Princess Hooded Towel Tutorial

Princess Hooded Towel Tutorial by Crazy Little Projects

It's that time again...and the last one of 2013 (gonna give you something different in December). It's the monthly hooded towel tutorial. And this time, for the first time ever, it's not an animal. I've had a lot of requests for this, it's a Princess … [Read more...]

Shark Baby Robe Tutorial

Shark Baby Robe Tutorial by Crazy Little Projects

Because I can't stop sewing all things baby, I've got another baby sewing tutorial for you today. At least this one's blue, not pink. Although it could easily be any color you wanted. Here's my Shark Baby Robe Tutorial! It's a baby hooded shark … [Read more...]

Minion Hooded Towel

Minion Hooded Towel Tutorial by Crazy Little Projects

Did you think I forgot about September's hooded towel? I didn't. He's here and he's fun. It's a Minion Hooded Towel (I'm such a sucker for those little guys!)  Don't you love him? (Or her?) Minion Hooded Towel Tutorial: Supplies Needed: A … [Read more...]

Football Bean Bag Chair Tutorial

Kid's Football Bean Bag Chair Pattern by Crazy Little Projects

I can't ever think of a different way to start a football post than "Are you ready for some fooootballllll?!" But how cliche.I'm ready for some football. I love watching a good college football game with my favorite team playing. I think it was my … [Read more...]

Ruffle Tote Bag Tutorial

Ruffle Tote Bag Tutorial

I started out to make this bag thinking it would be cute but not something I would carry around myself. I was really just doing it as a project option for Week 5 of the Learn to Sew series. But now that it's done I am in love and I think I just might … [Read more...]

Pajamas Tutorial

Pajamas tutorial

I think a lot of us probably made pajama pants in 7th grade Home Ec. Do you still remember how? The thing is, pajamas are pretty easy to make and are very forgiving because it doesn't really matter if they fit all that great so they are a good … [Read more...]