March Sew Crazy Challenge: It’s In the Bag

Oooh I am exited for this month’s Sew Crazy Challenge! And I think you will be too. What woman doesn’t love a good bag? I know you do. I do too. So it’s exciting to announce that this month’s theme is It’s In The Bag!

Sew Crazy Monthly Challenge with Crazy Little Projects

March Theme: It’s In the Bag

This month we’ll be sewing up bags! I like this theme because it doesn’t matter how many bags you’ve sewn, you can always make more. If not for yourself, make it for someone else. Whatever you do, let’s just sew some bags!

Project Options:

I’m excited to tell you that we have 2 contributors to our project options this month!

Option #1: First we have a bag from Bev at Flamingo Toes! Do you know her? Bev is a talented seamstress as well as many other things. You’ll also find jewelry and all sorts of creative projects. You’re going to love her.

Bev has a bag option for us to sew this month. It’s fancy and classy and I think you will love it. It’s the Linen and Lace Bow Clutch:

Linen and Lace Bow Clutch

The full tutorial for this lovely bag is here.


Option #2: We’ve also got Heather from The Sewing Loft here. When I think of Heather I think of all sorts of sewing knowledge. She seems like the guru of sewing technique to me. You’ll learn all kinds of things on her site.

Heather’s bringing us a beautiful zipper pouch that is embellished with applique flowers and hand stitching. I know that many of my readers have been wanting to learn these skills-here’s a great chance. It’s a Flower Power Zip Pouch. Flower Power Zipper Pouch

Full tutorial here. Also find more great stuff from Heather on Google Plus here.


Option #3: I’m going to show you several of my favorite bag options from my site now and let you choose one to make from these if you would like. This one is my all time favorite bag. And my most popular. It’s my classic messenger bag tutorial:

Messenger Bag Tutorial and Pattern by

(There’s also a kid version if you prefer.)

Option #4: Here’s my newest bag and the bag that I am currently carrying. I call it my Cross Body Tote Bag and I love how it turned out. It’s also quite easy to make!

Cross Body Tote Tutorial by Crazy Little Projects

Option #5: If you want to try something a little smaller, I recommend the reversible messenger bag. It’s just a tiny little bag-great for kids or great for carrying just a few small things.


Those are your 5 options, BUT, I don’t really want to limit you. If none of these float your boat you are welcome to try a different bag. I have a whole bunch of other bag tutorials here. Or you can try any bag that you would like. It’s totally up to you!


Here’s a review of how this works:

  • Once you have sewn your project, post it somewhere for the world to see! Show that baby off! Post it on facebook, instagram, twitter, google plus, your blog, wherever you want. Tag @CrazyLittleProjects and use the hashtag #SewCrazyChallenge so that I can see your projects and other readers can too.
  • Or you can email me your project at amber at
  • We have a private facebook group that you are welcome to join to share your projects and see what others have done. But…I sort of broke it recently and can’t fix it. So the only want to join it now is to send me your email address and I can send you an invite. Just email me at amber at and I will get you added.
  • Enter the giveaway below to win this moth’s big fat prize pack! There are a few entries you can do now and some you will need to do after you sew your project. PLEASE COME BACK AND ENTER. Posting your project online somewhere is just for fun. It is not your entry. You must come back and enter on the rafflecopter below to be officially entered.
  • I would love it if you subscribed to the blog by email so that I know that you are receiving all of the updates on the series. Sign up at the top of this page.
  • You can also follow me on facebook, pinterest, twitter, instagram, and google plus, but none of these guarantee that you will see ALL of the updates.
  • Have fun!! And tell your friends. Let’s have fun with this.


Now for this month’s prize!

This month I am giving away a bag made by me (it will be the Cross Body Tote) stuffed with sewing goodies AND a $100 gift card to the fabric store of your choice! How does that sound for fun?

Enter here to win all that:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Take the Challenge! Sew a new bag and enter to win a prize!

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  1. Arika says

    Beyond excited! I love bags and it was one of my first projects when I took up seeing again :-) I am excited to try a new version or five lol and maybe one of the totes I learned in the fall too (even learned to add pockets myself. :-)

  2. Jamie Praslicka says

    Oh I am excited!! Multiple bags are in my future. I love the applique pouch.. so cute and I really wanted to learn how to this.

  3. kathleen babbitt says

    I am really enjoying you monthly projects. I have been wanting to learn how to use the bow clutch. I have several of the and now i will finally learn how to do this! thanks. kathleen

  4. Diane says

    I want the purse thank you, the first one is so cute. I am not into that much sewing, so I probably wouldn’t whip something that cute up. Great job.

  5. Lisa H says

    The direct link to the flower power zip pouch isn’t working. I can get to her site, but can’t get to that page. Thanks!

  6. Emily says

    This is perfect! I’ve recently started thinking that I should sew up an overnight/weekend get-away tote for my daughter. Something with lots of pockets for lots of diapers, wipes, pjs, socks, etc. Hmmm. I think I might try to label the pockets so my husband knows what to pack :)

  7. April says

    Wow! Where did the time go??? Totally missed out on the February challenge (why is it such a short month?) :( but excited to make one of these bags!!!! Thanks for the motivation!!!

  8. noemi says

    So excited, I was showing a couple of bags tutorials to my daughter today and she picked the messenger bag, and just now I find out you have a challenge. yay, I just finished cutting the pieces. Can’t wait to start sewing.

  9. says

    ….So right after finishing making my version of your messenger bag, I found this! XD Can I enter? Do you allow entries from other countries? (I’m based in the UK.) My post about the bag I made is here: Do I need to add anything to it to qualify? There’s a link in it to your original tutorial in my post, but no Twitter tags ‘cos I’m an unrepentant Twitter avoider! :p Ah, so many questions! XD

  10. says

    I just read another bag asking for handmade tote bags for cancer patients. I wasn’t sure if I could find the time or not, but the fact that I also found this today challenge today must be a sign that I need to do this. I will make time for it now.

  11. Jo Draper says

    I entered a Burlap Tote Bag that I sewed while on stand by from working at the hospital. I sew lots at night time when I don’t work……I’m a night shift Labor and Delivery RN!!! Best Job!!

  12. says

    I finally finished the messenger bags. I posted them on Instagram and tag you, I also added the hashtag #SewCrazyChallenge Once again thank you for the chance to participate.
    Have a Great Day

  13. says

    I almost missed the deadline, but I just posted my new bag on all my sites! Thank you…that was so much fun and now I can’t wait for the April Challenge!!! =)

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