago. This is such a good idea – my grandkids are in love with Minions. This would be a great project for them to do at Grammie’s house! I found your site via DIY Cozy Home.

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