DIY LOVE Sign-Valentine Decoration Ideas

I think I am going a little craft crazy this Valentine’s day. I don’t usually even decorate all that much for this holiday and this year I just keep making stuff. But I am having a blast. (If you want to see other projects for Valentine decoration ideas day, go here.) I totally love how this one turned out. A lot of the time when I start a project I have no idea if it is going to be great or a total flop. So I am happy when they turn out great like this. This is my Valentine’s Love Sign:

Valentine's Love Sign

Valentine’s Love Sign Tutorial:

Supplies Needed:

Scrapbook paper (in Valentine’sy styles)

Paint (white or light pink or whatever you want)

Letters (got mine at Michael’s)


Hot Glue

Mod Podge


Decide which scrapbook paper you want to use. Place your letter face down on the back of your paper:

Letters And trace around it: Trace

Then cut that letter out.

Spread a thin layer of mod podge on the front of your letter and put your scrapbook paper letter on it and smooth it out. Do this for each of your letters.

I bought a piece of wood at Michael’s for a couple of bucks. I painted that piece of wood and then just hot glued the letters to it. Then, on the back I hot glued a piece of twine to hang it.

Love Sign

Or don’t hang it. It’s up to you.

Pretty easy right? What Valentine decoration ideas are you doing?

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    That is the prettiest and easiest project I’ve seen. The concept also transfers well to other holidays/seasons. I can see”thanks” “summer” “party” Easter” etc. Great idea!

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