Kids Drawstring Bag Pattern

I’m having so much fun with my beach bag this summer that I thought it would be fun to do something for kids to carry to the pool. I came up with this kids drawstring bag pattern and tutorial made out of terry cloth thinking it would be the perfect thing for kids to carry their things to the pool or the beach this summer.

Kids Drawstring Bag by Crazy Little Projects

Ha! I added an owl face just for fun! You can make this with any face you want or make it without a face. It’s pretty easy, so without a face would be really easy.


Kids Drawstring Bag Pattern:

Supplies Needed:

Fabric: I used terry cloth (from Shannon Fabrics) for this

Drawstring or cording

Heat ‘n’ Bond and small amounts of coordinating fabrics if you are adding a face



Cut our your pieces of fabric for the bag. You can make this any size you want, but mine were 18″ by 14″ pieces.

If you want to do a face on your bag, add that now. You can do any face you want. I did this owl face just like the owl hooded towel face. You can find the tutorial for that there.

Once your face is done (if you are doing one), place right sides of your fabric together and stitch up both sides and across the bottom:


Then turn down the top about 1 inch and hem it:


Turn the bag right side out. On either side of the bag where you just hemmed you need to slit the side seams open to create little holes. Stitch right above the holes so that they don’t come undone. (Below the holes will be the hem seam.)

Down in the bottom corners of the bag you also need to create two little holes. I basically just made button holes, but fairly large ones. And you will want them to go through both layers of fabric:



Take your drawstring and attach a large safety pin to the end of it. Thread it in one of the holes you just created and out the other side and then pull it so that both ends of the drawstring reach the bottom of the bag:


Stick one of the strings through the buttonhole and then tie it to the other drawstring.       Straps

Do this exact same thing to the other side of the bag. And you’re done!

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