Mary Jane Baby Girl Shoes

What adorable little baby girl dress is complete without a pair of matching Mary Jane baby style shoes? Plus, these are just so much fun to make!

Free baby shoes pattern and tutorial

When I first sewed a pair of these little baby shoes I couldn’t get them out of my mind and even dreamed about them all night. They are just too cute. I gotta say though, they are so tiny that they can be a little tricky to sew.

When I tried them on my 15 month old (ahem!) little BOY (hey, someone’s gotta model them right?) he fell in love too and didn’t want to take them off. Silly boy. Guess I need to come up with a little boy shoe that I can make for him.

Mary Jane Baby Shoes PatternThey really are the perfect accent to any little dress you make.

I used a pattern to make these but tweaked it and created my own version which I will now give to you.

Want to make a pair for your little darling?


What You Need:

2 coordinating fabrics (small amount of both)

Fusible interfacing-very lightweight

Small pieces of Velcro

Mary Jane Baby Shoes Pattern Pieces: 0-6 months or 6-12 months


Mary Jane Baby Girl Shoes Pattern Tutorial:

Using the pattern pieces above, cut out your pieces.

You will want to cut 2 U shapes and 2 soles from your main fabric and 2 U shapes and 2 soles from your accent. Also, 2 U shapes and 2 soles from the iron on lining. Also cut 2 straps from the main fabric and the lining.

The first step is to iron the lining to the back of your main fabric on all of the pieces.

Then, we are going start by making the straps. Place one small piece of velcro on one end of the strap, close to the edge:

How to make shoes for baby

Sew the Velcro in place. Then fold the strap in half with right sides touching and sew down the short end near the velcro and then down the long side:

Turn the strap right side out (I am telling you, this will be the hardest part of making this shoe because that little bugger is so tiny. It’s hard to turn!) and press it nice and flat. Do this with both straps.

With your U shapes, take 1 of each fabric and place them with right sides together. Insert the strap into the U like this:

Free shoes pattern for baby

And sew around the inner part of the U.

Now, turn your fabric right side out and press it very smooth and flat (you’ll have to fight with the fabric a little to get it all to lay really smooth). And…yours should have the strap sticking out. Totally forgot to sew the strap in place on this one. Had to go back and do it.

Now, top stitch around the inside of the U.

Next, pull the right sides together at the back of the shoes and sew:

Sew your soles around the very edge so that the main fabric shows on the top and the coordinating on the bottom (with lining ironed on in between). This will just keep the soles together while you work with them.

Now grab your top part of the shoe (the U piece) and pin it to the sole with right sides together:

Sew all the way around the shoe. Watch out-those pins are SHARP! I always stab myself doing this. Always. Maybe you will have better luck.

Now, turn the whole thing right side out and all that is left to do is sew your other piece of Velcro in place on the outside.

Adorable yes?

Free baby shoes pattern

Don’t you just want to kiss that little foot? Love it. Don’t forget to make a matching dress.

This post was originally posted at The Ribbon Retreat.

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  1. nsncy says

    I have bought patterns trying to make these shoes, they always seem so complicated. Yours is the best and it was FREE!

  2. Janelle says

    If you pin with the pointy end in to the middle of the shoes, you might get fewer finger pricks!

    So excited to make these for my girl–no shoes will stay on her tiny heels, even at 9 months. I think these will do the trick! Thank you!

  3. says

    Hey! I’m new to sewing and embroidery- just bought my 1st sewing and embroidery machine. so excited! I bought several of ‘these’ shoe patterns b/c ‘they’ say they are for beginner sewers BUT I have had so much trouble reading ‘their’ instructions- even the lady where i bought my machine said they are advanced. So GLAD I came across your tutorial. I may actually be able to make these now:) Your instructions seem much easier. At least I hope I can make them, they are so cute!

    • Amber says

      That’s fantastic! I hope they go well. I have to say, I am an experienced sewer and these are not the easiest thing to make, so don’t get frustrated. They don’t take much fabric so you can try a few times if needed. Also, stick around! I am going to be doing a Learn To Sew Series in the New Year with prizes and tutorials each week and a huge prize/project contest at the end. Getting very excited for that!

  4. Jenny says

    Any ideas on how to enlarge the pattern to fit a toddler? She hates normal slippers but LOVES her shoes like this so I would like to try to make her a fleece pair but I am pretty sure I would mess up enlarging!

  5. Sue says

    Hello! These look lovely and I thought I would try them out tomorrow. As there is no inch or cm scale/square to show if the pdf file is correct in size, could anyone tell me if the strap for the 6-12 size is 3″ ( apx 7½ cm)?. Some pdf patterns I have downloaded have a 1″ square that actually is more like 1 3/4″.
    Hope I get an answer. Happy first advent.

  6. Amanda says

    I’m fairly new to sewing, I’ve only tackled pillows and tote bags before but these were so easy. Of course the hardest part were the straps so in my frustration I scapped the straps and used elastic. I tacked little red flowers on each side of the elastic and they turned out super cute! I made the first pair a bit too small so they went to my newborn niece but my second pair fit perfect for my 4 month old. Your tutorial was excellent! I would have never been able to make these with a store bought pattern. My daughter & neice are little fashionistas now and everyone loves the shoes! Thank you so much!

  7. Jen says

    Thanks for this cute tutorial. Have you ever added any elastic in the back? If so, how did you do it? Also, have you made any bigger sizes yet?

  8. Becky says

    I just learned this recently and it’s changed my life…take a piece of yarn or a skinny strip of fabric and sew it into the casing. Sew one end shut first, being sure to sew over the yarn, then sew along the side, yarn tucked inside,making sure you don’t sew over the yarn again. When you get finished sewing the side, hold onto the yarn sticking out of the unsewn side and push the fabric over the yarn until you get it completely right side out. If you are making a casing that doesn’t need to be sewn shut, just cut off the entire end where the yarn was sewn in (so you need to accommodate for cutting this when cutting out your fabric & add an extra 1/2 in or so). If you do need it sewn shut, like for these adorable little shoes, just snip off the yarn that is sticking out, getting as close to the fabric as possible without cutting it. If you use a yarn that coordinates with your fabric it won’t even be noticeable. Hope that makes sense! Love, love, love this pattern by the way and many other things on your site!! :)

    • Rachel says

      Great idea! I started making Bow Ties for my little guy, and it requires a lot of turning of little pieces. Going to try this next time… so long as I remember haha!

  9. amanda says

    these are great! i just made two pair for my friend who’s expecting a baby.
    one little tip: make sure you put the strap on the opposite side for the second shoe. the first time i made these, i accidentally made two identical shoes – both with a strap on the left side. just wanted to spare someone else the same mistake :)
    otherwise, this was a very useful tutorial and an easy project – even for a beginner like me :)
    thanks so much for this post!!!

  10. sandra says

    It must be me because nobody else has mentioned it. But the first part where the strap has just been sewn on and we’ve turned put fabrics back to back and sewn round the inner part of the ‘U’……….it says turn in the right way and press………….HOW can we turn it in the right way when the centre of the U is sewn………..its not possible??

    • says

      It is possible you just have to maneuver it very carefully. It should just be a U shape, you haven’t done anything more than that have you? You just have to work with the fabric and press a little as you go and soon it will work!

      • sandra says

        Hi, thanks for your reply…… was ME lol. After spending hours on it and even asking hubby if he could turn it (he could’nt either), then i went onto my craft site and consulted members for ages lol, i was adamant it couldn’t be done once the centre of the ‘U’ had been sewn together…………in the end someone did me a video showing me how to do it…………if somebody had of just said that i had to turn the ‘legs’ upwards, then i would’ve probably got it lol………..

        • Terina says

          I need to see the video obviously! I am stuck now :/ again. Those straps had me stuck first for 2 days and I made a million of them.

  11. Emily Jones says

    Holy moly, you were not kidding about the straps being the hardest part! I found that using a chopstick and a pair of tweezers, very carefully, helped a little. Your tutorial was so easy to follow. Thank you so much for sharing! I just started sewing about a month ago. I have a baby girl due in about 2 months and I wish I had more time to make more baby things! I just finished the shoes and now I’m starting on the matching dress. Thanks again. I love all the projects you have posted!


  12. Kristin says

    I LOVE this tutorial! Easy to follow. I made the mistake of making two left feet also! It helps to make a practice pair first. Anyway, trouble I’m having is the 6-12 months size is too small for my 8 month old. I’m enlarging by 15% so hopefully that will be good enough, but I’m just wondering if you already have larger patterns for bigger sizes? I’d hate to make a whole 2nd pair and have it still not fit. Baby’s foot fits inside the 115%, but barely. 120% looks too big. Just not sure. Any help you can give would be great! Thanks Again – I love your projects. :)

    • says

      I haven’t made it any larger because I didn’t figure that kids over 12 months were likely to wear this, but sizing it up is probably a good idea.

  13. Debbie says

    Just made my first shoe!! It turned out so CUTE!! Thanks for the tutorial!
    Question is the inside of the shoe supposed to have the raw edge showing?
    Or should it be a seam? Did I sew it incorrectly? Thanks!!

    • says

      No, it’s a raw seam. You have it right. I wish there was a way to do it without that seam but there’s no practical way to avoid it.

  14. Kayla says

    Ilove these shoes. I’m a mommy of a new little beautiful girl. I don’t have a sewing machine. Any tips on sewing these by hand. I’ve recently become DIY crazy!THANKS!

    • says

      I guess you’d just do the same thing, it will just be more slow going. Luckily they aren’t huge though so they won’t take too long!

  15. Tamra says

    these are so cute expecting my second grandchild, its a girl would love to make these to match her coming home outfit . Stupid question am not sure but what iron on lining is, Look it up at joann cloth store and nothing comes up. Please help big day is coming soon, not much time left.

  16. says

    Thanks!!! OMG are soo adorable!! i have a new born boy and he have some problems whit her fit, so he can´t use a regaluar shoe i love these!! thanks for share your pattern!

  17. says

    Shoes are very cute but you fail to mention when attaching the strap, whether the Velcro should be up or down! Had to tear that seam out because mine were facing the wrong way! Also, I had to widen the strap pattern considerably to accommodate for Velcro & seam and to be able to turn!!
    Also, very important, that back seam that you say to “just sew “to hold back together while attaching the top part of shoe, you forgot to mention that seam is VERY IMPORTANT because if not matched up correctly with rest of shoe, the whole thing is a bust!!!! There should be a seam width mentioned so the top of shoe will fit correctly to bottom of shoe. This is one of those “learn as you go” tutorials. But I got thru it and the shoe is just so so!!

  18. Stacey says

    I looove these shoes i’ve made a few pairs, but i would like to point out that the “newborn” size isn’t just tiny its more like Doll size. my finished pair are maybe 2″ long, or maybe my babies just have big feet :S thanks for the free tutorial deffinately going to keep making these (just a itte bigger)

    • says

      Be sure that you printed the pattern at 100% size. I have made them and put them on baby feet so they definitely are sized right as long as you print it right.

  19. Renita Merkson says

    Hi Amber,
    I was wondering do you cut the strap on the fold it seems so short. I’ve cut out the pattern pieces but don’t want to start until I find out about the strap. Amber you rock!!! these are beautiful for a beautiful baby girl…


  20. mitfam says

    You know, I have to congratulate you and thank you for taking the time and the care to SHARE this pattern FOR FREE!! I am at this moment “sewing and crafting” my own “designs” and I think I can appreciate just how much effort goes into sewing and unpicking and pinning and trimming and tweaking AND then you take photographs and explain everything and post the successful end results for us all, “gratis” These delicious little shoes are far from being just “so so” and your “how to” was indicitive I think of your warm, fun and sharing character. So I applaud you and want you to know that I totally appreciate your gift to me. Thank you.

      • Cherry says

        I finally got one shoe made and I see what you mean. They are the right length, the shoe is so tiny. I have to figure out another way to make the straps. The little strap that you have to turn inside out is impossible to do. I am thinking about using some kind of ribbon. They are really cute. Thanks for sharing your pattern

  21. says

    Hi Amber, I just popped over from 733, where I saw these adorable shoes. So cute. My Son is expecting in April, that gives me plenty of time to work on the project.
    I added you as a g+ friend and I’m following on pinterest. Thanks and Happy New Year.

  22. debbie reynolds says

    thank you for the pattern; i made a pair to match the dress and they are so adorable. instead of using a strap with velcro, i used rounded elastic, just enough to attach the sides. email me if you want a picture and put “Liberty’s Dress” in the subject area. thanks again!

  23. dolores says

    hi there ,
    im irish and love little project to do, just had my first grandaughter, and would love to know how to make some things like this for her,
    just wondering how to get pattern s for some of you stuff, would be very grateful if you could help im new on pinterest, so im only starting to follow some, ,
    Your sincerely dolores

  24. Sheena says

    The pattern of 6-12months doesn’t fit to my lil girl..My lil girl age is 11 months .. but still thank you for the Free pattern.

  25. Amber says

    Hi.. I just came across your little shoes and would love to make for my 4 month old little girl. I am trying to pull up the link but all it gives me is a blank page. Is there another way to get the pattern. Thank you.

  26. Iru says

    Hi, I’m new to making baby shoes. I noticed how nice and smooth your shoes are but mine has always turned very wonky and not so smooth. Please let me know how I can improve and make beautiful shoes such as yours.

  27. says

    Hi Amber, thank you for taking the time to make such an awesome tutorial! It’s my first time making baby clothes and they are so cute and small! Are the seam allowances included in the pattern or should I add my own before I cut them out?

      • Jan says

        So, does the seam allowance need to be added? I just started to make a pair today. I don’t know any babies for test subjects.

        You can avoid the open seam at the heel, by, once sewing the inner lining to the upper, by ironing this seam as flat as you can at the heel and then joining both sides of the upper together and sewing across, being careful to match up the seam line between lining and upper as close as possible.

    • Amanda says

      Though I haven’t tried it with velcro yet.. I found it easy to just skip it. Instead, I turned it inside out and added a button hole to the strap. Then I just sewed a cute button onto the shoe. Maybe that’ll be easier to start with.

  28. hazel says

    Hi Amber, this tutorial so so easy, can’t wait to do my first pair for my grandbaby, she has long , narrow feet and everything so far just fall off , these should stay on!, thanks!

  29. says

    Several of the relies wanted to know about the seam allowance. You said 1/2 inch but still did not tell them if it needed to be added to the pattern or if it is already in the pattern.

  30. Terina says

    The straps are not near the size they look in the picture or same shape? Also the step right after that does not make sense at all. You say sew the inner u then you say turn it right side out and so the inside…for one I cant turn it right side out and I just did the inner u….so I am really confused. It looks like both pictures our the inside part of the u also just one is wrong side one is right side.

    • Terina says

      I meant sew on the so lol and the last part where I say the right and wrong side in the pictures both look like you sewed the inner u the smaller part of the u.

    • says

      Yes, you sew the inner U and then get them both facing right side out. It’s tricky and you will need your iron to help get everything laying right.

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