Easter Egg Wreath

This may seem a little late to post this since Easter is just 3 days away but how about this? When your kids get all those plastic eggs that end up all over your house this weekend (you know they will), gather them all up and make this cute and easy wreath. Or, go to the store and buy the clearance eggs for it.

I got mine at Hobby Lobby for 87 cents for a 24 pack and then they were 40% off on top of that. Not a bad deal!

Make an easy easter egg wreath

It’s pretty to easy to make. Took about an hour or so.

Easter Egg Wreath Tutorial:

What You Need:
Styrofoam Wreath
Hot Glue
Plastic Eggs(3-4 packages)

To start with I wrapped my wreath in ribbon so that the hot glue would not melt the Styrofoam. One small dot of hot glue at the beginning:

How to make an Easter Egg wreath

And then I just wrapped around and around and around. I did put a few more dots of hot glue under the ribbon here and there:

easy easter wreath tutorial

Then I just started gluing eggs. No real rhyme or reason, just gluing randomly and trying to squish them together as much as possible. You do need to kind of hold them in place a little until the glue dries to keep them in the right place.

As you can see in this picture, I went around the wreath gluing them on and then went back and layered more eggs on top to fill in holes. The top left corner shows were I have started to layer on top:

Easter Decoration ideas
Ta da! Add a ribbon to the top to hang it (and hey, even add a bow if you want) and use it for years to come.

Total Time: 1 hour
Total Cost: $7

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