Kid’s Sleeping Bag Pattern & Tutorial

You know that I am a mom of nothing but boys right? Sometimes it can be hard to think of fun things to sew for those little people! We were camping one weekend this past month and the idea to make a kids sleeping bag pattern for you all struck me! I don’t know if this is warm enough to camp with, but for sleepovers it will be perfect. (Oh, and of course it’s great for girls too!) I’ve got to tell you, this is one of my favorite projects I’ve ever made. I love how it turned out!

Kids Sleeping Bag Pattern and Tutorial by Crazy Little Projects

So much fun!

You know what I think would be a really sweet idea with these? Grandma could make one for each of her grand kids for when they come to sleep over. Or really just make it anytime for anywhere. It’s fun! My 5 year old LOVES it!


Kid’s Sleeping Bag Pattern & Tutorial:

Supplies Needed:

  • 3 yards each of 2 coordinating fabrics (This will make a preschooler size sleeping bag. Get more if you want it to be longer.) OR-get 60 inch wide fabric if you can and just fold it in half to create the sleeping bag. If you do that you will need half as much fabric. I realize that this much fabric could be pricey, so watch for sales or use a coupon!
  • 3 yards of high loft batting {I bought the thickest that the store sold and used a double layer of it. This was a little pricey BUT I used a 40% off coupon which made it more reasonable. You could probably get away with a lower loft if you want. My bag is very nice and thick, so use your judgement for how thick you want it. Also, if you are making more than one bag, the batting I got would make 1 1/2 bags I think.}
  • Extra long zipper-most stores only sell up to 36″ zippers. That’s the size I used and it works fine. If you want a really long zipper that goes all the way down the sleeping bag you’re going to need to special order it on the internet (just search for extra long zippers).
  • Elastic (optional)


To make this bag you are going to cut your 2 fabrics in half so that they are each 1 1/2 yards long. I also trimmed off the edges of the fabric so that my sleeping bag is only 34 inches wide. My sleeping bag fits my 5 year old perfectly. If you want it to fit an older kid you’ll want to cut the fabric a little longer.

Get your zipper. Lay the zipper on your OUTER fabric so that the zipper is facing down. Lay it about 2 or 3 inches from the top edge of your fabric:


Then, place the INNER fabric on top, facing down, so that right sides of the fabric are together. Pin it in place: (sorry for a blurry picture)


Sew straight down the edge catching both fabrics and the zipper in between. When you are trying to sew around the zipper pull, just move it out of your way.

Then turn your fabrics right side out and top stitch along the zipper:


Now do the same thing on the other side of the zipper with the other 2 pieces of fabric.

Your zipper’s done!

Now, with right sides of your OUTER fabric together, sew the rest of the way down fabric on the side that has the zipper.  You’ll be sewing through ALL 4 layers of fabric here.

Then sew it (again through all 4 layers) across the bottom and up the other side and turn everything right side out. You should have something that resembles a very flat sleeping bag at this point.

Now place your batting on top of your bag and cut it to fit (you’ll probably want it to be an inch or so narrower than the bag. I cut 4 pieces because I wanted a double layer. Two pieces go in each size. If you don’t want it as thick you can do 1 piece in each side. Batting

Now, get down on the floor for this…you need to get that batting inside each half of the sleeping bag and this might take some wriggling around with your arms all the way in that sleeping bag. Make sure to get the corners of the batting all the way to the bottom corners of the bag. When you get them there, pin them in place. Then work on smoothing the batting out until it is laying as flat as you can get it. I just do one side of the sleeping bag at a time. Pin it in several places to keep it from moving around.

Now, if you have a walking foot, this would be good time to use it. If you don’t, that’s ok. I didn’t. You might want to use a heavy duty needle if your machine struggles with this (I didn’t, mine was fine, it’s just a suggestions).

Draw a couple of lines across your bag going horizontal to the bag. I did mine about 1/3 of the way from the bottom and 1/3 of the way from the top.


Now sew along those lines to keep the batting in place. This is going to be tricky to maneuver all of that fabric through your machine. Be patient. You can do this.

Do all of this to each side.

At the top I had some excess batting hanging out. Trim that down so that it is about 1 inch SHORTER than your sleeping bag.


Then fold the top ends in on themselves and pin in place:Hem

And sew all the way around the top of the bag. And that’s it. You are done! How did it go?

Free Sewing Pattern for Kids Sleeping Bag

Here’s a peek at my inside:

How to make a kids sleeping bag

I used 1 inch wide elastic to make 2 loops to slip around this when it is rolled up. I cut them each about 18 inches long or so and then just sewed a straight stitch nice and securely on them and created loops. They slide on and off of the bag easily and make it easy to store.

This post was originally posted at The Ribbon Retreat.


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  1. angieg says

    This is so cute! I am a grandmom of 10 so this would be pricey for me to make one for each. So I thought this would be a really cute birthday or Christmas present. Along with the sleeping bag I thought matching PJ’s For the boys camouflage and for the girl pink camo. (my granddaughters love pink camo) They would think it really funny that we could not “see” them in the sleeping bag! Thanks for this really, really cute idea. If anyone is needed a very long zipper I use WAWAK sewing supplies for item you can’t find at stores. Thank again for sharing this very cute idea!

  2. sandra smith says

    Wouldnt buying zipper off the roll work for this? they are heavy duty metal zippers and you can purchase how long you want. I believe joannes has this in regular stock. I hate anything I have to special order I am a want it when I want it girl gee must get that from the kids lol.

  3. kathleen babbitt says

    I Love this idea! I have sooooo much fabric that I could make these for all my little people! what type of fabric did you use? I have a lot of fleece I was wondering if that would work instead of 2 layers of batting? just trying to use up what I have lol! I decided I don’t want to win the most fabric award when I die!!! lol also there are zippers you can buy to make your own zippers any length you want. commonly used for upholstery projects. don’t shy away from it is very easy. you buy the teeth part on a roll and then you also have to buy the hardware. it’s very easy to make your own. the other thing about zippers if you have a coat or a bought sleeping bag it is usually the toggle that is defective not the whole zipper. Jo-ann’s carries a zipper repair kit that also has a variety of hardware and instructions. I have repaired a lot of coats in a matter of minutes! thanks for the sleeping bag tutorial! kathleen

  4. Kimberly says

    I made one 2 years ago – whipped it out on Christmas Eve. Though I initially did velcro and then replaced that with snaps. My boy loves it, even though he has since outgrown it. So many fun materials to choose from….

  5. Betty L. says

    What a great project! I can hardly wait to get started. I had an idea regarding the storage loops. Instead of making separate elastic loops, I’ll measure the rolled up bag and cut two 4″ wide strips of fabric that length. Then I’ll make a narrow hem at each short edge and fold the strips in half lengthwise, press, then fold each raw edge into the center, making a 1″ wide strip. I’ll stitch along the open edge of each strip and sew a short strip of Velcro on opposite sides of each end. Then I’ll fold the strips in half and attach them to the bottom of the sleeping bag. Roll the sleeping bag from the top down and secure with the Velcro strips. Voila! They’ll never get lost!

  6. Katy Roberson says

    This is absolutely perfect! Thank you for sharing. This would be a fabulous little Christmas gift for my 3 year old girl! Thanks again!

  7. MARY A. kISER says

    IT MIGHT BE TOO LATE NOW BUT i WILL TRY TO MAKE 3, one for a 4 year boy,
    2 year old girl and a 3 year old girl, for Christmas. My great-grand kids!
    Sounds easy………..mak

  8. liz miller says

    try using the girl/ladies elastic headbands as the ties, they r more sturdy and last longer in all types of weather,and doesn’t bunch up or roll when washed. suggestion: use outdoor fabric like for porch couch cushions, it provides a durable bag for rugged boys and rowdy girls and its usually on sale this time of year. :) I am thinking of using the fabric called rib-stop that the military uses to match our military A-frame tent.

  9. Sally-Ann says

    Hi there, do you think you could recycle a duvet inner as the batting? How would that work? Has anyone else tried it? Have you got any other funky ideas for recycling duvet inners? Thanks heaps!

  10. Jeanene says

    Does the zipper need to be like a coat zipper (comes apart at the bottom) for the child sleeping bag. The bag with the star pattern.

  11. says

    I don’t have a favorite fabric. By the way, do you know if there’s a way to add you on Instagram even though the program is not compatible with my phone?

  12. Colleen Garner says

    I like the summer breeze and the mod studio, but for my friend that is having a baby the giraffe crossing would be very cute

  13. Jen S. says

    I love the RoundUp!, Simply Sweet Cottons, and Little Matryoshka Cottons at Riley Blake Designs. But if I had to pick an absolute favorite… it’d be the Matryoshka Main Aqua… I’m kind of addicted to the Russian Nesting Doll motif. :)

    • deja says

      Alamo my favorite that’s tough because I like almost all!!! One of my favorite designs!!! Stashed all over my fabric room!

  14. says

    I had a hard time navigating through the site. It was super slow and it kept giving me an error message. What I did see, I really like the geekly (I can’t remember the name exactly), but it’s the pink mustaches! I want to see more!

  15. Leslie says

    I like C2890 – Red Apple Of My Eye – Main, but it currently is out of stock! There are several other choices that I could easier pick out for different projects.

  16. Carla says

    It wouldn’t let me see the organic cottons – I know there is one with woodland creatures I love, but I can’t remember the name! And I love the Little Matryoshkas. :)

  17. Maria says

    Riley Blake: I have to choose just one???!!!!??? How about one Collection? Ok today my favorite is Pepe in Paris. Or the chevrons. Or maybe Vintage Verona. SEE??? I can’t choose just one! It’s not possible, I want them ALL!

  18. Becky says

    My 7 year old grandson might think he’s too old for this, but he might secretly love it if I use some cool space or batman fabric!

  19. Candias Chalker says

    I absolutely love the treasure map collection….it is so difficult to find cute fabric like this for Lil’ Boys….so cute!!!

  20. Penny Gail says

    Maybe my new nephew would like one. I have some time to get this together with another zipper project he’s only 2 month’s old today!

  21. Hanna says

    This would be perfect for Grandma Sleepovers! I have 2 girls, and they would love to have special sleeping bags waiting for them at Gma’s. :-)

  22. Amanda Kay says

    I love the twice as nice collection, but I also like the apple of my eye collection as well. If I had to pick just one it would be twice as nice.

  23. Cindy Dahlgren says

    I love giraffe crossings. I wish I needed a baby quilt right now. I don’t think I could get away with making something for myself with this.

  24. Cheryl L says

    This is adorable. I’m waiting for the new Rosecliff Manor line to come out–black and white-classic. Could be my new favorite.

  25. Sara Garcia says

    So many cute prints and patterns, but I would love to have the Hollywood damask flannel for some warm pj’s for yours truly :)

  26. Lisa H says

    I love the Scenic Route cottons! As a mom to two boys that love trucks, I could use this on all sorts of fun items for them.

  27. Mandy says

    I love the knit in small Chevron Gray! Need to get some for maxi skirts, now that you’ve taught me how to make one! :)

  28. Colleen says

    I’m IN LOVE with the Lovey Main White fabric in the Lovey Dovey collection. I got a fat quarter of it in a pack during January; I used it for my daughter’s Valentine’s Day skirt, and I was so sad when it ran out! It’s just adorable.

  29. Shelley says

    I fall in love with a new design each time I look at Riley Blake, so it is hard to pick but I just saw the treasure map panel and loved their cowboys prints! I love that they have such great boy prints!

  30. Jalene says

    What is my favorite Riley Blake fabric?? One For The Boys (which, only solids are available anymore) and the chevrons; such awesome colors!!!

  31. says

    I love think main cream! However I don’t know how I’m gonna use it as, it’s so cute though! I’m just too shy to make a shirt with that fabric lol

  32. Kristen says

    I tried my hardest to pick just one favorite, but the best I could do was narrow it down to two!
    C770-01 RAINBOW Hexi Color Rainbow
    C3591-GREEN Sunshine Paisley Green

  33. loretta says

    This would be a great gift for my little nieces! Thanks for having the scavenger hunt so i could see it. The hunt is fun, too.

  34. Crystal S says

    I love cottons, there are just endless possibilities. Since recently becoming an auntie for the 4th time in January I’m all about baby patterns. The Giraffe Crossing fabric is SO cute, and with all the colors it is perfect for clothing or toys.

  35. Rachel says

    Wow, so adorable! I love the treasure map, unforgettable cottons, round up, country girls, rocket age, zombie Apocalypse Cottons is hilarious! I also like the giraffe crossing even though I’m not a huge fan of giraffes, but that pattern is adorable! I am going through the website and they are all really adorable!!

  36. Megan says

    If I wanted to do a zipper so that the sleeping bag opened fully, what length would the zipper need to be? Just so I don’t order one too long or too short.

  37. Melissa Mulligan says

    Hi Amber,
    I’m in the process of making one for my son and I’m feeling stuck. I have attached the zipper, but just don’t understand the sewing right sides together, all 4 and on the zipper side. Can you help? I must do better with pictures and there isn’t one for this step.
    Thank you!

      • Heidi Sullivan says

        I have the same question as “Melissa” prior comment to mine? I will proceed as best I can, but am a little confused as to sewing all four together? I am thinking that somewhere I was supposed to cut 2 more pieces of fabric? I actually have one piece that is 58″ wide and one that is 22″ wide. just needing a little more clarification.
        Thank you!!

  38. Karen says

    For those of you looking for a long zipper, JoAnn Fabrics has 100 inch Sleeping Bag zipper. They also have a zipper BTY (by the yard) available in the Home Dec area so you can get the zipper exactly the size you need.

  39. Alison says

    Made these this week for my two kids, as the fabric shop cut the fabric a bit short I added a pillow “mat” at the top to extend the length! Also, used very think wadding and it was so tricky to sew over! Yikes!

  40. Heidi Sullivan says

    I have made two of these now. I love how easy they are to make. I have 2 granddaughters 4 months apart so made each of them their own sleeping bag for their birthdays, along with a pillow cover ( used leftover fabric) a movie and a book and some jammies. It is so much fun to make some personal for them.

  41. LibbyR says

    Thank you so much for these instructions, and what a clever idea! I have just finished making 2 of these sleeping bags for my twin boys for Christmas. I can’t wait to see their excited faces when they discover these sleeping bags under the tree, and am now wondering who else I can make a sleeping bag for?! Thanks very much!

  42. says

    I’ve been sewing for years, and looking at your instructions I’m a little confused. If you use a 36″ zipper and you said to put it down from the top edge 2-3″, with the cut length to be about 54″ (1 1/2 yards), I have about 15″ left over on one side. So I’m assuming your zipper is not going along the side and on the bottom of the sleeping bag, is that correct? If you only sewed it down on one side, did you just sew the bottom shut? I didn’t see that in the directions or any photos showing the bottom of the bag. Maybe it’s because I’m thinking of a store bought sleeping bag where if it is unzipped and opened the bag it would lie flat like a comforter. I’m in the process of making one and I bought a 100″ sleeping bag zipper at Joann Fabric & Craft store. I’m making mine about 30″ x 63″ so my grandson will have room to grow. My thought is to sew the zipper down one side and the bottom. I thought of using fleece for the inside but knowing fleeces is stretchy and I’m using cotton on the outside I went with a nice blue flannel to go with the ‘Lightning McQeen (Disney Cars) blue cotton. I hope to hear back from you before I finish my project. Much thanks!

      • says

        Thanks, I just didn’t know if I missed something in your directions. I have mine almost finised. I just need to top-stitch the lines across to keep the batting in place. I do love the star print on yours. Your fabric looks like it might be a little more like a light-weight canvas as I can see grains in it. I couldn’t find anything in the “Lightning McQueen” print that was heavier so I just went with the regular cotton. But I know my grandson will love it. Thanks for the idea… I would have never thought about trying to make a sleeping bag. Now I’m going to work on a carrying bag that will look like a backpack so he can carry on his back.

  43. Kathy says

    Hi, I am in the middle of making this bag also as a birthday gift for my almost 5 yr old grandson. I am totally confused, which frustrates me because I have sewed for years. First of all, I am trying to finish below the zipper and can’t quite figure it out. Then, as I am trying to look ahead,, and you talk about sewing through all 4 layers, will there then be a raw seem on the inside of the bag? H E L P!!!!

    • says

      I had to go look at mine because it’s been a lounge time since I made it. Yes, there is a raw seam on the inside. You can finish that edge off with a zigzag or serger if needed.

  44. Nina says

    Thanks Amber. I am in the process of making a quilt for my grandson’s bed, but if he goes to a sleepover this quilt can be folded and zipped up to turn into a sleeping bag. I did this years ago for my girls but used a sheet and quilted material with a long separating zipper. This quilt I am making is from scraps I have had from clothes I have made for the grandson. So many thanks again in reminding me how to do it again.

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