Donut Hole Recipe

Donut Hole Recipe

This donut hole recipe takes donut holes to a new level. It’s a bunch of yummy donut holes all piled up together and then topped with hot fudge and peanut butter drizzle and sprinkled with candy. You’re going to love this!




Pour a couple of inches of vegetable oil into a small pan. Turn it on about medium heat and let it start to heat up.

Open your biscuit dough and break it into pieces and make little balls with it. This is where little hands can really help and have fun:


Get a plate ready for the cooked donuts. It’s best to line it with paper towels or napkins to help drain the grease.

Now it’s time to start cooking! Let the little ones watch from a safe distance away as you cook the little dough balls.

Now, when your oil seems to be pretty hot, test it out by putting one donut hole in it. You are going to want the oil to start popping and the donut to start cooking but NOT TOO FAST. If it’s cooking too fast, the outside will get done but the inside will be doughy. So if it’s browning too quickly, turn your temperature down and wait for a few minutes. If, on the other hand it’s not cooking, you’ll need to turn it up and wait a few minutes. I always test one or two out (even cut them open to make sure they are cooking well) before I really start cooking the whole batch to make sure the temperature is right.

Once the temperature is good, start cooking all of the little dough balls. Flip them with tongs frequently so that they cook evenly.


Pull them out and set them on your plate till they cool down.

Now here’s where the kiddos can help. Fill a plastic bag with your powdered sugar (just about a cup will be good) and toss the donut holes in:


Zip it up and let those little hands shake:


This little set of hands got kind of messy in the process so we kept some Huggies® Wipes on hand for him to clean his hands off quick and easy!


Once all of your donuts are powdered and ready, you can top them!