Simple Baby Flower Headband

I’ve been making these little hair bow flowers to go along with some adorable little girl dress ensembles (which I will be showing soon), so I figured I would throw a quick tutorial up here to show how to make these. They are quite simple and I think they make a cute accessory to a sweet little dress.

I have no little girls at my house. But somehow I got a picture of a bow on baby. How did I do that? Ha ha! Think he’ll be scarred for life? Don’t tell.

Anyway, what you want to do is cut out a small felt circle around the size of a quarter. (Larger or smaller is fine depending on the size you want your finished product to be.)

Then you’ll want to cut out some circles of fabric that are slightly larger than your felt circle:
How to make an easy fabric flower
You need 7 circles.

Pick up one circle, fold it in half:
Baby Headband

Then fold it into a zig zaggy S shape:

Now pin it on to your felt circle:

Do this 7 times, overlapping your pieces slightly so that there aren’t any gaps.

(My picture shows 6 pieces. Don’t do 6, do 7. It works better. They can overlap a little more that way.)

Then just sew in a circle in the center to catch all of the pieces. I go over it at least two times to make sure they are very secure.

Did you know that Hobby Lobby sells these cute little stretchy headbands for like $1 for a 3 pack? Not something I knew until recently.

Take one of those and a coordinating button and hand stitch the button into the middle. And you’re done. It’s that simple.

Cost: $1
Time: 10 minutes

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