Caramel Sauce Recipe

This homemade caramel sauce will make you drool! Only three ingredients to make it and it tastes so good!




Read through all of these instructions before you begin so that you are prepared because you need to move kind of fast.

Pour sugar into a pot on the stove and begin to cook over medium high heat.

As the sugar starts to melt it will clump into little sugar rocks. Begin to whisk it at this time. Keep whisking and it will start to melt into a liquid. If the sugar gets stuck inside your whisk, switch to a spoon for a while.

Keep whisking and stirring until the temperature reaches 350 degrees or it’s a nice, deep amber color.

Then, stir in your butter. Be ready because it is going to spit at you a little here. Once that is fully incorporated, add your heavy cream and mix that in. Keep mixing until you can get all of the lumps out.

Let this sit for about 10 minutes or so to set up.