Learn to Sew #6: How to Sew a Zipper

Sewing zippers in

It's Week 6 of the Learn to Sew series! Now we've reached the lesson where my mom might start to cringe. I'm going to teach you how to sew a zipper in. People seem to get really scared of zippers and I don't feel like they are worth the fear. But, I … [Read more...]

Learn to Sew Lesson #4: Inserting Elastic

Learn to Sew: How to Insert Elastic

Hello my sewing friends! It's that time of the week again-a new sewing lesson for the Learn to Sew series! It's week 4 and this week I am teaching you how to sew a casing for elastic how to add elastic. Perfect for making things like pajamas and kids … [Read more...]

Ruffle Apron Tutorial

Ruffle Apron Pattern

I am addicted to making aprons. I have WAY too many aprons. Seriously. But this is the first time I have made an apron like this. I'm calling it my ruffle apron (for obvious reasons). You know what I think would be adorable is a matching set … [Read more...]

Learn to Sew Series Lesson #2: ZigZag Stitch

Zigzag stitch in sewing

Welcome to week 2 of the Learn to Sew series! If you survived Week 1 you are going to breeze right through Week 2 because it's not too much different. You'll still be sewing a straight line, but with a zigzag stitch instead of a straight stitch this … [Read more...]

Learn to Sew Series-How to Buy Fabric

how to buy fabric in stores and online

This is the last pre-lesson in my Learn to Sew series. The series itself starts Monday, but before it does, let's talk fabric. Or more specifically how to buy fabric. I'm a sucker for fabric. Totally and completely. You can never have too much … [Read more...]

Learn to Sew: A Sewing Dictionary

Sewing Dictionary: Basic Sewing Terms Defined (with pictures to help!)

If you are new around here please check out my Learn to Sew series AND my Sew Crazy Monthly Challenge. Both are great opportunities to improve your sewing skills or to learn how to sew! I know that learn to sew can be hard, so, I am creating a … [Read more...]

Meet Your Sewing Machine

How to thread your sewing machine.

OK, you've done it. You bought a new sewing machine, got one for Christmas or broke the one you bought 3 years ago out of its dusty box. Now what? What are all those buttons and levers? How do you turn this thing on? What do you do now? Before we … [Read more...]