White Chocolate Covered Ghost Snacks

Easy treat for a Halloween party! It's a Twinkie covered in white chocolate...so easy! Crazy Little Projects

Last Saturday afternoon I wanted to have some Halloween fun with my kiddos, so we broke out a few baking supplies and went to work. Here's what we came up with (and we are thrilled with how they turned out)! White chocolate covered Twinkies, or … [Read more...]

Toddler Backpack Tutorial

Preschool Backpack Pattern and Tutorial

Oh the plans I have for this project. It's a toddler backpack tutorial and it's perfect for things like trips on airplanes or to Grandma's house or to preschool or daycare (it can be a preschool backpack too). And it's adorable and kid friendly and … [Read more...]

Pajamas Tutorial

Pajamas tutorial

I think a lot of us probably made pajama pants in 7th grade Home Ec. Do you still remember how? The thing is, pajamas are pretty easy to make and are very forgiving because it doesn't really matter if they fit all that great so they are a good … [Read more...]

Animal Hooded Towels for Kids

Animal hooded towels for toddlers and babies

If you read this blog very often you know that I do a monthly animal hooded towel for kids, toddlers or babies. They're some of my most popular posts and I love making them. And I love the response I get from readers who are making the hooded towels. … [Read more...]

DIY Snow Globes for Kids

Make your own snow globe

Happy FUN Day Friday again! Every Friday I celebrate the weekend with a fun project idea for you to do with your kids this weekend. Your challenge is to actually do something fun with your kids! Today's project was a fun idea a friend of mine gave … [Read more...]

Kids Car Carrier Tutorial

Car Wallet

Have you finished your holiday shopping? Did you make any gifts this year? This is a cute and simple gift idea for the holidays. And it's easy, so it's not too late to make it! It's a kid's car carrier. It holds 5 Hot Wheels or Matchbox cars and … [Read more...]

Kid’s Crayon & Coloring Book Carrier

Kids Crayon Carrier

Guess what? The holidays are coming! Are you going to make any handmade gifts? If so, I am going to be offering ideas in the weeks to come. Today I bring you a perfect holiday gift idea. It's pretty easy, inexpensive and fun for kids of all ages. … [Read more...]