The Best Easy Donut Recipe (Only 3 Ingredients)

Homemade Donuts

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These homemade donuts are a fun family tradition and they are super easy to make! Fry up some biscuit dough, cover with toppings, and you’ve got a great treat!




How to Make Donuts

Open the biscuit package (that’s my least favorite part-those things are freaky!), and poke a hole in the center of each of your biscuits:

Homemade Donut Recipes

Heat your oil over medium heat until it is hot. Place the donuts in the oil:

Easy Donuts Recipe

And let them cook, flipping them after a few seconds. You want to make sure that the oil isn’t so hot that they cook on the outside really fast or you will have doughy centers. So make the heat hot enough to cook them, but they should take a minute or two to cook fully.

Drain them on paper towel.

While they are still warm, top them. If you are using cinnamon sugar or powdered sugar, just put that in a big Ziploc bag and shake them around (this is the fun part for kids to help with). For the frosting just use a knife to spread it:

How to Make Donuts