25 Gifts to Make for Men

You requested and now it’s here! I did 25 Gifts to Make for Kids this Christmas and then 25 Gifts for Women, so here you have it-25 Gifts to Make for Men this Christmas! Now, you and I both know that making things for guys is harder than it is for women. In fact, when I searched the internet for ideas I laughed at what some people called “gifts for men.” To me a throw pillow embroidered with His and Hers doesn’t scream “give this to a man!”

I’ve tried to keep these as manly as a can, and I know not all of them are for every man, but hopefully they will get your creative juices flowing!

25 Gifts to Make for Men this Christmas:

25 Gifts to Make for Men this Christmas


Leather Laptop Case by Sweet Verbena:


Camp Chair from Design Sponge:


iPad Sleeve from Sew 4 Home:


Golf Club Covers from Positively Splendid:


Car Kit from Holidash:


Tread Belt from Instructables:


Necktie Zipper Pouch from The Polkadot Chair:


Tool Tote from Sew 4 Home:


Star Wars Lego Clock from Instructables:


Tool Organizer from Craft Stylish:


License Plate Clock or Sign (I can’t find a source on this one, so if you have a source, let me know!)Licenseplates

BBQ Rub from Real Simple: (maybe package it up a little more manly)


Favorite Team Necktie from Crazy Little Projects:


 Shave Soaps by Sweet C’s Designs:


 A Clock from a Bicycle Brake by Instructables:


 Necktie Eyeglasses Holder by Olive and Love:


Notebook iPad Case by 2 Modern Blog:



Leather Case from Instructables:


Make your own Suspenders from HippoMippo:

father diy4

Manly DIY Gift Certificates from The Petit Cadeau:


Woven Paracord Watch from Instructables:


Backrub Shirt from The Blue Basket:



Stadium Blanket from Sew 4 Home:


Leather Journal from Mufn Inc:


Zen Garden for his office from Curbly:


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  1. Kathy says

    Oh thank you, thank you, thank you for posting this! Its always so hard to find something (DIY) cool for the guys, and these are the bomb!

  2. Michelle says

    Thank you for this post! Your timing is perfect. I have been stressing over what creative and handmade gift to make for my son-in-law for Christmas. Now I know! Thank you!

  3. Cindy Dahlgren says

    Absolutely love these ideas. Making one of the clocks for sure, and maybe the paracord watch band, Good ideas. Thanks!

  4. Catherin . Williams says

    I love all of these, I’ve got a conservative, golfer dad, and a very cool, stylish, metrosexual brother-in-law, and I found projects for both.
    I know you joked about the throw pillows, but my 8-year-old and I did make a great one for my dad, PaPaw, who had a favorite leather chair for watching the Golf Channel. I apologize for not having a photo handy, but I’ll add one, promise! Cont’d….

  5. Catherine Williams says

    Pillow 4 a dad/granddad:
    Cut out (2) 6″x12″ rectangles of canvas. 
    Have your kiddo(s) cut a heart from a scrap of burlap.Have them handwrite in pencil on 1 rectangle something like “PaPaw’s Special Places: His Chair and My Heart”. I hand-stitched over the writing in red, top-stitched the heart to one side, added the year in red, as ndmade a simple pillow. The less-perfect the heart & writing are, the more PaPaw will LOVE IT!

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