Make a Plush Peep

There’s something about those little Peeps Easter Candies that I just love. And it isn’t the taste. I just think they are so cute that every year I can’t resist buying some, even though I don’t want to eat them. This year though, I came up with a new idea. One my kids love almost as much as they love eating peeps. I made plush peeps. A perfect idea for your kids’ Easter baskets.

Make a Plush Peep

How to Make a Plush Peep:

Supplies Needed:

Cuddle Fabric: I got mine from Shannon Fabrics. You could do it out of Cuddle Fleece which is really soft and easy to work with or, for the softest fabric you’ve ever touched, but slightly harder to work with, try the regular cuddle.

Stuffing (I used Fairfield)

Small amount of black felt or fleece

Pattern Pieces: Small or Large



These are pretty easy (other than that the soft fabric can be a little slippery.)  Simply fold your fabric in half and lay your pattern on it and cut out your peep body. Cut out 2 bodies.

Stuffed Peep Pattern

There are a couple of ways you can add your eyes. Sew them on (but be warned that the fabric where you sew them may pucker a little) or glue them on with hot glue (but be warned that they won’t be as sturdy and that this could be a choking hazard for little ones). Whatever way you choose, add your eyes now.

Then put right sides together and sew all the way around leaving an opening in the bottom to stuff it. You can see that I clipped the fabric on all of the curves. This will help it turn better. Rightsidestogetheronpeep

Turn it right side out and stuff it. Then sew the opening closed. I recommend hand sewing it if you want it to look really nice. If you just want it to be easy go ahead and machine sew it closed.

That’s it! I promise your kids will love it, because we’ve had fights at our house already over these ones. Fun idea to put in your kids’ Easter Baskets that won’t be the same thing they always get.

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  1. Christina says

    OMGosh this is SO cute! My BFF LOVES Peeps. I always buy them for her. This would be so much fun to give her this as well. Thanks!!

  2. Barb says

    Safer way to do the eyes, mouth, etc., is to embroider them on with black yarn. Can’t pull off and chock child. Do this before sewing the two pieces together.

  3. Tana says

    I just love all these Easter Peeps ideas.

    Too bad I don’t have any little ones to make them for.

    So fun to look at!

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