Reindeer Hooded Towel

I am so excited to show you this one. It’s my hooded towel for the month of December and it’s got some Christmas flair. Are you ready? Here’s the Reindeer Hooded Towel!

Reindeer hooded towel tutorial and pattern

It’s Rudolph. OK, he’s pretty cute right? (And boy did my baby like eating a candy cane while I snapped pictures!)

You can make him too! Don’t know how to sew? That’s ok because guess what? I am going to teach you! This Learn to Sew series starts January 7th:

But for now, here’s how to make this little guy!


Reindeer Hooded Towel Tutorial:

 Supplies Needed:

1 light brown towel

1 light brown hand towel

1 dark brown hand towel

Small amounts of red, white and black fabric

Small amount of Heat ‘n’ Bond

Pattern Pieces



Cut your hand towel in half the fat way. Tuck the finished edge under about 4 inches and pin it in place. Stitch it in place and then flip it over so that it looks like this:

From the remaining half of the hand towel, cut out a snout. It just needs to be sort of a half circle. You’ll need 2 of these:

Now, with your red fabric cut out a nose (I used a towel just because I had one handy but you can use fabric.) Grab on of your snout pieces and put your red nose where you want it. If you are using fabric, add some Heat “n” Bond to the back and iron it in place where you want it. Then, applique around the nose:

Now, grab both of your snout pieces and put them right sides together and stitch around them leaving the top straight part open. Turn it right side out:

With your half hand towel from earlier, cut out eyes from your white and black fabric. They will need Heat “n” Bond on the back. Iron them in place where you want them:

Applique around the eyes-both the white and the black part.  Then, using a tight but wide zig zag, sew your snout in place. (Sorry, I guess I forgot to take a picture of that step, but here’s what it looks like in the end):

Now, with your dark brown hand towel cut out 4 antlers. Put 2 pieces together and stitch around it. Do this twice and turn them right side out:

Decide where on your little reindeer head you want your antlers and cut a little slit in the towel. Pull your antler bottom through the slit and stitch it closed. I pulled a lot of the bottom of the antler through and then trimmed off the excess once it was sewn in place:

Now, fold your hand towel in half so that the face is inside and zig zag the raw edge to form the hood:

Now, to round out the head a little, fold your towel to look like this and stitch a straight line across the very top tip:

And then snip off the excess:

Now turn it right side out and you have a reindeer face!

To attach the head to the towel I am going to refer you to the Frog Towel post. There are instructions there for attaching the head.

Enjoy your cute little reindeer!

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  1. Debbie says

    Thank you for the cute idea.
    I was unable to access the pattern pieces page and would love to make this adorable towel for Christmas. When I clicked on the pattern pieces it just went to a page of code.

  2. Andrea says

    I was wondering what type of machine you use. Is it an embroidery machine or just a regular sewing machine. Not sure my machine can make those stitches.

    • says

      I have a Janome. To make a hooded towel all you need is a straight stitch and a zigzag. Just set the machine to sew very close together for the zigzag to do the eyes and things.

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