25 things to do with Fat Quarters

Why are fat quarters so tempting? Do they tempt anyone else? I mean, fat quarters are for quilters right? And I don’t even quilt, but I still find myself buying them!

Today I am going to show you 25 things you can do with fat quarters other than quilting. (Be sure to check out 25 Things to Do with Fabric Scraps too. And 25 Things to Sew)

25 Things to do with Fat Quarters:

1. Make an adorable toddler/preschooler apron using 3 fat quarters (from QFD Creative):

How to make an apron from fat quarters

2. A Notebook Folder out of 2 fat quaters (from Riley Blake Designs Blog):

Tutorial for a notebook holder

3. A cute checkbook cover (from Better Homes and Gardens):

How to make a check book cover

4. Adorable little baby bibs (from She Sews):

Baby Bib Patterns

5. Reversible messenger bag to hold keys, phone and wallet (from Crazy Little Projects):

How to make a messenger bag

6. Here’s a really creative idea-wall art made from fat quarters (from All People Quilt):

Home decor ideas that are easy

7. This adorable layered baby girl dress from (Me Sew Crazy):

Easy Baby Girl Dress

8. And you could make her matching shoes (from Crazy Little Projects):

9. Cute little wallets-could be great for kids too! From Midwestern Girl DIY):

Cute Wallet Pattern

10. A handy dandy Diapers and Wipes Carrier (from Crazy Little Projects):

11. I love little man ties! (From Very Homemade):

How to make a toddler or baby tie

12. I’ve made tons of these headbands. They are cute and really easy (from Happy Together):

How to make a headband

13. Here’s a fabric covered notebook (from Crazy Little Projects):

14. Easy burp cloths for baby made using a fat quarter and cloth diaper (from Crazy Little Projects):

15. LOVE this owl! (From Sew Mama Sew):

16.I need to make this one-a mouse pad! (Also from Sew Mama Sew):

17. Get your glue gun and some cork square for this fabric covered bulletin board (from Crazy Little Projects):

18. Make a snazzy camera strap (from Craftiness is Not Optional):

Make a camera strap

19. Cute, reusable snack bags (from Just Another Day in Paradise):

Reusable snack bags

20. How about a boyish version of a baby shoe? (From Sew Mama Sew):

How to make baby shoes for boys

21. I love my stitched sunglasses case (from Create.Craft.Love):

Make a sunglasses holder

22. An iphone case (from Erin Erickson):

How to make a phone sleeve

23. A quirky little business card holder (from Crafty Cupboard):

Pattern for a business hard holder

24. Baby girl peasant dress and ensemble (from Crazy Little Projects):

25. A little cosmetic bag (from Three Bears):

OK, now what are you going to make?!

25 Things to Do with Fat Quarters

And be sure to check out 25 Things to do with Fabric Scraps:

Things to do with Fabric Scraps

And 25 Things to Sew:

25 Things to Sew

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  1. Jolyn says

    I love your fat quarters patterns! Can I ask where you get them? We have nothing that cute at our local Joann’s!

  2. Michelle Reed says

    There is something missing i use fat quarters to make tons of different fabric flowers.Fabric flower can be used on tons of different items bags,cases,clothes .

  3. Amelia says

    Coincidentally I bought purple leopard print fat-quarters a few days ago. I made some really cute hair bows out of it!

  4. says

    Hi there! Someone in my Facebook group shared this site with us so I came to check it out.

    I’m definitely enjoying the information. I’m book-marking and
    will be tweeting this to my followers! Great blog and outstanding design.

  5. CK says

    Omg! How have I not seen this before! Love, love, love, love!!!! My machine is going to be busy tomorrow :) thanks Amber!!!!

  6. Janice says

    fat quarters are like candy for me. I love to look, feel and pet fabrics. And I do quilt. Great Ideas here too. Fabrics are an addiction!

  7. julie w says

    I have also made coffee cozy’s using fat quarters (things that wrap around hot mugs ie Brown sleeves from starbucks)

  8. Cayley says

    I have just started to learn to sew, and found your website via google and so far, I have printed all of your sewing lessons and most of the 25 things to do with fat quarters!! I have to get some more ink! Love it!!! Thank you for a great place to learn!

  9. Sandy Padgett says

    Just found this place through Pinterest. Love it. Am going to start on some of these fat quarter ideas. Thanks for bringing all these ideas together. Also bookmarked Crazy Little Projects.

  10. Colleen Garner says

    I have a friend that is having her first baby, so I am going to make her some burp cloths with matching diaper and wipes carrier.

    • Gail MacGregor says

      I am grandmother to 7, and the most appreciated baby gifts I make are the receiving blankets; nice BIG ones, because the ones you buy are too thin and too small. Need 1 yd (0.9 m for Canadians) of flannellette and use the whole thing or cut to 36″ square. Leave the selvedge on the one side, serge or zig-zag stitch all edges, or just the 3 cut ones . Infants can’t kick their feet out of these wraps, and new moms find them very useful for many other purposes: bassinette mattress covers, car seat liners (sew washable), burp cloths , even emergency wiper upper if the spilling happens anywhere else than at home.

  11. Leslie says

    I would make the checkbook cover and the notebook cover. Both are cute ideas! And this scavenger hunt is so much fun!

  12. Carla says

    I am going to make the camera strap slipcover! How genius! I’ve been wondering how I’m going to attach the little straps and such that hook it to the camera. Slipcover! Solved!

  13. Maria says

    This is one of my favorite entries on your blog, I come back to it all the time! The little business card holder is next on my “to-make for me” list!

  14. Melissa says

    I already made the diaper carrier and wipes, plus the little reversible messenger bag. So I think I’ll make the fabric covered notebook for my recipes. :)

  15. Tami Perry says

    It would be easier to say what I do t want to make. But I’m going to make the diaper/wipes case first the the sunglasses case

  16. Jen Kriv says

    I love making peasant dresses for my daughter, never thought to make them out of fat quarters. I love all of your projects.

  17. Emilie H. says

    Well, I have made the Mary Jane shoes already and I am still in love with them. I think someone else needs to have a baby girl so I can make another pair!

  18. says

    I cannot decide! My husband and I have an empty nest, three children are grown and on their own. I want to retire from my full time job and sew and craft to my hearts content!!!

  19. Michele says

    I would make the fabric notebook covers. I want to add more color to the house and what better way than to cover up the books we keep but don’t use.

  20. says

    So many cute ideas. I have already made the credit card or gift card holder, burp clothes, headbands, and diaper carrier. I’m sure I’ll try some of the others too. Love ‘em!

  21. Amanda Kay says

    I have already made two of the aprons, but I really want to make the little girl shoes. Now all I need is a little girl to make them for.

  22. CJ says

    Oh my there are so many options! The one that was really cute and would love to make is the layered baby girl dress. :) She is a cutie!! :)

  23. Meagan Zefirov says

    I LOVE the cosmetic bag! I am going to make a couple of smaller ones for my toddler to keep her cars and crayons in.

  24. Chelle Chapman says

    I would love to make all of these but I will probably start w/ the little dresses & some shoes!! How fun!! This is the BEST giveaway!!

  25. Christy Condin says

    I Love so many of the projects!! I would probably make the sun glasses case or check book cover or kids apron…

  26. Christina Walters says

    So many choices, how do I ever choose? Maybe I’ll start with the baby projects, since I know of 2 that are going to be here this year. :)

  27. Brenda Weikel says

    I want to make some of those little headbands to sell at our fundraiser for projects that help women and children. Thanks for the ideas.

  28. Holly says

    Fun to see all the ideas for using fat quarters. Love the little peasant dress ensemble and tiny little shoes for boys.

  29. Kathleen Lambert says

    So many to choose from: Wall art, bulletin board cover, cute little girl dresses. I could go on and on. Great Scavenger Hunt. Thanks for the opportunity.

  30. Sandra H says

    My fave I think is the wall art. I’ve always wanted to just pin some of my fabrics up on the wall and not cut them up!

  31. Lisa says

    There are so many neat ideas but with three little girls and one barely a month old I might need to make the little girl peasant dress ensemble. It is so cute!!

  32. Ashley says

    I’m going to make some of the bibs for my godson! And the camera strap for my photographer sister. Thanks for the tips!

  33. Lisa H says

    The business card holder! The one I have is broken and I’m embarrassed everytime I get it out to give someone my card :)

  34. Kathy Scott says

    I would love to make the checkbook cover. I would love to make anything with Riley Blake fabric. All of their projects are great.

  35. Colleen says

    I want to make the reusable snack bags! We go through so many ziplocks and I hate it! Love the idea of having a stash of reusable bags for my husband’s lunches.

  36. Shawna says

    We have a great website in Austria with beautiful sets of fat quarters: butinette.at

    I just ordered three sets and my students and I are going to make some aprons for science experiments!

  37. Shelley says

    I am all over the boyish shoes! I just can’t find an actual tutorial or pattern that links once I get to the page on sew mam sew. I have loved this post for a while now!

  38. Melissa says

    I think I will try the diaper and wipes holder. So much more cute than how I throw them in my purse lol thank you!!

  39. Prerna Kapoor says

    I’m a stationery fanatic, so it looks like I’ll be making the notebook covers and business card holders. Can’t wait!

  40. Sally Tring says

    Great site! I’ve had this pinned for a long time now, and want to make the reversible messenger bag for my little girls. The nappy and wipes holder would be handy too!

  41. Lisa Smith says

    So many cute things to make. Wish I had a little one to sew for. I need a ipod case though. First thing I’m going to make.

  42. Danielle says

    Too many amazing ideas to pick just the one… but I LOVE LOVE the covered notebook and the cosmetic bag (even if I use it as a grown-up pencil case on my desk, or a first aid kit in my car!)

  43. Tari McDonald says

    I love the idea to cover a word photo album with fabric- could apply to so many other worn out books! I’d love to give some life to something so old and worn!

  44. Elizabeth Dye says

    Oh my goodness! I may have to make my little guy those shoes! And in alligator print if I can find it! If my next one is a girl, ill have to make one of those dresses!

  45. Elizabeth Dye says

    Oh goodness! I’m going to have to make my little guy those shoes and maybe in alligator fabric if I can find it!

  46. loretta says

    My coworkers are having babies and grandbabies. There are so many great ideas here. I especially liked the burp clothes. For me, it’s the mouse pad!

  47. Hinahon says

    I really love the owl project. My mom loves owl, so I could really see myself making one for her ^^ She collects them

  48. Crystal S says

    I want to make the business card holder for my little sister! She just got a new job as a realstate broker, and has new business cards. How cute would it be to congratulate her with a cute little card holder!

  49. Rachel says

    I made #22 – the iphone case for my Sister-in-Law for her B-day! It actually turned out good being that was my first project on a sewing machine!! It helped that the tutorial was well written, easy to follow! (Just made it November 2013!) I’m in the process of making #8 – the baby shoes for my little girl! I can’t wait to (have time) finish them!! :)

  50. Susan says

    Thanks for this it really has some good ideas. Now I’d like some ideas for what to do with a charm pack, not two or three or anything else, just a good idea with the charm pack, mostly by it’s self.

  51. says

    Oops, I clicked too fast. I like the notebook, the checkbook cover, and well, there are many projects here that I would make, and I might just make them anyway. lol

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