Santa Suit Christmas Hand Towels

Does it seem like with the introduction of Pinterest into the world neighbor gifts are getting more and more creative each year? I know my neighbors are getting downright amazing with their little gifts they drop off. So creative! Kind of puts the pressure on to come up with something cute!

So, after a little brainstorming this year, here is what I came up with for a cute, creative and fun neighbor gift. Oh how I love it!

Santa Gift Dish Towels

A Santa Suit hand towel! (Or dish towel-whichever.) Love how it turned out!

Now, this is easy and it costs probably about $4 is all (and takes like 10 minutes), BUT, you do need to know how to sew. It’s very simple sewing, a couple of straight lines, you can do it. But, if you don’t know how to sew, then it’s time you learned. I’ll teach you with my Learn to Sew series.

BUT for those of you who do sew, let’s make this thing-ok?


Christmas Hand Towels-Santa’s Suit:

Supplies Needed:

1 red dish towel or hand towel (Mine came from Target and cost $2.99 each)

12 inches of thick black ribbon

16 inches of silver (or gold) ribbon

1/8 yard of white fur

(Let me just mention that with these supplies you will be able to make about 8 or more hand towels-so buy more towels if you think you want to make a bunch.)


How to:

Grab your red towel and pin the black ribbon in place where you want it on the towel leaving about 1 inch hanging off on either side:

Stitch along the top of the ribbon, down the side and across the bottom, then back up the other side. As you get to the edges, just fold that part that is hanging over the edge under so that it gets sewn into place too like this:

Now cut your silver (or gold) ribbon into pieces that are approximately 3 3/4″ long. (It’s going to vary a little depending on how wide your black ribbon is.

Make them into a square at the center of your black ribbon, making sure to match up all the corners nicely to make it a perfect square and then stitch around the outside of the square and again around the inside:

Last, cut your fur to be about 3-4 inches wide and as long as your dish towel is wide. Pin it in place and sew it across the top and sides. (Boy does that fur make a mess when you cut it!)

That’s it. Not too hard right? And so cute and fun. And these cute Christmas hand towels are not something they are likely to get from anyone else.

(I have to warn you though-that fur makes a HUGE mess! My floor was covered with it!)

Santa Suit Hand Towels-Great Christmas Gift Idea!

Still feel like sewing something Christmasy? How about an adorable Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer hooded towel?

How to make a reindeer hooded towel-pattern and tutorial

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  1. shsyla says

    Do place the bottom of the fur even with the bottom of the towel? Or did you letbit hang over a little? And how far from the bottom did you place the belt?

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