Free Printable Owl Baby Shower Invitations

Whoooooo loves owls like I do? My favorite baby hooded towel is still my owl and I just can’t stop wanting to make owl things. They are super trendy right now and very cute for things like….baby showers! So how about some Free Printable Owl Baby Shower Invitations?


You can use these and personalize them to make them your own!


Also, want to add more to your party? I have party packs here:

Owl Baby Shower Printable Party Pack-Includes Invitations, Cupcake Toppers, Labels, Tags, Stickers, Signs, Banners & More!


Free Printable Owl Baby Shower Invitations:

I have 4 versions of these owl baby shower invitations for you.

How to Edit the Invitations:

  • Right click and save to your computer
  • Open in an editing program (I recommend using PicMonkey online)
  • Add your text and save. Then print.

If you are using PicMonkey and need a tutorial on how to edit, I have some step by step help here.


Fonts I Used:

If you want to use the same fonts-here is what they are: (in the order that they appear in the sample above). To download these fonts go to They are all free to use. If you are editing in PicMonkey and want to use them, you will have to upgrade to their paid service, but it is only about $5.

  • KG Cold Coffee (main font at top of invites)
  • KG Say Something
  • KG Love Somebody
  • KG Part of Me


OK, here are the invitations. To use them, right click and save. Follow instructions above.

Printable Owl Baby Shower Invitations


Or here it is with the text started for you:

Girl Owl Baby Shower Invitation


Blue and Orange:

Free Printable Owl Baby Shower Invitations for Girls


Cute Free Owl Baby Shower Invites


Owl Baby Shower Invitations for Boys Boy Owl Baby Shower Invitations
Free Printable Owl Baby Shower Invitations for Girls

Free Printable Owl Baby Shower Invitations for Girls

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  1. says

    These are adorable! I had a “forest Friends” theme for my shower and we just repeated that for his first birthday. Needless to say, my house is filled with owls now since they are so popular :)

  2. Renee Genereux Davis says

    I really appreciate that you have these free printables, but I am unable to print on the invitation without using a text box on Microsoft Word and when I print it out the text box is there. I have not been able to do in the Photo program. :/ Any suggestions?

        • Renee Genereux Davis says

          I could open it in a photo program but it did not give me an option to type on it. I opened it with Microsoft Works and could do text boxes and type in info but then when I printed it, the boxes were still there around the text. :/ I finally found some help from a friend’s husband who recommended Microsoft Office Publisher Program and it worked out great! Was really stressed trying to get them printed and sent out so I am happy that I did get them done! :)

  3. Margaret says

    what type of cards do you advise to print on? i was thinking of a smaller paper, but firm. I am having an enchanted forest baby shower for my daughter-in-law, who is having a boy. do you have any other suggestions that i could use to make it really special?

    Also, could you send me some of your creativity ability…..please….i’m like the tinman without a brain……the grandmother who’s not artistic

    grandmother margaret (that’s what i’m going to go by instead of nana or meme)

    • Amber says

      I printed on card stock. You know, I honestly never felt like a creative person either. I was good at copying but not creating my own ideas. Starting this blog has helped me be so much more creative!

  4. Clare says

    im using your owl printouts for my baby shower and so far they are fantastic!
    I love the owl theme and so far everyone involved adores them too.
    They print out well and look great im editing alot of them myself just on paint and its easy enough.
    Ive also used the address labels and edited them into name tags for everone coming ( its going to be a big one), im just looking now for more owl printables that i dont already have because i think im obsessed!
    Thankyou for putting these up here its made life so easy!

  5. katie says

    These are adorable! I am doing an owl themed shower for my sister and the colors she picked for the baby’s room are teal and green, however she doesn’t know what she is having, she want’s to be surprised! Do you happen to have the invite where it doesn’t say boy?

  6. sflem849 says

    Thank you for taking the time to not only create your owl template, but also to share. That was very generous and my sister will love the accessories for her owl-themed baby shower. I appreciate your generosity!

  7. Amber Smith says

    Do you have just a blank page like the advice page? I am using your amazing templates to through my best friend a baby shower. I was wanting to do a page for Wishes for Baby. Thank you for making this. it is so awesome! Amber

  8. Ashley says

    Hey! I just downloaded a free trial Corel Paintshop Pro X5 and have NO IDEA how to use it! Could you give some pointers? How do you upload or save or transfer your printables to the program so that I can edit them and print them? And what size car stock do you usually use…4×6? Any hints you can give me I’d greatly appreciate it!! THANKS!

    • says

      Oh man, I’ve got to warn you that it’s a little overwhelming and I am no pro. You will probably want to save the printable to your computer, then open it in the program and then open a NEW blank image in the program and paste the printable as a new layer and then edit by adding more new layers. I wonder if you google if you can find some basic tutorials? I have been using it for years but it took me a long time to get the hang of it and I still don’t totally know what I am doing.

  9. Laura says

    Nice idea, but not everyone finds out what they are having before the birth. My son and daughter-in-law are letting it be a surprise. Why does every web site only have ideas for a girl or a boy. How about a generic card. “Look who’s having a baby”

  10. Shawna says

    When I open the image in Photoshop it’s so small- do you have a larger file size of this I could work with? It’s only 3.413×2.49 so that’s way tiny for an invitation. These are so cute I’m dying to use them!

      • arez says

        HI! LOVE these! I am able to edit them in Word. For those of you who want to get rid of the black line around the textbox in Word, just right click on the text box, choose to format the textbox, and choose the line color as white or “weight” as zero so no line appears. One question I have is whether the original .png file that I download is meant to be 4X6? It looks good on my screen but what size do you think would look optimal for printing? Thanks, you rock!

  11. Cathy says

    I am using this invite for our daughter’s baby shower in Nov. Do you make a Thank you card?? In pink PLEASE.. Would love to see you add that to this!! Then maybe something about giving a book instead of a card.. I have seen this at A few other places.. I love GUESS WHOOO. Thank you!!!

    • says

      Save the file to your computer. Then open it in a photo editing program. If you don’t have one on your computer, try Pic Monkey online. You can add text as needed then.

  12. Tink says

    You can make your own cards / thank yous using this cute template – cut and paste into a word document (or other) and then use a TEXT BOX to cover or add you own wording. To get NO LINES, click “no color” for line color. It’s easy and there is no need for our ‘HOST’ to create something else – especially, if she is as busy as we are! Thank You for creating this for all to use – EXCELLENT!

  13. Kerry says

    I absolutely adore these ideas! I’m helping to organise a shower for my friend who is crazy about owls so these are perfect, couldn’t find anything on the internet anywhere near as nice as yours!

    Thanks! x

  14. Natasha says

    Thank you, Amber, for sharing your creativity! That is very considerate of you. These are simply adorable! I am having a Forest Friends themed baby shower for my little sister and I just printed the bingo card. It turned out perfect!

  15. Suzanne says

    What is the font that you used for Guess WHoooooos Having a Baby Boy?

    My sister is having a shower within a couple of weeks and in case she wants to change up the wording for that part but wants to keep the font, which is adorable by the way!, what font is that?

    Thanks so much!

    P.S. This is a great invitation! She LOVES IT and so do I!!!!

    Thanks so much!

  16. Amy Gritt says

    Just wanted to say thank you so much for sharing these wonderfully cute invites and printouts! I now have a theme for my daughters baby shower and everyone is loving the invites so far! So adorable! Thank you so much!

  17. Sarah says

    Thank you thank you thank you!!! My sister is having a baby shower and she want owls and iv been going crazy trying to find boy owls!

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