DIY Valentine Shirts {& a Craft Paint Giveaway!}

Almost thirty four years ago a baby girl was born in our family. That was me. And it’s never happened again since. Until last week. Finally I have a niece (that’s after four brothers, four sons, and a five nephews for me). So guess who finally has someone to make little girl things for? Me! (Now, I am hoping at this point that my sister in law is in a sleep deprived stupor and doesn’t happen upon this blog post before she gets this package in the mail.)

I had waaaaaaay too much fun making this adorable DIY Valentine’s shirt. And if I thought I could pull off wearing a t-shirt for myself I would absolutely make one for myself! So cute. And I added a little three tiered skirt to go with it to make a perfect little Valentine’s outfit:

ShirtDI Valentine's Shirt

+Skirt:Valentine's Skirt

= Cute Valentine’s Outfit:Outfit2

DIY Valentine Shirt Tutorial:

Supplies Needed:

Shirt to stencil on (I got the little baby onesie at Hobby Lobby)

SoSoft Fabric Paint

Paint Brush

Stencil of some sort (mine is made by cutting a heart shape out of vinyl)


I admit that I was a little skeptical about how this would work.  I had this SoSoft Fabric paint from DecoArt:


It has glitter in it and I hoped it would work out well, but I wasn’t sure. I couldn’t be happier with how it turned out. You’ll probably be seeing more from me similar to this because I loved working with it!

So, all you need to do is lay out your shirt and put some cardboard between the layers of it to prevent paint from seeping through. I taped my shirt down to keep the fabric from moving as well. Then put your stencil on it. Create your own stencil from contact paper or vinyl if needed. (I used my Silhouette to cut the stencil.)


Then just spread a generous amount of the SoSoft Paint on it evenly.


Wait a few minutes for it to dry and then peel off your stencil. And you’ve got yourself an ADORABLE shirt!

DI Valentine's Shirt

Now, if you want to try the skirt too, I’ve got a tutorial for that here:

Valentine's Skirt

Now, would you like to win a pile of DecoArt paint of your own? Bet you do. I would. Well, you’re in luck, because DecoArt is giving away a fun Valentine’s basket full of paint for one lucky winner!

Valentine's Basket of Paint Giveaway

Enter here:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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  1. barbara n says

    I am currently making a tshirt quilt for my 30 year old son – have tshirts dating back to Kindergarten thru college!!!!

  2. Brenda Melahn says

    I am crocheting sock monkey hats for granddaughters, sewing wristlet for son’s girlfriend, and hoping to start my first ever bargello quilt for my youngest son.

  3. Tanya says

    I just finished the skirt from last week’s project. It turned out so cute. Now, I might have to make a Valentine’s day one too!

  4. Carole M says

    Valentines, a baby quilt, an embroidered piece, a dress for my daughter, and I need to fix the homemade Captain America shields I made for the kids but fell apart. I’ll tell you, this working full time is getting in the way of my crafting!

  5. Isabelle says

    Would love to have paint for t-shirts and everything… There is a lot of crafty kids in the house! Psst: that outfit is so cute!

  6. Laurie says

    Love this onesie/skirt combo. Just made a skirt three ruffle valentine skirt for a friend’s baby girl. This onesie would be perfect to go with it.

  7. Jeannie Marchesky says

    I love both the shirt and the skirt, I’m going to make one for my baby girl….thank you for the tutorial.

  8. Debra says

    I am reorganizing my craft room after painting and installing new flooring. I hope it will be easier to do crafts once I get this done!

  9. Donna Ingalls says

    I am making pillows from some brand new placemats that I found at Goodwill. Next project is to paint 2 dressers that were my dad’s. I have never done this so am a bit nervous.

  10. Tina says

    I’m working on dressing my mantle for the first time for Valentine’s Day and then St. Patty’s day…never did this before! I’m so excited!

  11. Vanessa barker says

    I want to make my daughter a cute outfit for st party’s day. I thinks I might need to paint her a shirt now.

  12. Susan Broughton says

    My grandmother taught me to crochet when I was 7 and I am trying to restart doing that. I would love to know how to crochet tops etc. I want to learn to knit as well

  13. Heather Cole-Church says

    The little baby’s nic-name wouldn’t happen to be “Joss” would it? If it is… I know her mother and father… The only girl born in, I think, 3 or 4 generations. The dads are all brothers (3 or 4 of them), all the cousins are ‘boy’ cousins, and now her… I call her *the little princess* to her mom and dad. I just thought it would be a really BIG co-in-cee-dink if it was the same baby girl. It probably isn’t… but it would be weird! :) Oh, and I LOVE the onesie and I really LOVE THE SKIRT!

    • Amber says

      Nope, it’s not. That would be crazy and cool. I guess it’s still sort of crazy and cool that there is someone else in the same boat!

  14. Nicole says

    I love crafting!! This month I am a thing up on my Learn to Sew lessons :), making bows, making a bow holder, and making decorations for my daughter’s first birthday party next month!!

  15. says

    This month so far I have made a heart swag and a valentine wreath. I hope to get a lot more crafting done this month. Thanks for the great giveaway!

  16. Suzze says

    Congrats on the girl. I know the feeling. I have 2 sons. The oldest had 3 boys, then the youngest had twins – a boy and a girl! Second generation where the girl had to be a twin of boy! I am making Valentines. I work retail and have no time to make Christmas cards, so I make Valentines instead!

  17. Colleen says

    Aside from doing the Learn to Sew series, I’ve been making TONS of bows for my daughter and for friends’ daughters! And the natural follow-up to making all these bows will be to make a bow holder on which to store them all. I probably should have made the holder first, but I just couldn’t resist all the adorable ribbon I bought!

  18. Nadya B. says

    My 4-year-old peanut and I make fun things all the time, but we have yet to try stenciling on clothes! This would be an awesome project!!

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