Bunny Hooded Towel Tutorial

You knew I had to do an Easter hooded towel! I’ve had a lot of requests for this one, so here it is. A pink, floppy eared, perfect for Easter…Bunny Hooded Towel! I am posting this early enough that you have time to make it for Easter. And if you’re lucky we’ll have another Easter friend next week. (Update: he’s here and it’s a duck!)

Bunny Hooded Towel Tutorial by CrazyLittleProjects.com #hooded towel #Easter #bunny


Does he make you feel all springy? I am so happy that Spring is finally coming!


Bunny Hooded Towel Tutorial:

Supplies Needed:

Pink towel

Coordinating pink hand towel

White fabric (or towel for the inner ears and nose)

Small amounts of white and black fabric

Heat n Bond

Bunny Hooded Towel Pattern Pieces



I have done lots of hooded towel tutorials. I am not going to teach you the basics of how to do the hooded towel in this tutorial because I have a whole post dedicated to that. Go here for full instructions. I am teaching you how to make the face in this post.

So to make the funny face, let’s start out by cutting our hooded towel in half horizontally. Now fold the selvage edge under about 3 inches.


Flip that side over so you are working on the bottom (the side without the seam). Cut your eyes out of the white and black fabric. Also cut your heat n bond in the same sizes. Place your eyes where you want them (leaving room for the nose in front of them) and iron them in place. Then applique around them.

Now, cut your ears out. Cut 4 pieces from the extra half of your pink hand towel and then 2 inner pieces from the white. Grab 1 of your pink ears and applique stitch your white piece to it. Do that again with the other white piece and another pink.


Now place right sides together on the ears and sew around them. Turn them right side out.

On your towel decide where you want your ears. Cut a small slit:


Stick the ear through the hole and then on the underside of the towel sew the opening closed:


Do this for both ears.

Now cut out your nose. Applique it in place. To form the little mouth I just did an applique stitch and went over it a few times:


For the rest of the instructions visit the basic hooded towel tutorial. If you want to round off his head like I did, visit the frog hooded towel tutorial.

And that’s it folks! A pretty great bunny hooded towel.

Bunny hooded Towel Pattern

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  1. says

    omg… this is too darn cute! Love this towel!!! I have a few friends who are having babies this year I might just have to make them a few of these!

  2. VickiT says

    Another adorable hooded towel. Do you have templates for the ears and face features possibly?
    Thank you for the the cute tutorial.

  3. says

    Ok, so this is INSANE! It is EXACTLY what I was thinking of doing for Jade but never got around to trying. It is her birthday in less than a month……who gets to keep THAT one?? ;)

  4. Nikki says

    So cute. Could you put a pattern up for the nose and ears and maybe even the eyes. I can do the eyes but the ears I definetly need a pattern. Thanks

  5. says

    This is SOOOO cute amber!! I absolutely LOVE it! I really want to make this one! :) Thanks for sharing! I’m visiting from Craftionary’s link party :)

  6. says

    Awwww, shucks! This is adorable (so is the ducky one). You are the kinda grown up that makes bathtime FUN!

    Nice job! :)

    Thank you for sharing with the rest of us! Always great to see creative minds at work. :)

    Visiting from Friday Favs Party@ Naptime Crafters linky party
    Suz @MaytagNMom
    NW Illinois
    Link To My Party Project This Week

  7. says

    I can’t get over how cute all of these towels you’ve made are! Darling! I saw them on Ucreate and TT&J today. SO adorable! Love them!

  8. says

    This is precious! I have made hooded towels for my kids before, but I haven’t tried anything quite this cool. Have you done any other animals?

  9. Jessica Rutledge says

    I just made my first bunny towel and I love it!!! I gave it a little fluffy white bunny tail and I’m debating whether it needs little felt buck teeth lol thank you so much!!!!

  10. Kim says

    Love the bunny towel! I’m a little confused by this direction – “So to make the funny face, let’s start out by cutting our hooded towel in half horizontally. Now fold the selvage edge under about 3 moments.” What are moments as a measurement?


  11. Kim says

    Thanks… I figured that out once I read the duck tutorial. You might also want to change hooded to hand towel in the same paragraph. It all makes sense to me now. The towels are delightful and I’m going to give one of them a try this weekend. Thanks!

  12. Angela says

    I’m super excited to make these. They will be Christmas gifts for my five kids and all my young nieces and nephews! I have a dumb question (I know it’s dumb because no one else has asked it). When cutting the hand towels “Horizontally” are we cutting them horizontally LONG or Short. Will it make more of a square (short) or a long rectangle (long). So tough to put into words! Thank you so much!

  13. Lisa George says

    I just love your hooded towel tutorials! Wonder if you would do an Elsa (from frozen) hooded towel. I have a couple of pictures of these that I found on Pinterest. They’re for sale, but I’d MUCH rather make mine. Not sure how to attach a picture here, but I could email you them. Thanks!!

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