Snowy Snowman Ornament Craft

Happy FUN Day Friday again! Anyone else thrilled to have their kiddos out of school for the holiday break!? Do something fun with them this weekend ok? Here’s an idea. (I warn you though. It’s gonna make a mess. A cute snowman ornament craft that’s really filled with snow! (OK, well it’s fake snow, but still!)

snowman ornament craft for kids

This one was made by my 7 year old. Cute huh? This could be a really great craft project idea for a school holiday party (though it does get very messy). You could also use white ribbon stuffed down inside.

Easy Snowman Ornament Craft Tutorial:

Supplies Needed:

Clear glass bulb ornaments (I got mine at hobby lobby)

Fake snow (also at Hobby Lobby)

Acrylic paint in black and orange


Pour your “snow” into a bowl for easy access:

All you need to do is pop the top off of the ornament and then let the kids fill it with the fake snow. Snow’s going to go everywhere, but it’s going to be fun:

We found that making a funnel by rolling up paper helped (though you do have to shake it a little to get the snow to go down in):

The, once it’s full, put the top back on and let the kids paint a face on it. As soon as the face is dry, tie a ribbon to hang it with and you’re done! It’s that easy!

Here’s a couple more ideas too: DIY Snow Globes and Baby Food Jar Snowman Ornaments

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  1. Monique says

    I have tried this before too, but instead of filling the whole thing with the fake snow, I had put some liquid glue in the glass ornament first, then added the snow and got them to shake it around, and the snow sticks to the outside of the ornament:) Doesn’t use as much snow, and it wasn’t “as messy” as trying to fill the whole thing:)

    You can also try it with a COURSE type of glitter, and it works AWESOME too!!!


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