Snowman Ornaments for Christmas

Here’s a very fun, very easy, very fast Christmas ornament that you can make or even make with your kids this Christmas. Everyone loves easy Snowman Ornaments for Christmas don’t they?
DIY Snowman Christmas Tree Ornaments for Kids

Cute little snowman ornaments for Christmas made using acrylic paint and a baby food jar! So easy-your kids will love this.


Snowman Ornament Tutorial:

Supplies Needed:

Acrylic Paint in White, Black and Orange

Paint Brush

Baby Food Jar or other jar (you can get them in the glass section at Hobby Lobby or other craft stores)



Paint your jar with your white acrylic paint. It’s going to take about 4 coats to cover it and you have to let it dry in between, so be ready to be a little patient. Paint the lid of the jar with your black acrylic paint. This won’t take quite as many coats-maybe just two to cover it completely.

Once your jar and lid are totally dry, paint your face on your jar. I used the back of my paint brush and my black acrylic paint to create the eyes and mouth of my little snowman. (I tested it out on paper first to make sure I had it how I wanted it.)

Paint that cute little face on your jar using your white, black and orange acrylic paint.

Then, grab your lid. Use a hammer to put a nail right through the top center:

Pull the nail out and now you should have a hole in your lid. Cute a piece of ribbon about 6 inches long. Poke both ends of the ribbon through and tie a knot on the underside:

Now your lid will dangle from a loop of ribbon:

Screw your lid back onto your jar and you’ve got yourself a cute little snowman ornament for Christmas!

Easy Kids Ornament-A snowman from a baby food jar!

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  1. says

    I’m crocheting a kitty beanie and mittens for my daughter, fingerless gloves for my sister, and we’re making our yearly ornaments, of course. I went on a cruise in October and did most of my Christmas shopping during the vacation, so my crafting to-do list is surprisingly short. :)

  2. says

    Very cute idea. You could also pour the white paint into the jar and swirl it around to coat like they do with the clear ornaments.

    I make a new set of ornaments each year for our tree and to give as gifts. This year I am making mini stockings.

  3. says

    Oh I’m always crafting something. Lately it’s been paper ornaments. It’s amazing how simple yet pretty they are. I hang them around the house and they look so beautiful. Thanks for the chance to win this wonderful giveaway!!

  4. Lisa says

    I helped my Girl scouts make handprint Christmas tree bags and a snowman family on a small canvas. For my son’s class, we are making reindeer using their thumbprints on ornaments.

  5. Sara R says

    So far I’ve crafted a yarn wreath and some cute christmas pj’s for my little one. Would love to make some Christmas tree ornaments this year too!

  6. says

    This year I’m making holiday hair bows and ornaments out of resin. I’m also planning on painting glass ornaments with the kids, which would make this giveaway perfect! Thanks for this opportunity!

  7. Melissa S says

    This holiday season I’m busy crafting all of my Christmas cards, wreaths, around-the-house decorations and not to forget I am super busy BAKING UP A STORM! :) It’s my favorite time of the year!!

  8. Jen G. says

    I am loom knitting dishcloths and an Ipad bag for christmas presents, and a hat for me! I would LOVE to win a stocking full of craft supplies!! Thanks for the chance to win!

  9. Amanda Estroff says

    My son and I are crafting snowflakes, snowmen, snow globes, Christmas Trees, Christmas ornaments, Santa hats, Santa and my favorite will be Star Wars snowflakes. He’s named after a main character after all ;)

  10. Peggie says

    I am mostly sewing this year, skirts and dresses and embroidering on some shirts. I have other plans but time is running out! I had hoped to make some more ornaments to decorate the packages with, maybe I will get to it!

  11. Sally says

    These would be cute to use and put tiny little gifts in as a bonus for Christmas day. I do not think anyone would suspect a thing.

  12. Margaret says

    I am making pajamas for my two grand kids, rice heat bags for my three adult children and a new Christmas wall hanging for both families.

  13. Kelsey says

    I’d love to win some craft supplies! I’ve just started crafting, but I’m sewing some projects (hopefully) and my husband and I are making some awesome shadow boxes.

    • Charlotte from AZ says

      Well, Sarah….it seems as if I am doing just what you are doing! But oh well, we will have all of the great ideas for this coming Christmas!! Love this ‘little jar snowman’!

  14. Mandi says

    The kids and I are planning to make homemade playdough for their class. We are also wanting to make something for the great grandparents!

  15. Trudy Thompson says

    I love your projects! This snowman ornament is super cute.. Now I just have to find someone with some baby food jars!

  16. Joanne H. says

    This is a great idea! I bet you could make reindeer ones too… Will have to try these out. My girls and I did the dip ornaments in glue and roll in Epsom salt craft last night. They love crafts :-)

  17. ami kanani says

    crafted a felt xmas tree and ornaments for toddler. also want to make our stockings, but need a sewing machine first!

  18. Carla G says

    I’m quilting table runners, sewing pillowcases and knitting ruffle yarn scarves. Thanks for a chance to win! :)

  19. says

    I love this project!! What a great use for a jar, and boy do I have tons of them! Going to try this one out! Thanks for linking up at the CSI Project Kids!
    Barbara at Chase the Star

  20. Christina at I Gotta Create! says

    These are so doggone adorable!! I have a bit of a snowman theme going on too. :)

    Thank you for partying with the Wildly Original Crowd.
    <3 Christina at I Gotta Create!

  21. Charlotte from AZ says

    Amber these are sooooo cute! Thank you so much for the tutorial and sharing!
    I will be making these this coming Christmas!

  22. Rose says

    Looks like we will be making these for my daughters twins for their first Christmas. The older children will make these too.
    Great idea

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