Tiger Hooded Towel Tutorial

Tiger Hooded Towel Pattern and Tutorial by Crazy Little Projects

Time for another hooded towel!! I'll admit that the tiger hooded towel has been on my to do list for a long time but I haven't done him yet because the stripes seemed so daunting. And truthfully, this hooded towel is more work than most, but the end … [Read more...]

25 Things to Sew for Halloween

25 Things to Sew For Halloween

It's time to roundup some Halloween fun with a whole bunch of ideas of things to sew to make the holiday a little more festive for you. I know I am always looking for fun ideas to sew for holidays and it can be hard to think of things to sew for … [Read more...]

Shark Baby Robe Tutorial

Shark Baby Robe Tutorial by Crazy Little Projects

Because I can't stop sewing all things baby, I've got another baby sewing tutorial for you today. At least this one's blue, not pink. Although it could easily be any color you wanted. Here's my Shark Baby Robe Tutorial! It's a baby hooded shark … [Read more...]

Learn to Sew Series Part 2: The eBook

Learn to Sew Series Part 2: Understanding Patterns, Bias, Interfacing, Sewing on Knits and More! By Crazy Little Projects

Improve Your Sewing Skills! You've got the basics down but you're ready to learn more? It's time to take the next step and learn more great things that you can do with that sewing machine! Get the Learn to Sew … [Read more...]

Kids Lunch Box Pattern & Tutorial

Kid's Lunch Box Pattern and Tutorial by Crazy Little Projects

I thought with Back to School upon us (ok or just past us) it would be fun to do a school related sewing project. And I also wanted to test out thermal interfacing-have you ever used that? So, I give you, a Kid's Lunch Box Pattern & … [Read more...]

25 Things to Sew for Home

25 Things to Sew for Your Home

These 25 Things to Sew roundups have been a HUGE hit this month. Apparently a lot of you are looking for ideas of things to sew? This week let's talk about things to sew for your home. I tried to get a little creative here and I hope you like what … [Read more...]

Kid’s Sleeping Bag Pattern & Tutorial

Kids Sleeping Bag Pattern and Tutorial by Crazy Little Projects

You know that I am a mom of nothing but boys right? Sometimes it can be hard to think of fun things to sew for those little people! We were camping one weekend this past month and the idea to make a kids sleeping bag pattern for you all struck me! I … [Read more...]

25 Things to Sew for Baby

25 Things to Sew for Baby

There's just something fun about sewing stuff for little babies isn't there? A good portion of what I sew is for babies-baby girls most of the time-which is ridiculous because I have no little baby girls. Or little baby boys even at this point in my … [Read more...]

Notebook Cover Tutorial

How to Make a Notebook Cover {it's easy!}

I have a major, major thing for notebooks. My husband knows that if he needs a quick and easy gift for me any notebook will do. And I will be thrilled. In fact I would WAY rather get that than jewelry or flowers. Now, throw a little fabric into the … [Read more...]

Learn to Sew: The Kid’s Edition!

Free online sewing lessons for kids

I taught you to sew, now it's time to teach your kids! I've put together 5 sewing tutorials for kids that you can use to help your kids learn to sew. Complete with projects that are kid or teenager friendly for each week. Think Learn to Sew Series … [Read more...]