How to Hand Stamp Jewelry: Mother’s Necklace

I’m not a big jewelry person usually (well heck, I’m not a very girly person usually which is convenient since there’s not many girls in my life). But if there’s one thing I love it’s hand stamped necklaces. Have you seen them? They are so pretty. Make it into a mother’s necklace and it’s a beautiful gift. I thought this could be timely since Mother’s Day is coming up. I’ll teach you how to hand stamp jewelry so you can make one. Then you can make one for your mom. She’ll be so proud.

How to Make a Hand Stamped Mother's Necklace by

Or make one for grandma or for a friend. They’re a great gift.


How to Make a Hand Stamped Mother’s Necklace:

Supplies Needed:

Metal Blanks (find at a hobby store or on Etsy. Just search for metal blanks.)

Metal Letter Stamps like these (you can get those at craft stores, Amazon, or I have seen them on Pick Your Plum)

Black Sharpie Marker

Pro Polish Pads

Birthstone Crystals (anything you think is pretty. I got mine at Hobby Lobby)

Head Pins

Needle Nose Pliers

Metal Puncher


Necklace Chain



Grab your metal blank (sterling silver is always going to be your best bet, but other metals work great too). Also get out your metal stamps.

Decide how you want to stamp-as in where you want the name or initials that you are stamping. Line up your stamp carefully on your blank and give it 2 good whacks with the hammer. (It’s always best to test this out on a scrap blank first and get the hang of it before you really go for it.)

How to Hand Stamp Jewelry

Do this for each letter until you have spelled out your word.

Then, using your black sharpie, fill in all the letters. This seems strange but just trust me.

Stamping a mother's necklace

Now use your pro polish pads to wipe that sharpie off. The ink will wipe off but stay down in the grooves so that the name now stand out. How to Hand Stamp Jewelry Tutorials

Now use your metal punch to make a hole in the top.

I like to add a birthstone crystal or 2. Or you can add pearls or other pretty beads. Here’s a list of birthstones by month if you need to know those:

January: Garnet (dark red)

February: Amethyst (purple)

March: Aquamarine (aqua)

April: Diamond (clear)

May: Emerald (dark green)

June: Pearl or Alexandrite (light purple)

July: Ruby (red)

August: Peridot (light green)

September: Sapphire (blue)

October: Tourmaline (pink)

November: Topaz (golden brown)

December: Blue Zircon (blue)


To make a sweet little dangle string your bead onto a head pin and bend it down and twist it. You can do this onto a little ring that you can attach to the necklace on the chain or just use the head pin to create a loop.

Now just string it all together and package it up nice. Mom’s going to love it!

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  1. Melanie Pena says

    I love this. I’ve always liked those necklaces, but had no idea they could be made at home. I’m doing this project! :)

  2. Darcy says

    Can I just tell you how much I love you right now???? I found a necklace a LONG time ago on Pinterest that the creator doesn’t sell & now I might be able to replicate it! I didn’t know where to begin with the supplies so thanks for the starting point!!

  3. says

    LOVE this! I’ve been wanting to make these but have been a bit intimidated – this takes the scary out of it :)
    Have a great weekend!

  4. Kyrstin says

    Hi! I am wondering, what size metal blanks and Swarovski crystal beads did you use?? Trying to get an idea for my own project. Thanks!

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