Mini Book Tote Bag Pattern

You may already know that I LOVE fabric and you may or may not know that I’ve sort of got a thing for fat quarters. Remember my post on 25 Things to do with Fat Quarters?

Now, this project is a perfect fit for me. We just finished the Learn to Sew series for kids and teens and this project will be perfect for kids and teens. Or anyone really. I’m calling it my Mini Book Tote. It’s similar to my most popular project ever, the messenger bag, but in small form:

Mini Book Tote Tutorial by Crazy Little Projects

It’s made to fit small books (you can adjust the sizing as needed). I actually made this one to be a scripture case-it fits a set of scriptures perfectly. But you can use it for anything!

Scripture Case Pattern and Tutorial


Mini Book Tote Bag Tutorial:

Supplies Needed:

2 Fat Quarters: 1 for the outside, 1 for the inside {If you pick a directional fabric though, you are going to need one more fat quarter in that fabric}

Fusible Fleece Interfacing



Cut out your pieces. You need to cut these pieces out of the main fabric, the coordinating fabric and the fusible fleece interfacing.

Here are the measurements I used:

  • 2 pieces that are 7″ x 9″
  • 2 pieces that are 4 1/4″ x 7 1/2″
  • 1 piece that is 4 1/4″ x 9 1/2″
  • 2 pieces that are 2 1/2″ x 11″

If you want to adjust this bag to fit a different size book simply measure the book and change the measurements from there. My book measurement was about 6″ x 8″ and was 4″ deep, so I used 7″ x 9″ with 4 1/4″ as my cutting guide. So adjust yours depending on your sizing.

Here’s a layout that will allow you to cut all the pieces from a fat quarter. You can see that this isn’t going to work with directional fabric-that one strap piece up at the top is going the wrong way. So, if you have directional fabric you’ll need one more fat quarter:


One you have all of your pieces cut, iron the fusible fleece interfacing to the backs of your main pieces


Now, beginning with your main pieces let’s assemble the bag.

First, attach the two 4 1/4″ x 7 1/2″ pieces to the 7 inch sides of your main piece with right sides together. Then get your 4 1/4″ x 9 1/2″ piece and attach it to the bottom of your main piece, again with right sides together.

Do this with both of your main pieces so that you form a little box:




Now sew the side and bottom pieces together at the corners. (See above-in the bottom left corner of this picture I have sewed those two pieces together.

Next sew a straight seam in 6 places-one down each of the short sides and one across each of the bottom sides.


This will assemble the rest of your bag. The trickiest place will be at the corners. Make sure you are sewing just through the 2 layers of fabric that you want to and then catch the corner in it at the end of the seam. Your corners should look like this when you are done:


Turn it all right side out and you should have a nice bag formed. Check to make sure there are no holes or anything.

Then do the exact same thing with your inner pieces.

Now you need to make some straps. Take your long 11″ pieces and place them with right sides together and sew up to the long sides leaving either end open:


Then turn them right side out and press them flat. Then top stitch them on each of the long sides. (The top stitching isn’t shown in this picture.)


Time to put it all together.

With your outside piece INSIDE OUT and your inner piece RIGHT SIDE OUT, put the inner piece down into the outside piece. Match up all the corners and everything and pin them all in place.

Stick your straps down inside the bag with the ends sticking out (double check to make sure you don’t get them twisted up and that you have them facing the way you want them to:


Now sew all the way around the top leaving an opening between 1 of the handles:


Snip off the extra ends from the straps:


Turn everything right side out and push the inside down into the outside and press it all in place. Then top stitch around the top-closing the opening and making it look all pretty.

And you are done my friends.

Scripture Tote Pattern and Tutorial

Are you LDS? I am thinking this could be a perfect Young Women’s activity-sew a scripture case! It’s easy enough that the girls could do it and then they’ve got something handy to carry at church!

It’s another prize in the Sew Crazy Monthly Challenge Scavenger Hunt!

One person will win a Mod Studio Rolie Polie Pack!


Enter to win it here!
a Rafflecopter giveaway

Last clue!!

I hope you’ve enjoyed this scavenger poem.

Here’s 25 Things to Sew for Your Home!

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  1. Ross says

    Esta hermosa me encantó, el color que usa es muy bonito, gracias por compartir. Saludos.

    This beautiful I loved the color used is very nice, thanks for sharing. Greetings.

  2. Victoria says

    ❤This! My daughter just turned 8 and I’ve been wanting to make her a scripture case. Thanks for the awesome tutorial!

  3. says

    I can’t find scripture bags for my boys that are durable but don’t cost a fortune. This looks perfect! Do you think there is room for an interior pocket?

  4. Lauren says

    I absolutely love your blog! I have done a couple of the sewing patterns. I just printed out this bag to make for my daughter to carry her ballet shoes to her ballet class. She is going to love it. When I print from your site, it prints all comments below. Is there a way to add a link at top that says “print” and it goes into a print friendly format that doesn’t print out all comments? Just something to think about. Keep up all the hard work of running this blog. I love it!!!

    • Janet says


      You can go to the website and tweak any webpage for printing. It can get a little tedious, because you basically go through the page and delete sections of what you don’t want printed, but it’s free and no registration is required. The other upside is you’re customizing the page for yourself, so if you don’t need a certain picture printed, you can take that out and save some ink. Hope that helps!

      • Lisa Roberts says

        This link worked perfectly!
        Amber, I’m really excited to make this bag. :) The pattern looks fun and the instructions seem easy to follow. I’m going to have my grandma help me just in case. ;) Thanks for posting!

  5. Deb says

    With the side and bottom pieces being 1/2 inch longer than the front and back pieces do I line the pieces up at the top leaving the extra 1/2 inch on the bottom to sew it into a box?

    • Deb says

      It makes sense. I actually made one and did snip off the extra. I was having trouble with a second one so I thought I would ask. Thanks!

  6. Janet says

    Hello, I have a question. The tutorial only shows the outer fabric and the fusible fleece, but in the actual photo, there is another layer (the inner layer of fabric)…it’s not mentioned in the tutorial? I am having a hard time putting this together because I don’t know how to integrate the inner lining fabric into the bag. Can you help? Thanks.

      • Torrie says

        I just finished this bag and it seems kind of flimsy, are you supposed to put fleece on the inner fabric too? It may be that I chose a light weight fabric? Overall this is a good tutorial and it’s a great little bag. Thanks!

  7. Zaren says

    Thank you so much for the tutorial! I’m making a few of these this week to use as gift bags for my “home spa” Christmas gifts!

  8. Katherine Solomon says

    I absolutely adore the scripture bag. I am LDS and teach the CTR-4 children. I was wondering what to make them for Christmas and since none of them have the Book of Mormon I have purchased each one a copy and now have the perfect scripture bag to make for them. Thank you so very much.

  9. jennifer dunn says

    hey. I was doing this tutorial and got stumped because you seemed to have left out the 7×9 instructions and when and how to do the coordinating fabric. Please help!

    • says

      Sorry to confuse you. When I refer to the main pieces that means the 7 x 9 inch pieces. After you assemble the outside there’s a line in the instructions telling you to then so the exact same thing with the inner pieces. Then you will pit it all together.

  10. Hilary says

    I do not sew much at all, so this may be a simple thing, but I can’t quite figure it out. Maybe when I start to actually make the bag, it will become clear, but I am not sure. How do you get the bag right side out again? I see how you put the outside wrong side out and the inside just inside it, but then how do you turn it right side out? Does this have something to do with the place you don’t sew completely? Please help.

    • says

      Yes, you will pull the inside out through the little opening. It will probably make better sense when the fabric is in your hands and you are doing it.

      • Hilary says

        Yes, it did. It was just in the abstract that it was hard to imagine. Thanks. I made them for Christmas for my kids and they loved them.

  11. Amy says

    Could I add a clasp or something to hold the bag closed? And How long do you think straps would be for a cross-body or purse version of this bag?

  12. anita says

    thanks for sharing. Just a question. Is it possible to make bigger versions? I am planning as a yws project to make these cute bags for our new beginnings. I would like to make a bigger version for the leaders??

  13. Shawn Benson says

    I love sewing, it’s a fun and relaxing way to create something for (my daughter mostly) someone that they can use and enjoy for a long time!

  14. Renee says

    I learned to sew late, and never thought I would. I am surprised by how much I love it… the most fun is making something to give away to someone else!

  15. Randi says

    Sewing is just my favorite hobby. I love seeing something that I’m making come together, bit by bit. I think I like the planning and sewing more than seeing it finished. Because that means I’m done!

  16. Jen S. says

    I love the feeling of self-reliance that comes with sewing. I may not be able to find a completely modest article of clothing off the rack, but with the skills I’m gaining I can alter it to be modest. And I *love* that.

  17. Dana says

    I just started sewing again after 20 years. I am finding I love it. There is something about creating that is so therapeutic. It makes me a happier mom plus I can make cute things for my little girl.

  18. Leslie says

    I love the satisfaction of making a quality item that I or someone else will enjoy using. I like making gifts for people. Sewing is a great way for me to get my creative juices flowing, too. I have gotten back into other crafts that I enjoyed previously now that I have begun sewing.

  19. Autum says

    Sewing makes me feel accomplished,like I did something important. I always love seeing the finished product even if it’s not the best.

  20. Kim H says

    I love the satisfaction of knowing I created something from complete scratch, and it looks and feels good! It’s a sense of accomplishment. And there’s never an end to the learning either.

  21. Colleen Garner says

    I feel very proud of myself when I sew something that my grandchildren love, it feels great to see how happy they are when they I have made them something to wear.

  22. Shannon says

    I love that you can give more personal gifts when you put in the effort to sew them. Plus, you feel a sense of pride when you wear/use the things you make!

  23. Maria says

    What I love about sewing is having the control over everything that goes into the project, and the feeling of success when it all comes together into a wonderful handmade object.

  24. Arika says

    Sewing gives me some much needed me time…and it can make practical things so I still feel productive…not to mention the adorable fabrics and creativity!

  25. Marlene says

    I love the sense of accomplishment and knowing that I made something special and one of a kind for each of my grandchildren.

  26. Jenn S. says

    I love how sewing is just for me at my house. I can just sit down after everyone goes to sleep and create something. Yes, it’s frustrating because I’m not great at it yet, but I get better each time!

  27. Candias Chalker says

    Favorite thing about sewing, is seeing the look on someone’s face when they receive a gift that has been homemade for them! Second is when someone says, I can’t believe you made it!!

  28. Tammy says

    I love it when a project turns out better than you expected. The fabrics look better after than before, just a nice little surprise once you are done.

  29. Torrie says

    I love sewing b/c it’s a great feeling to make something useful and one of a kind-depending on your fabric selection.

  30. Kellie says

    I started to teach myself to sew about a year ago. The first thing I ever did was a hooded towel and I am hooked! Sewing is relaxing for me and ohhhhh so rewarding!

  31. Sophie says

    I’m usually not very good with my hands, but my head loves the creative, colourful side to everything. Sewing is the first thing I tried where I’ve actually gotten results that are decent and I’m willing to show off. It makes me feel great to know I can finally accomplish something and have a product that works at the end of it all!

  32. Jen Kriv says

    I love how sewing because it can be very challenging, I love trying new teqhniques and showing off something that I made.

  33. Margaret R says

    I love creating things and giving them away. I have such fun making clothes, bags and quilts. I started making cloth toys for my grand kids which is so fun.

  34. Erin M says

    Every semester my club gets new shirts and I love being able to alter mine so it still looks like evryone else’s but with a twist. My friends get a kick out of it!

  35. mary frtisch says

    I love making things for people–not a ton of people that I know can sew, so even tho’ my skills are not professional, people are so happy and pleased to get a home-sewn gift!

  36. says

    I love everything about sewing. I especially love the ability to make last minute changes and additions that make a project more personal and original. I also love getting better with every project.

  37. Hanna says

    Time to go and buy some fusible fleece! This is another project to try out….One for me, and for each of my daughters….Matching? Coordinating? Contrasting? So many possibilities!

  38. Amanda Kay says

    To be honest, most of the time sewing is kind of scary to me. I quilt. However, with great tutorials like yours I am beginning to sew and love sewing projects that I can give away:) I feel a sense of accomplishment.

  39. Amanda Boerst says

    I love everything about sewing! There’s just something about taking a beautiful piece of fabric and turning it into something amazing.

  40. Beverly Killebrew says

    It just makes me feel so good to see what I can make with my own hands, especially when I’m sewing for my family!

  41. Kelli says

    One of my favorite things about sewing is seeing the end result. I get extremely proud of the good outcomes and always try to learn something from my mistakes.

  42. Robin says

    Sewing is like therapy. It is so relaxing. It’s also rewarding to finish a sewing project, even if it’s not perfect.

  43. Tiffany Hoskinson says

    sewing something seems more permanent to me. I love crafting, but sewing is not just crafting but also engineering. I love the “science” of it. I also like to make things from scraps- it makes me feel happy to use what would otherwise be trash to make something gift worthy. :)

  44. Sharon Williams says

    Love all the many colored material coming together to make something so unique to give to someone you love!!

  45. says

    I love picking a project, fabric, then the feeling of accomplishment when it is all finished. I also love learning new techniques and really challenging myself.

  46. Meagan Zefirov says

    I love the satisfaction of being able to make something myself! And also being able to personalize what I make to give to friends/family as gifts.

  47. Sara Garcia says

    Sewing, along with most crafting I do, is meditative. I enter a zen-like mode, all energy, all attention, is on my project. Its ridiculously calming.

  48. Gail says

    I love the sense of accomplishment when a project is finished. Especially when it’s clothing for my granddaughter…seeing her wear something I made is a great feeling!

  49. Kaylee says

    I love making things to make my boys and my niece happy… Especially when it is just what they’ve been wanting in the perfect fabric.

  50. Hilary says

    I love, love, love making something that someone else can wear or use. I have always loved crafting but sewing is just different for me.

  51. Monica says

    I love sewing because no matter how my project turns out I’m still proud of the fact that I did it. That I never quit and I finished it!

  52. Linda says

    HELLO, I love just about everything about sewing, quilting, embroidery! Right now I’m trying very hard to learn to do “nice-looking Free Motion Quilting! Thanks for sharing!

  53. Michelle Jimmerson says

    One thing I love about sewing is it’s one avenue for my creativity….I also love making stuff for my friends because they appreciate the time and effort I put in to create something for them…

  54. Nikki says

    I love taking fabrics and making something my daughter can wear or use . And love making my friends stuff that they can use.

  55. Brittany Duso says

    I love to making my family and friends special gifts! There is nothing like a homemade gift for those you love. They are my favorite gifts to receive as well!

  56. Kelley Camp says

    I just love creating things! I love patterns and colors and knowing that I made something that is useful and looks good with my own two hands.

  57. Sarah says

    Sewing give you the opportunity to create something that is all yours and to pick how to personalize it. It also makes me feel closer my great grandmother who sewed everything.

  58. Kate D says

    I wasn’t sure that I’d like sewing when I first started, but it turns out that I do! It gives you a great sense of accomplishment to make something homemade that you can tailor to your exact wants as opposed to buying a more generic version at the store.

  59. umaesew says

    There is a certain sense of satisfaction that you’ve created something yourself with sewing. Thank you for the giveaway.

  60. Amy says

    I was just telling my husband that I love the accomplishment that is creating something unique and beautiful in addition to clothes that actually fit!

  61. Katelyn says

    I love the feeling I get when I first press the new fabric and I can image what it will be, some days I just don’t know!

  62. Elizabeth Dye says

    I love being able to hand someone a gift I put my time and love into so it has sentimental value to it. I’ve made things for family, holidays and baby showers and love making more and more! Thanks for your ideas and tutorials!

  63. loretta says

    What an excellent gift idea. I have a friend this would be perfect for – she’s bag crazy and could carry her Bible in it.

  64. Hinahon says

    The thing I love about sewing is all the creativity it gives me. It’s why i’m trying to set up my small business in it, it’s just… I can’t describe it, i’m just free when I’m sewing ^^

  65. Crystal S says

    I like being creative. taking random scraps and squares of fabric and turning them into something I can use is just so satisfying. I made produce bags for farmer’s market goodies. Not just because they were cute, but because they were also better than plasic or paper bags. A little more green!!!

  66. Rachel says

    I love DIY-ing and the patterns, colors, WIDE range of DIY capability with sewing….I love it. I also love making things for my kids, friends, family…sewing is very therapeutic (sorry if I spelled that wrong!) for me!

  67. says

    One thing I love about sewing is the sense of accomplishment. Things go from a mess of backwards fabric with pins and threads everywhere to a lovely handmade item. I love the transformation!

  68. Colleen says

    I love creating things! You start with a flat piece of two-dimensional fabric, and you end up with something that’s (hopefully) functional and adorable. That you MADE! And the fact that my husband is always really impressed is nice, too. :)

  69. Katie says

    I love sewing because its taking some thing and making it your own. Your making something if your following a pattern that was made generic but once you sew it that version of the pattern is yours. You put the little touches to make it yours.

  70. Linda Wierenga says

    Thank you for the tutorial… I am making two of these today for my daughter and her best friend… they are going to be used as sewing bags so they can keep their yo yo making supplies all together. And then I think I am going to make one for me for my bible… so awesome… thank you .. and you have a great site here.. keep up the great work.

  71. Tazia Moore says

    I think I am just too new to sewing b/c where does the inner fabric pieces come into play? I keep seeing “main fabric” but I may just not be reading it correctly to find where you attach the inner pieces.

  72. Pam says

    I have made two of these little bags as rather late Christmas presents and packed them with little gifts. They are perfect.

    I marked up the seams with a quarter inch allowance and this helped me with the three dimensional corners and I would recommend this to anyone spacially challenged!

    Thank you. A lovely share.

    Greetings from the UK

  73. Patricia C. Akosah says

    Hello, love the idea of the book bag and would love to make it. I’m not very good at following instructions in books, I prefer to watch someone make it so that I can see what is happening. I was wondering if you might have a video on youtube that I can watch? I’m a beginner sewer and am a little nervous.

  74. Colleen says

    Great bag. I have made about five so far. I added a pocket on the inside for pens and highlighters. I also include a coordinating bible bookmark. I make mine about 1 inch longer and taller and 2 inches wider. This allows for space to put a prayer journal or devotional.

    I was wondering if you have made scripture bags for boys/ men. Perhaps messenger bag style? I would love to see your tutorial on those.

    Thank you for your post. I have been making these for others and they love them

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